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As someone currently running on four hours of sleep, I don’t blame systemic racism for my lack of sleep. I credit my decisions. That’s the adult response. For the childish perpetual victimhood response, there’s always the Left.

The Left claims that it follows “science”. Its version of science is the one familiar to cultists and conspiracy theorists. It involves reducing all the complexities of life to a prime cause. It used to be capitalism. In America, class was replaced by race and then sundry bigotries intersectionally classed under “privilege”.


Everything used to be caused by capitalism. Now capitalism is just a manifestation of cis-hetero white privilege. And so is everything else. Like sleep.

Not getting enough sleep? You may be a victim of racism.

Lots of people struggle to get enough sleep — and the responsibility for fixing the problem tends to fall on the individual. Experts offer advice like reducing screen time, exercising more, or just going to bed earlier in the evening.

But many restless nights can’t be solved with blackout curtains, ear plugs, or other typical suggestions. On average, Black adults in the U.S. get poorer sleep than white adults — often for reasons outside of their control. A growing number of experts argue that in order to address such racial disparities, health professionals need to start discussing sleep within the complex tapestry of a person’s life and surroundings.

That amounts to telling people with sleep issues that their real problem isn’t their habits, it’s racism.

This is part of a larger social justice push underway in medicine to roll everything into its political agenda, discourage people from making lifestyle adjustments, like eating less, and instead organize them and radicalize them to advocate for leftist agendas.

“The fundamental cause of sleep inequities is structural racism.”

The fundamental cause of structural racism is a conspiracy theory about its existence that requires pushing critical race theory and other forms of hate.

Now maybe leftists can discuss how to redistribute sleep.

“For example, chronic poor sleep increases the odds of developing conditions including obesity, hypertension, and diabetes, all of which are more prevalent in Black populations. Each of those conditions then further increase the chances someone will have poorer sleep; someone with diabetes, for example, might get up more often in the night because high blood sugar can make people need to urinate more frequently.”

Should you eat less for better sleep? Nah, just fight the power while knowing that nothing you do really makes a difference because of systemic racism.


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