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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) meets with Jordan's King Abdullah II, at the Royal Palace in Amman, Jordan.

As far as those timid sorts, rabbis and laity, who try to solidify their preferred halachic position by noting that Jews who go up incite Arabs, these frightened nebs need to leave the shtetl. If they oppose ascending the Mount on halachic grounds then they should argue their position solely within that context. Unless of course they follow a Satmar-esque philosophy, in which they should be inellectually honest and refrain from even visiting Israel until the Moshiach arrives riding atop a griffin vulture. In Judaism, we don’t rely on miracles. So if the state per-say is a sin, one who visits Israel relies on the security of the IDF.

Without belaboring the point, there are legitimate halachic positions which permit a person to ascend and visit certain areas. Naturally, since most people are not expert on such matters they require the aid of a learned man. All sides need to respect the halacha. And the oft mentioned argument that we are speaking of matters of karet is a false one. No one would argue that one Rav may render a different p’sak than another on a given question pertaining to the laws of niddah (ritual purity). Also an issue of karet (an act punishable by spiritual excision), and yet two equally respected men of Torah may arrive at two different conclusions. “Elu V’elu…..”


Bibi, The Dhimmi

Jews always lived as dhimmis under Islam. It wasn’t pleasant. The myth of Jews living well in Muslim countries is a liberal fairy tale. Yet these same lovers of fantasy cannot explain why nearly a million Jews from Muslim/Arab countries fled their places of birth, to migrate to Israel. The reason is simple: it sucked to live with these people. Even the “good times” were terrible. Many scholars have exposed the reality of being a dhimmi. At the end of the day, Jews and other dhimmis faced daily debasement. Violence. Theft. Murder. Sexual assault. Over-taxation. Injustice. A life of shame and debasement.

And there was no recourse for justice, since a dhimmi’s word was useless against a Muslim’s.

The dhimmitude continues today in Israel. In the sovereign state of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu placed the yoke of the dhimmi on our necks. All in the name of maintaining the unacceptable statu quo toward the same Islamic Amalekites who defiled our synagogues and graveyards when Jerusalem was under Jordanian occupation.

After this latest disgraceful display of Jewish weakness, how can any Jew with a vertebrae still support Netanyahu? After two thousand years of being grasshoppers, how can the leader of modern state of Israel debase himself time and time again in the manner of the original meraglim?

Today we live as dhimmis in Israel. Not only will the country not protect us adequately, they deny us the right to defend ourselves. Draconian gun laws permit only elitists to arm themselves. The rest of us are entitled to pepper spray; not to use it mind you. We are told that we cannot carry flags in some areas. We cannot drive in other areas, lest Fatah gun us down. We cannot legally vote for a candidate who wants to throw Arabs out. And we cannot pray atop Har Habayit. Self-debasement is the spine of our countries superstructure.

Those who ascend Har Habayit halachically, generally do so with dignity. By merely ascending, they strengthen our ownership. The important thing is not to ascend as a dhimmi. There are opportunities to elevate the kiddush Hashem in some capacity. An added display of Jewish strength. Remember: silence is not golden atop Har Habayit. Any opportunity to recite a Jewish prayer: a blessing over a glass of water, or something else, is an opportunity to contest Bibi’s status quo on the greatest stage. And lest we forget, there will now be video cameras. How ironic that an unacceptable concession to antisemites can now become a magnificent tool to publicize Kiddush Hashem.


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Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.


  1. where does the JP get these ignoramuses
    jews control the military
    jews control the airport
    jews are the cops
    jews control the roads

    there's a bit of violence – nothing compared to what Jews faced in Israel in the 50s

    but this self-absorbed putz is bothered that he "didn't make aliyah to be treated like a 2nd class citizen

    if he doesn't like it in Israel, let him go back to wherever the hell he came from

  2. Why is Bibi always held to a different standard with his actions compared to anyone else that is or has been in government? When he voted for the expulsion of Gush Katif or when he released murderous prisoners or when under his watch aid is conintially given to our enemy or when he says if Gaza attacks we will finish them or when he always legitimizes Fatah or when he placates to Jordan or under his watch expulsion of Jews and synagouges occur or Jews being detained without charges or allowing tunnels in the North by Hezbullah to continue to exist…etc….
    Basically what the left says they will do you can count on Bibi and Likud doing it.

  3. "How tragically ironic, that while it may be unsafe to do so, Jews can legally pray in the streets of Germany, Spain, or France. Wherever Jews legally reside, they are permitted to pray. Ironically, it is only in Israel that there are restrictions on Jewish prayer."

    Welcome to the "rednecks'" world! Everyone else can pray in the United States and it's called "multiculturalism." We pray and it's called "a violation of religious freedom" and the act of a bad host.

  4. A bit of violence. Outrageous. You are reprehensable, CH Hoffman. Tell that to the children who lost their parents to Arab terror. Tell that to the elderly people who were stabbed by "Israeli-Arabs." Tell that to those who lost their loved ones.

  5. Donny Fuchs listen mr "my mommy told me I'm brilliant so I can engage in ad hominem attacks":

    The people who lost their loved ones are certainly worthy of our sympathy.
    But if your sense of history extends any further than last Chanuka, you'd know damn well that the overall level of violence -both external and internal – is well within the norm.

    A statistically insignificant number of Israelis have been killed in outright military activity; and the "knife wars" are thankfully just a pale reminder of the 2000-2002 Intifada.

    But nobody who lost family in the Park Hotel bombing said "we shouldn't have come to Israel"

  6. Ch Hoffman No he is not. His concern is appeasing the U.N., the U.S., and the E.U. And Jews such as yourself grovel before him. One whose number one concern is Jewish lives, does not display his love by repeatedly releasing hundreds of Arab murderers. The perversity is your cavalier attitude towards murdered Jews. Keep reading my articles. Perhaps something will sink in.

  7. Why don't the Jews simply block all entrances, so that none can go up? What can they do; arrest the entire Jewish population?

    If any single one is forbidden to pray there, then Hashem dictates, that no sort of prayer there, by anyone else, can be acceptable to Him. Am I proven wrong, in this?

    Had you kept the Temple Mount, none of this aggression would be occurring today. it would have all been taken care of, by 1973.

    It is incomprehensible, that any Jew would give the Temple Mount back. Hashem returned it to you, for the justification of the entire world. What was to be gained? How short-sighted.

    3,500 years of Hashem's Works, interrupted by a single individual's fear. Dayan, is no hero, in Hashem's Eyes. Quite the opposite.

    "Peace! Peace! When there is no peace…" comes to mind.

    And there will be no lasting peace, until the sign of the physical Temple is again built, and open for worship. Only then, is the clay vessel containing the Word, Mashiach, raised up and made manifest, for the good of the entire world.

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