Kahane Was Right! Now What?

It was the first pogrom in history that was proudly and brazenly documented by the same gleeful demons who committed it, with go-pro video cameras affixed to their heads. 

Unworthy of Confrontation

The Rav may be gone but his Torah is eternal, and the challenges of Confrontation are greater than ever. His words resonate through the works he left behind. And the message needs to be thundered down upon our collective heads. Because our age lacks wisdom and courage.

Ethics NOT Ethnicity

Jews have historical connections to the land which predate any contemporary people on earth. Of that there is no doubt, but our sole claim to the land is solely that it was given to us by G-d.

Abraham Accords EXPOSED

Did you know there is an 'Intifada Road' in the UAE?

A Critique of Pure Hasbara Part II: Illusions of Peace

I don’t trust the UAE and what we know about the deal is bad enough. Perhaps many are celebrating the deal because they have cabin fever and are drooling about the prospects of another hedonistic resort.

Mark 16:18 Take the Challenge!

To the pious frauds of the world, who wish to lecture us: I say prove your worth: Bring forth the snakes. Drink poison if you will. Handle vipers if you must. Heal the sick with your magic hands. Or shut your mouths and perfect your own faith. You have nothing to teach us.

We Know Not What They Speak: Evangelical Wordplay Part II

Some evangelicals are impatient zealots who burn for the gospels, others burn as well, but they have the patience and discipline of a monk. Yet all of them burn for the day when they can bring the cross to Jews.

GODTV: Divine or Manufactured Outrage?

GODTV is a menace, but it is merely one deadly tendril of hundreds of evangelical tendrils trying to spread the gospel to Jews in Israel.

We Know Not What They Speak : Evangelical Wordplay Part 1

Despite denials, by partnering with evangelical leaders and organizations, a number of today's Jewish scholars, community leaders and activists are collaborating with missionaries.

Hellenism Today

Each generation has its new Hellenists. Where are today's Maccabees

I See Dead People

When I hear the echoes of hatred as loud and as clear as the original voices, I see dead people.

Torah Over Territory

To truly understand the concept of the Jewish people being the 'Chosen people,' one can only see the eternal nature of our people through our collective refusal to abandon Torah, though much of the nation has assimilated throughout history.

10 Things Learned from Haaretz’ Recent Article on “Hayovel Ministry” and other Evangelical Groups

The war between committed Jews and Hellenists is never over. It is a lifelong war until the arrival of the true Jewish Moshiach, who will be a man of flesh, and not some reincarnated composite of ancient pagan religions

Strains of Religious Hellenism

The refusal of too many Jews to see (for one reason or another), the naked agenda of many of these missionizing groups is indeed maddening--consider “Hayovel Ministry”

Terror or Torah

The morality of Torah is eternal and the laws of war as set down in halachic writings applies today, despite those new heretical “intellectual” voices who differentiate between laws of Shabbat (those still apply) and laws of warfare (representing as they see it, an outdated code which is immoral by today’s standards). God forbid to subscribe to such heresies.

Exploiting Jewish Tragedy

The Torah grants us the obligation to preserve life. The gun is merely a tool to deal with the cruel. Attempts to remove guns from the hands of decent people, ensures more dead Jews. In the case of self-preservation, and the preservation of Jews, the Torah’s answer to anti-Semites with guns, is better guns, better training, and the preemptive ability to put one in a Jew-hater’s lung before he takes another breathe.

The Co-existence CULT

We hear how Arabs and Jews meet and greet and drink coffee. As I’ve noted before, the Jews of Hebron in 1929 also would have sworn that they had coexistence. Some of them also shared Turkish coffee with their Arab neighbors. And yet, their neighbors butchered them in 1929--and they did so again this past Sunday in the Barkan industrial zone.

A Critique of Pure Hasbara

The hasbara mafia requires token gentiles to defend and define us. Some with the most unscrupulous backgrounds.

The Sons of Noach: Genuine Righteous Gentiles Revisited

It is not easy to be a Ben Noach. The Seven Laws (even more according to many rabbinic decisors) represent categories that encompass subcategories, and the penalties for abrogation of this covenant are stricter than they would be for a Jew who abrogates them

Snakes: A Counter-Response

Point/counter-point on the serious issue of missionaries in Israel, most notably the Waller family and its organization, Hayovel.

Snakes In The Vineyard

The Jewish supporters of the evangelical labor force of Hayovel speak of these people as Christian friends. These deceitful duplicitous types are not our friends. Far from it.

Painted in Blood

In response to the Halamish slaughter, we hear the same cliched responses. What we don’t hear is any common sense. Basic truths that need to be screamed louder than any call to prayer from a brazen Arab muezzin.

Reform’s Naked Agenda

I say, go back to America and your Reform platform. The Western Wall is not your personal laboratory for liberal social experimentation

Zaidy Made Us Laugh

Men such as my grandfather are the equivalent of foundation stone. The world exists because of such people. When they are gone, our job is to appreciate their legacy and to share some of their essence

The New Peace Movements Exposed

The new peaceniks delusion: Jewish Israelis should abandon our “white, western, identify” and identify with a greater “Semitic” sense of self and this will lead to peace with our murderous neighbors

Pre-Emptive Attack or Premature Burial

The incident in Karnei Shomron should be a warning. Security personnel tasked with protecting a community shirked their duty in the face of Arab terror. Be alert!

The Lynching of Elor Azaria

Even if Elor Azaria is pardoned, the shame of the verdict, of the Bolshevik investigation and kangaroo court which tarred and feathered him from day one, these will never be erased.

Maccabees or Mice? The Tragedy of Self-Imposed Dhimmitude

Leftist Jews in Israel are incensed by Jews building homes in liberated YESHA yet indifferent to Islamic provocation by blasting their call to prayer over loudspeakers assaulting Jews in the process

Women of the Wall: Warring Against Torah

Each month, we are forced to endure orchestrated, deliberate stunts from the angry shrill feminists of the “Women of the Wall” who seek to alter traditional religious customs of prayer at the Kotel

President Donald Trump: A Jewish Perspective

Trump’s victory offers the US a legitimate chance to right a sinking ship, and turn back the clock on Obama’s 8-years of Bolshevism. If nothing else, Trump’s victory means that Hillary isn’t president


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