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Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments Ali Afifi.

“The most splendid thing the prophet Muhammed did was to drive them out of the whole Arabian Peninsula.”-(Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, 1972, reflects upon the Jews)

“These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” -(Turkish President (then PM) Recep Erdogan on “moderate Islam.”)

“I will instill terror in the hearts of the infidels, strike off their heads then, and strike off from them every fingertip.”- (Koran, Sura 8:12)

Before I start my reflections on Islam, let me clarify that I am well aware of the fact that most Muslims in the world are not Arab. And yet most Arabs of the world are Muslims. As such, the international threat of World Islam manifests itself in Israel primarily as a war of Arab Muslims waging a religious war against Judaism. The following article will take a brief look at Islam in general and the local version (Mideast/Africa) which endangers Israel. Non-Muslim Arabs, both secular and Christian, certainly do not get off the hook, since there is much in their respective personal/national/religious identities (minus Islam) that expresses Jew hatred as strong as its Muslim equivalent. Nevertheless, the following article is a reflection of the dominant hatred of our region; specifically, the war of Islamic Arabs against the Jews and Torah.

Islam Today: A Religion In Practice


Violent Actions: Murder/Mutilation- Suicide bombings. Fatwahs. Beheadings. Stoning. Death squads. Lynchings. Mass rape. Slavery/Sexual slavery. Honor killings. Female genital mutilation. Castrations. Amputations. Genocide.

Tools of the Trade: Automatic weapons. Cars. Poison. Knives. Hatchets. Screwdrivers. Piano wire. Explosives. Incendiaries. Rockets. Missiles. Stones. Iron Bars. Fireworks. Anything that can be used to bludgeon, stab, and lacerate. The only thing Islam creates is destruction.

Means of Disseminating Theology: Children’s television, radio, newspapers, music, dance, Arab “literature” (i.e. “Mein Kampf” and “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”), animation/cartoons, internet, school, the Koran.

Targets: Anyone who isn’t Muslim. Infidels. Dhimmis. Especially Jews.

Liberal Relativism

Enlightened liberals love to lecture us that it’s wrong to call Islam an evil, violent, intolerant religion; since according to the tenets of their doctrine, generalizing about an entire religion is racist. After every Islamic atrocity, we are told that there exists an amorphous group comprised of millions of peaceful Muslims across the world who condemn violence perpetuated in the name of Islam.

Really? Where are these purported masses of righteous Muslims? Why do they remain silent?

Why are there no mainstream Islamic organizations condemning horrors committed in the name of Islam? Why are there no mass protests by horrified Muslims the world over who see their beloved faith dragged through the mud every day?

The answer is obvious. The precise number of prominent “moderate” Muslims out there castigating their coreligionists cannot be counted on one hand. The statistical blip of decent Muslims (if they exist at all) are drowned in the numbers of hate-filled crazed Muslims in the world.

Based upon mountains of evidence from Islam’s bloody history, I state with confidence that Islam is a religion of violence, oppression, and degradation. You will not hear any PC sentiments from me about “how a handful of extremists” have hijacked a noble faith, the kind of nonsense we have heard from U.S. presidents (left and right), prime ministers, etc. For one to say that Islam is peaceful is to ignore the history of Islam. It would be akin to saying that the Aztecs were vegans, or that Ghengis Khan was a committed pacifist. The statement has no connection to truth. Islam is by its very definition an extremist ideology.

Were Israel a normal country, our fifth column Muslims would all be residents of any one of the numerous Muslim/Arab countries outside of Israel. Yet even worse than Israel’s failure to deal with the Arab threat is the Israeli educational system’s commitment to sanitizing Islam and presenting Islam as a noble religion. Israelis are taught to view Islam in a romantic light.

Here’s a personal example of my own exposure to this terrifying phenomenon. When I was in the process of studying for my tour guide license in Israel (I could write a book about the leftist garbage that is taught, and on a personal note, the hell that the Ministry of Tourism put me through), the lecturer for the classes on Islam was a liberal Jew who wore a kippah, was naive as hell, and was gaga for Islam. Seeing a grown Jewish man fawning over Islam like a schoolgirl with a crush was nauseating; Hearing him wax poetic about the images of Pre-Islamic Arabia and the colorful spectacle of the market fares was gag inducing.

Then he proceeded to talk about Muhammad’s relationship with the Jews. As the story progressed, he briefly addressed (in his own way) the issue of Muhammed’s encounters with the Jews. Now while he briefly (really brief) mentioned Muhammed’s infamous expulsion of a tribe of Jews from the region, he entirely omitted the terrible story of the Jewish Banu Qarush tribe, who were slaughtered by Islam’s head butcher. When I respectfully called him out on this, he sheepishly acknowledged that ‘something like that happened’. Later that evening, the head instructor reprimanded me for interrupting the class over “a historically minor incident.”

A minor incident? The slaughter of the last Jewish tribe in the Arabian peninsula is a minor incident? This is the perspective of the Ministry of Tourism at work and it is an extension of the Ministry of Education’s approach to Jewish history. And you wonder why so many Israeli youth are screwed up?

Muslim Mythology

  • “Islam opposes the murder of innocents”: A typical exercise in semantics. The Muslim Student Unions on American campuses like to throw this one out. Critical point: “Innocent” is defined by those Islam deems innocent. Jews, Christians, and others don’t fall under the term “innocent” and they are kosher to prey upon. At best, a non-Muslim may be considered a “protected” second class dhimmi. Which is not a great thing to be in any Islamic country. Which leads me to the second point.
  • “Jews lived well under Muslims”: Jews always lived as second-class degraded dhimmis, which was never a good status. Naturally, it varied in its manifestations throughout history. At its worst, Islamic barbarism matched anything that Christians did to us. At its best, it was a degraded status of taxation, beatings, judicial/economic discrimination, shame and degradation, sexual and physical assault, and murder, etc. As a whole, since Muslims (for all their many warts) did not deem us “killers of god,” they lacked this psychopathic motif of deicide which Christians used to demonize Jews. Yet when it was bad living among Islam, as it so often was, it was very bad. There is a definite reason that more than 800000 Jews fled their Islamic hosts as soon as they could make their way to Israel.
  • “Most Muslims oppose extremism”: Studies show otherwise. Even the most conservative estimates expose a terrifying number that cannot be dismissed. Scholars such as Daniel Pipes and Andrew Bostom have made careers exposing this charade. Robert Spenser and former Muslim,  Ibn Warraq (a pseudonym since he has a fatwah on his head for abandoning Islam), and others have contributed greatly to this endeavor. The conservative pundit Ben Shapiro reflects on the myth of moderate Islam in this very informative and frightening video. Based upon conservative estimation (and it is still an incomplete study), statistically speaking there are roughly more than 800 million radical Muslims!
  • Moderate Islamic countries. It wasn’t three years ago that Jews were still insisting that Turkey was moderate. The myth of moderate Jordan is similarly grotesque. You will recall that Jordanian MP’s recently stood in a moment of silence to honor Jew killers. Then there are the members of Jordan’s parliament who constantly advocate for the release of a barbarian who slaughtered several girls from Beit Shemesh some years back. This is the norm in Jordan. And yet it should come as no surprise. The worst atrocities worldwide are committed by Muslims. Every day, world Islam shows its ghastly face, and those who deny this are ignoring the data. The world of Islam is the world of the Stone Age.
  • The Koran has tolerant verses: An oft quoted sentiment. The Koran’s supposed “tolerant verses” reflect the earlier period of Muhammad’s life when he tried to convince Jews to join him. The angrier verses reflect the period after their collective rejection of him, and Muhammed’s subsequent reaction. This was when we see the true face of Muhammed. Barbarism and brutality towards Jews; expulsion and murder, to be precise. And according to Islamic doctrine, the later violent periods of Muhammed’s life reflected in the “Meccan suras” take precedence religiously over those of his earlier years. As such, the Islamic hatred which manifested itself after the Jews rejected Mohammed as a false prophet, represents orthodox Islam’s definitive position.

Distorted Concepts

Jihad: Jihad is not the noble poetic struggle within man, as the libs and Islamic apologists would have us believe. Violent warfare and destruction against the satanic infidel is the true definition of Jihad. For a comprehensive look at Jihad and Islamic Anti-Semitism, the esteemed scholar Andrew Bostom has written two comprehensive works on these subjects.

Hudna: In Islam, the Hudna, or “ceasefire,” is merely strategic, and it relates to the infamous Treaty of Hudaybiyya in 628, when Muhammad signed a ten year “truce” with the Quraysh tribe who controlled Mecca. As soon as he felt strong enough, Muhammed broke the Hudna. Historical revisionists always maintain that the opposite occurred, since this early episode is very damning. Despite her many apologists, Islam was spawned with blood.

Islam, Arabs, and Amalek

We have seen once again in a mind numbing display of Islamic barbarism, that it’s not just Jews in Israel who are vulnerable to Islamic terror. The recent massacre in Paris can easily replicate itself (Heaven Forbid!) in Great Britain, the U.S. and any other country where the Muslim pulse beats. Jews need to heed the lessons of the barbarism of the past and present to prevent the impending pogroms of tomorrow. Like the Nazis of yesterday, Muslims worldwide have raised the sword of Amalek against the Jewish people.

As if Islam by itself wasn’t enough of a scourge, in Israel, Islam’s religiously mandated violence joins hands with the bloodthirsty proclivity of the Arab. Violence made Islam a viable faith system for Arabs. When pagan Arab traded his idols for the Koran, he didn’t become less violent. Blood became his bible, blood worship his service, death his religion. Were Islam never invented, Arabs would still represent a barbaric world. Pre-Islamic Arabia was a chaotic mess of violence; a world where the scimitar was king, and the ability to terrorize decided who was strong. Islam was merely a religious outlet for the ethic that defined the Arab world.

In this era of Arab barbarism, when the “Israeli-Arabs” have waged a new intifada that the Israeli government refuses to recognize or fight, we would benefit from heeding the timeless lessons of Hebron, Safed, and Jerusalem in 1929, when rioting Arabs streets made the streets of Israel run red with Jewish blood. From 1936-39, we had another bloody chapter in Arab savagery towards Jews when 500+ Jews were killed by Arabs. And it hasn’t stopped since.

Hebron 1929. A monstrous representation of Arab immorality. In August 1929, the Arabs of Hebron descended upon their Jewish neighbors like hyenas at the site of a fresh kill. They came to feed on Jewish blood and bone. They came to massacre Yehudim who were not Hatikvah singing classical “Zionists” or even members of the religious Mizrachi. They came caterwauling shrieks of psychopathic glee as they manhandled crude weapons to perform vile acts that no sane mind can fathom. Hatchets and hammers, talons and teeth. “Itbach El Yahud”! was the war cry. They butchered and mutilated the elderly, women, nursing babies, grown men, children. Hebron is a prime example of Arab ruthlessness.

The Arabs of 1929 were just like their descendants today. I have stated this many times, but it cannot be reiterated enough: the Arabs of Hebron slaughtered the same Jewish neighbors who sacrificed time and money to happily assist their Arab friends. They mutilated, raped and bludgeoned the same Jewish neighbors who chatted and drank Turkish coffee with them. These Jews would have sworn to you that they were friends with their future butchers; and they wouldn’t have been wrong at the time. They WERE friends. Until the day when the Arab, fueled by centuries of cultivated hatred and empowered by a deep seeded race doctrine of Arab/Islamic supremacy put aside their coffee and tore their former Jewish friends to pieces. They showed less humanity than rabid dogs.

The Left sanitizes Muslims, and Arabs for that matter, and have the nerve to speak of moderate Islam, in a world where violent Islam (a purported minority) is everywhere and the fiction of moderate Islam is nowhere. There were no moderate worshippers of Moloch, or moderate Amalekites. And so I agree with the Jew hating beast from Turkey. There is no moderate Islam. There is only Islam. The same Islam that is consuming the decadent anti-Semitic European world, who continue to clamor for “Palestinian justice” even as they themselves bleed as accursed dhimmis in the streets of Paris.

Islam is as much a scourge upon the earth as the strain of Naziism. Yet unlike the war against Naziism, there is no international force fighting Islam on the battlefield in a way that represents a definitive war against Islam. Squirmishes here and there. But never against Islam. No current mainstream politician will ever openly declare a war against Islam. The most right-wing politicians still use the term “extremist Islam” or “militant Islam”. And that is the problem.

Too many Jews want to find a common denominator with Islam, a supposed kinship based upon monotheism. From a Torah religious standpoint, the Muslims may indeed be monotheists. (Generally, this is the established position of prominent Torah scholars past and present, but this is hardly monolithic. The more ambitious reader can research the position of the Tzitz Eliezer.) Nevertheless, their monotheism is irrelevant, since they are an ideology of murder. Their ravenous blood deity is not Hashem, Heaven forbid. Allah is a drinker of innocent blood.

We, the true descendants of Abraham are in a war with the usurping fiends of Islam. A war of Torah against Koranic inspired barbarism, led by those who reject intellect and free will. When one fights a war, one must understand the enemy and define the context of the war. The Islamic Amalekites are waging war against Am Yisroel and the G-d of Israel. The excuses of land and territory are lies to masquerade their hatred. The Arabs of the liberated regions never clamored for sovereignty or acceptance of a mythical national identity when they were abused for 20+ years by Jordan and Egypt. To live under the accursed Jewish dhimmi was another matter entirely, even if the Jews treated them better than their former masters. They see us Jews as emissaries of their pagan inspired Shaitan (Satan), since we unequivocally refused their false prophet.

Islam’s scimitar is upon our throats. State it clearly and without qualifications. The enemy IS Islam, despite the efforts of the Israeli Ministry of Education to sanitize the insane and create a moral equivalency that is shameful and grotesque. Until Israel’s leaders and the rest of the liberal world internalize this naked truth, we will continue to bleed from Islamic depravity. Both in Israel, and across the world. Liberals are afraid to generalize about Islam. But if the honest equation is made to Naziism and other inherently evil beliefs, one with a clear head easily abandons such dangerous parameters of pseudo-morality.

Jewish morality differs from the liberal constructs which celebrate such madness as “the least use of force” and “proportionate response” when it comes to combating the worst representatives that mankind has to offer. Appeasement be damned. It is as kosher as the pig. The Torah demands that to destroy evil we are obligated to demonize the demonic.


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Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.