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Sunrise on Masada

It is time once again, G-d help me! to expose the contrived foolishness of the new Jewish “peace movements”, those obnoxious groups comprised of bored liberal Anglo-Jews with too much time on their hands. Ironically, the activism of many of these individuals is a definite consequence in some cases of the supposed “exploitative capitalism” many of them rail against. Yet foolishness often comes to those with the sense that one has time on his hands, or with those who harbor the notion of a unique message or teaching they must offer the world. Narcissism and nonsense often mate.

An amalgam of names: “Alternative Action”, LAVI, The Home, and a handful of others come to mind. The oft mentioned calls for a “New Generation” to have a “New Conversation”. They often overlap with one another and engage in joint projects. And despite their insistence that they are not the peace industry, they are precisely that. The names may vary, as do their respective platforms, but they are birds of one feather.


The difference is that these peaceniks have another delusion. Unlike the “two-state suicide” camp of the classical left, these groups maintain another lunacy. The idea that we can coexist in one state with those who wish to destroy us, if we allow the other side (the Arabs or Muslims) to experience “their own personal narrative”. As they see it, if we abandon our “white, western, identify” and identify with a greater “Semitic” sense of self.

Here are some keys words which make up the skeletons of their nonsensical ideologies:

  1. “Narrative”- Generally refers to the moral relativism of identifying and empathizing with the Arab sense of Jewish wrong-doing. Often such people apologize for Arab violence and blame it on western interference.
  2. Indigenous– A cursory definition of a term I have discussed elsewhere and will not harp on. A selective interpretation of this nonsense term. Unlike others, these people self-identify as such but also grant the same status to Arabs. Hence the need to insist that we can coexist. Unlike other such pro-Israel activists, these activists add stupidity to silly sociology which believes in such a notion, which has as much validity as phrenology.
  3. Conversation– The fantastical belief that talking with select, token, polite Arabs and drinking coffee will solve real problems, which as the late Rabbi Meir Kahane always noted correctly were “immutable” problems.
  4. Western-The sense that the west is evil and everything “middle eastern” is wonderful. Of course, Arab/Islamic barbarism worldwide must be minimized and ignored, and is rarely addressed honestly. So, these liberals must ignore genital mutilation, stoning’s, throwing homosexuals from roofs, castration, sexual slavery, classical slavery, honor killings, martyrdom. Once again, a classic mirroring of western liberalism in our contemporary period.
  5. Semitic Movement-The racial obsession and self-loathing which requires a magical belief in a shared “race”. According to this belief, since we are both Semites we must get along.
  6. Colonial- The enduring Arab jihad be damned. Western colonialism is the greatest evil. The Arabs don’t really hate us. The West creates this hate. The massacres of Jews in the 20’s and 30’s up to and including the barbarism of today has no place in their conversation. Not to mention the horror of dhimmitude since the times of Mohamed.

A marriage of magical non-intellectual thinking, pseudo-scientific idiocy, and liberal naivete. The idea that if we drink Turkish coffee with Salam, suddenly real grievances will disappear. The Jews of pre-pogrom 1929 Hebron also enjoyed the company of some of their neighbors. Until one day. That is why these groups ignore, minimize, or apologize for Arab/Islamic barbarism. It is the fault of the “WEST”, never the Amalekites on this side of the pond who detonate themselves on buses in our cities.

The new peace fools are on the move. This is the inevitable result when self-appointed gurus, peddle corrupt notions of justice to the deluded masses. The irony is that these silly Jewish indigenous rights advocates are poster children for western liberalism. Their self-identification is premised on the guilt-ridden liberal’s creation of the notion of indigeneity (a false concept) which fuels multicultural reverse discrimination. And their obsession with peace, with those who only understand terror, is yet another example of the distorted liberal mindset.

In a recent Facebook post, I noted that the pseudo-babble of these “Alternative Peace” Jewish Indigenous activists often sounds like this:

“The paradigm of intertribal aggression is a symptom of retrograde ionization of the spherical schemas of our oppression. Because of colonial maladaptive dystopia deprivation, the oppressed class is subjugated beneath the heel of capitalism’s boot, and thus lashes out to his/her/it’s equally exploited peers in a version of cosmic counter-maneuvering to avoid the real problems. Squares are only squares because the white man told us they were. By deconstructing the false narrative of Eurocentric privilege, squares can become round, and round can also be triangular. By allowing my understanding of cosmological interpretation to allow yours to contradict mine, our lives take on meaning and we become one. When Hassan says “Itbach El Yahud”, we Jews need to process his feelings through his prism of active consciousness, and thus reinterpret perceived aggression as a symptom of our own subjugation by Europeans. By rejecting European fruit and replacing them with majul dates and halva, we redeem the shared narrative of Semitic symbiosis and indigenous hegemony.”

Silliness aside, to my Caucasian Ashkenazi colonized ear, they sound precisely like this.

These “new peace” activists may think they are “raging against the machine”, but in truth they are an amalgam of “fools on parade”. But the college campuses are inundated with such people, and these are their target audiences. The kinds of people who may try to reconcile their Jewish identify in a liberal, progressive, manner which satisfies their essential beliefs. So, the obligation is to expose these groups and show the un-Jewish nature of these groups. Far from being eastern, they are naked byproducts of the excesses of western liberalism, married to the soft-boiled science of morally relativistic sociology.

Some things you may not know:

  • On the Facebook page of one Yehuda HaKohen, a self-styled Jewish indigenous rights activist involved with the “Alternative Action” peace movement he empathized with the Arab nakba by noting: I’m not interested in belittling anyone’s pain but I think the message of Naqba Day would be a lot more powerful and easier for Israelis to empathize with if it didn’t occur each year on the [solar] date of our anti-colonialist victory against England. Why not mark the date a Palestinian community was destroyed or the day Israel decided you aren’t coming back? By marking the date the British left and the Jews declared independence, you make it easy for us to believe that this is more about us and less about you (and some of us really don’t need such assistance).


More wisdom from HaKohen during an online lecture:

  • (Minute 14:05) “And Palestinians are caught in the middle of all this. They’re obviously victims of this, too.”
  • (Minute 17:00) “There’s a blind spot. We do have a blind spot when it comes to Palestinians. We’re completely insensitive to their pain. It’s true.”

At a Yeshivah University debate:

  • (Minute 1:25:34)The Palestinian narrative is also true,”
  • (Minute 1:25:55) “In terms of values, I agree with 90% of what the SJP is saying.”
  • (Minute 1:30:45) “They are people who are legitimately experiencing an occupation and want to resist it, and I as a human being can’t blame them.”
  • (Minute 1:36:40) “I live in Beit El..And there’s a fence around Beit El, and I don’t see any reason for that fence.”

Alternative Action’s perspective on peace explains much: “Alternative Action views conflict between the Jewish people and other natives of the Middle East as an unnatural situation brought about by external forces. Because the closest people in the world to the Jews are the other indigenous peoples of our region, we strive for unity and peace as an ideal stemming from our belief that the Semitic peoples are brothers bonded together by common culture, ancestry and values.”

Some other fun facts to know:

  • LAVI and others support the racist thugs of the BLM movement who essentially function as a black KKK in America.
  • Alternative Action praised Fidel Castro as a great man when he died. A veritable butcher of innocents, and they saw fit to praise him!

I have opined on the threat of Arab nationalism and Islam many times before. And yet the examples of barbarism never end. Though his favorite meal is Jewish blood, the Arab/Islamic Amalekites will spill the blood of anything they deem antagonistic to sharia law. Including British school-children at an Ariana pop concert in Manchester. No one is safe, not even those clueless European anti-Semites who favor the savage over the Jew, and who sympathize with the mythical “Arab plight”. We are dealing with the epitome of evil, a corruption so thorough and complete it usually negates the possibility for rehabilitation. This is the lesson of Amalek. Deal with evil totally and destroy it, or be totally consumed by the very same force you refused to recognize.

Tragically, many mainstream, respectable right-wing hasbara personalities are flirting with these movements. When violence strikes Israel, such types will step away for a time, but their willingness to attend some of these events and give credence to these organizations and people, is a troubling example of the fickle nature of people. And of the continued inability of Jews to face ugly truths.

These new groups love hashtags because it appeals to millennials who often see these groups as an avenue to express their Judaism, in a manner which satisfies their liberal proclivities. So, for any free-thinking liberals, here are a few hashtags of my own. They contain essential truths which Jewish history has shown time and time again.




*The author would like to thank a certain someone, who wishes to remain nameless, for sharing his considerable research.


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Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.