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It was the new year of 1992 and Britain’s colleges had resumed teaching after the holidays. I walked toward one of the buildings of Manchester University to give a lecture and was met at the door by a truly bizarre sight. A Jew stood there holding a large placard. The USSR had recently collapsed and the message on the placard that he grasped firmly in his hands declared, “Communism dead?… it’s NEVER been tried!” I shook my head and walked past.

Here was the latest iteration of a truly pitiful phenomenon. In one of my books, I called it “The phenomenon of the solitary remaining Jewish advocate.”


Once a particular era and it’s belief system has been consigned to the garbage can of history, there is always a pathetic remnant of true believers who insist that nothing has changed and the philosophy and belief is alive and well.

These “true believers” are often Jews.

Actually, it’s not really such a surprise that Jews are so prominent among the diehards refusing to accept their political credo has died. They have, after all, usually spent a lifetime ignoring and denying the clear evidence that there was ever anything wrong with the system they devoted their lives to.

Jews played a critical role in creating the USSR. Natan Scharansky reports in his superb book, “Fear No Evil,” that his parents were both card-carrying believers in the Russian Communist party. They refused to credit or were somehow able to rationalize and justify the various waves of terror and deportations that Comrade Stalin unleashed, even when it targeted their fellow Jews.

In the semi-autobiographical book, “The Reunion” by Fred Uhlman, the author writes how utterly assimilated his German Jewish parents were in 1920s Germany.

His father, a doctor, had fought proudly for the Fatherland in the First World War and wore his Iron Cross medal with pride.

Uhlman recalls a conversation his father had with a Zionist who had tried and failed to convince him to embrace the ideas of a reborn Jewish state:

“When the Zionist mentioned Hitler and asked my father if this would not shake his confidence, my father said, “Not in the least. I know my Germany. This is a temporary illness, something like measles, which will pass as soon as the economic situation improves. Do you really believe the compatriots of Goethe and Schiller, Kant and Beethoven will fall for this rubbish? How dare you insult the memory of twelve thousand Jews who died for our country?”

Another true believer, another solitary remaining Jewish advocate.

Tragically, when their utopian certainty finally dies, the pain and desolation the faithful face is pitiful.

In Fred Uhlman’s fictional version of himself, his parents send him to America and safety and then commit suicide.

Elie Wiesel and other chroniclers of the Holocaust noted that it was that kind of Jew who suffered the most in the concentration camps. Their first shock was that of a devoted spouse who finds that their husband or wife has betrayed them. The second shock is that they planned to free themselves from the marriage by murdering them.

This ugly phenomenon is as old as the Jewish people. The same betrayal took place at the hand of Pharaoh and Egypt, the Hellenists and Greeks and of course after the Hamas Pogrom, it is busy repeating itself again today.

Jews who see themselves as Progressives and passionately embraced all the verities in the canon of Wokedom, face precisely the same crisis of faith and betrayal.

A post that appeared over and over again on social media pointed that fact out. It said something like,

“We stood by your side in your struggles for sexual equality. We marched with you for same sex marriage. We campaigned alongside you against racism, and for trans rights…and when we are attacked and our women are raped, babies slaughtered and kidnapped, you are silent and support the rapists, baby killers and kidnappers.”

Yet, here too there are solitary remaining Jewish advocates refusing to believe the horrors or are able to rationalize and justify the Hamas-Isis attack. They see that the slaughter was filmed by them and proudly broadcast around the world. They hear that their leaders boast they hope to repeat the process over and over again. And still a young Jewish woman is photographed holding a sign saying, “This Jew stands with Gaza.”

Then there are the gays whose movement’s success owes so much to Jews like Barbara Streisand and countless others, but wave banners saying, “Queers for Palestine.”

It really would be funny if it wasn’t so vomit-inducingly offensive.

In the recent 300,000 pro-Hamas rally in London, some queers for Palestine marched into the demonstration proudly waving a rainbow flag, until it was ripped from their hands and ripped into pieces.

I didn’t see any of them interviewed about the reception they received, but I am quite convinced that they will say it was all Israel’s fault.

The good news though is that Hamas, Wokedom, academia and the leftist media have created many more Jews who realize at long last, what was so obvious to readers of this paper from the get go. The various groupings of the Left and their abhorrence of the state of Israel and its people, always was and is their essential badge of membership and the twine that binds them together.

Now though, it couldn’t be clearer that the Left is in fact united by hatred of ALL Jews.

They are happy to applaud those who are worse than Hitler and the Nazis. The Nazis attempted to conceal their Holocaust. Today’s Left embraces and celebrates Hamas’ horror videos. It enthusiastically rips down posters of the kidnapped men, women, little children and babies.

There are only two kinds of Jews left now; those who stand with their people, proudly, unequivocally without apology or compromise and those who still believe in Wokedom. These latest solitary remaining Jewish advocates…to their everlasting shame, stand with our most mortal enemies.

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Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein is a popular international lecturer. He was a regular Broadcaster on BBC Radio and TV but resigned in 2022 over what he saw as its institutional anti-Semitism. He is the author of fourteen books including most recently, "Never Alone...The book for teens and young adults who've lost a parent."