Most commentators opining on what will happen at the scheduled meeting later this week between President Biden and Prime Minister Bennett are predicting that the president will go easy on the prime minister regarding the two main agenda items: Iran and the so-called “two state solution.” Their reasoning is simple.

Biden is under attack all over the world because of his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and the appearance of abandoning U.S. allies, and is therefore in a very weakened position politically – both domestically and internationally. The last thing he needs, they posit, is to come down hard on America’s closest ally in the world.


Not to put too fine a point on it, and we’ll know in a few days at all events, we disagree. We suggest that this is precisely the time he would need to show strength and demonstrate his leadership. And what better way to do this than challenge Israel – which would be his course of least resistance since Bennett would presumably go to great lengths to avoid making things worse for the president.

We’ll soon know.


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