The list below is partial. We will complete it next week along with explanations for our choices.



Attorney General

Letitia James


NYS Senate

The following candidates deserve your vote. Not only have they worked hard for their constituents, they were part of the Independent Democratic Caucus (IDC), which allowed Republicans to remain in control of the New York State Senate, thereby keeping the New York State Assembly from advancing its harmful leftist agenda:

17th SD Simcha Felder

20th SD Jesse Hamilton

31st SD Marisol Alacantra

34th SD Jeffrey Klein

35th SD Andrea Stewart Cousins


NYS Assembly

42nd  AD Rodneyse Bichotte

54th AD Erik Martin Dilan


NYC District Leaders

44th AD Doug Schneider

48th AD David Schwartz

60th AD Niki Lucas



Civil Court Judge–Kings County:   Loren Baily (Schiffman)

8th Municipal Court District:  Gina Levy

Civil Court Judge–Kings County: Ingrid Joseph


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