President Biden’s shocking performance in the debate last week certainly jolted his bid for reelection, with most now maintaining that he does not have the mental or physical capabilities to serve as President. Indeed, most – with the exception of some diehards –are now loudly calling for him to abandon his reelection bid and for him to be replaced as the Democratic candidate. It is actually painful to picture him in a room contending with foreign leaders or even his own generals or subordinates, all at the top of their games.

To be sure, a person of his apparent diminished capacity should not be entrusted with the responsibilities of so high an office as President of the United States. Yet it is important to also keep in mind that President Biden, for some time now, has well-earned, historically low approval ratings and is facing the strong possibility of electoral defeat on the issues. Indeed, he has yet to adequately explain, among other things, his dangerous flip flops on Israel, defaults on the illegal migrant crisis, the soaring inflation and national debt, the coddling of Iran and its terrorist proxies, the regulatory stifling of business growth energy exploration and development, and the political weaponization of the legal system on his watch.


So, President Biden has much to address in the run up to November 5. But if he is replaced because of his infirmities, does he take all that baggage with him, allowing the new designee to skate on the aforementioned issues? That is, depending on who a replacement would be, will we be prepared to say that he or she does not have to answer for Biden failures?

Or do we assume a presumptive congruence between the two and require the newcomer to affirmatively make his or her own case?

In our view, voters must be given a chance to either vote for or against the Biden agenda they were saddled with. Allowing Joe Biden to serve as a lightning rod for someone who succeeds his as the Democratic candidate does not serve the public interest in the right to know.

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