The Jewish Press mourns the death last Shabbos of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi of the United Kingdom. Rabbi Sacks was considered among the most important thinkers and philosophers of contemporary Judaism from an Orthodox perspective.

Well-grounded in traditional sources, he relied on his encyclopedic retention and understanding of those sources to show how the principles and values they contained were relevant to all human beings, Jews and non-Jews alike, and to all aspects of life, both religious and secular.


Rabbi Sacks presented a vision of a Judaism that encompassed broad concern for such matters as globalization, capitalism, environmentalism, and the welfare and happiness of all of mankind.

He had a soaring intellect and stunning eloquence, which, together with his uncommon erudition, made him a leading figure not only in the Jewish community but also in the religious world at large. He wrote more than 30 well-received books and countless articles, gave numerous speeches, and participated in many forums in making his case for the universality of Judaism’s message to the world.

Rabbi Sacks urged the maximum use of modern technology to spread the teachings of Judaism and his typical forum was the television rather than synagogue or study hall.

May his memory be a blessing.


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