A very overweight man wearing a reproduction of a death camp inmate?s striped uniform droned on for what seemed an eternity. Although it was difficult to hear what he was saying, he appeared to be a union official making the point that the greatest calamity that befell the Jews at Dachau was the denial by the Nazis of their right to collective bargaining.

On To The Goetheplatz


Mercifully, the speeches finally came to an end, and the crowd began to file into the subway for the short trip to the Goetheplatz where the Nazis would be marching.

On arrival at the Goetheplatz it was immediately clear that the police were fully in control of the situation. I proceeded to a vantage point at the corner of Lindwurmstrasse and Stielerstrasse.

Both sides of the street were completely lined with riot police wearing full Kevlar armor. Police cars and armored personnel carriers also lined the street. The Bavarian police handled the situation with the utmost professionalism and efficiency, and they deserve praise for their adept handling of a truly ridiculous situation.

Finally, the Nazis began to march. There were about 40 of them, some carrying banners (‘Komm zu uns’ — ‘Come to us’) and some surrounding a car equipped with loudspeakers. The anti-Nazis started screaming and blowing whistles. The Nazis turned up the volume. People of both sides flipped each other off. Some of the anti-Nazis seemed to be more interested in screaming at the police than in protesting against the Nazis.

Suddenly, some of the members of the crowd started to chase a girl who was then surrounded by police for her own protection. I asked several persons why the crowd was chasing her, and the consensus was that she was upset at the crowd for making so much noise.

The march and its protest continued for several blocks until the procession reached the Goetheplatz. All in all, 1,500 riot police were protecting less than 100 Nazis from somewhere between 800 and 1,000 anti-Nazis.

Suckers For Totalitarianism

Thirty five persons were arrested, a lot of taxpayer money was wasted and the Nazis got more publicity than they could have ever imagined. But in the end it was nothing more than a march by of bunch of idiots who embrace a totalitarian ideology that was being protested by a bunch of morons who embrace another totalitarian ideology.

Germans, it seems, are suckers for any totalitarian ideology. And therein lies the problem with today’s Germany. Germans may have been forced by America and her allies to abandon Nazism, but true democracy has yet to take firm root in the German psyche.

There wasn’t a dime’s bit of difference between the Nazis and the anti-Nazis at the November 30 march in Munich. It was just a watered-down version of the old Nazi-Bolshevik street fighting that occurred all throughout the years of the Weimar Republic.

It is doubtful whether the Germans will ever embrace true democracy, true capitalism or true liberty. All three of those concepts require an emphasis on the individual — something that Germans, who are nothing if not cradle socialists, find to be absolutely abhorrent.

Deep in their heart of hearts, the German Volk long for those goose-stepping days of yore. It doesn’t really make any difference if the uniform shirts they wear are brown or red, just as long as they all think alike, look alike and march to the beat of a single drummer.

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