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Moshe Feiglin

But not necessarily you?

Of course not necessarily me. I am not the message; the message is the message. I’m looking right and left and don’t see anybody else, but it’s not about me.


President Obama is visiting Israel in March. What would you advise Prime Minister Netanyahu to say to him during his visit?

Netanyahu should demand that Obama come with Jonathan Pollard before anything else. That should become the number one issue when it comes to the relationship with America. If, God forbid, Jonathan Pollard dies in jail, this black moral cloud above Israeli and American society will not be able to be erased.

Why is securing Pollard’s release more important than anything else?

Because I see [neglecting Pollard] as treason against our fellow brother who gave his life for us, and I believe that morality changes history. The bottom line is that when something immoral happens for such a long time in such a terrible way, it has an impact on the moral foundation of the Jewish state. It also has an impact on the moral foundation of the United States, but that’s a different story. I care about the Jewish state first of all.

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