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Don’t Blame Immodesty

I was very disappointed at The Jewish Press for publishing a letter to the editor last week arguing that the coronavirus plague may be the result of lack of tznius in the Jewish community.


This view is contemptible. Did so many rabbis and frum Jews deserve death because of lack of tznius? What about the doctors and nurses who are putting their lives on the line trying to save people from this disease?

Abe Schwartzbard
Edison, NJ



Keep the Government Away

I appreciated Stephen Moore’s column last week on the government taking stakes in private companies if companies cannot pay back their government loans.

As soon as I heard President Trump float this proposal, I said to myself, “Wait, isn’t that the beginning of socialism – whereby the government effectively owns companies instead of private individuals?”

If we had a normal media, reporters would have immediately asked Trump this question. But they didn’t. They were too busy instead berating Trump for promoting a drug that has saved lives.

I’m glad Moore – who is a Trump ally – spoke up. I hope others will too and that Trump will drop the plan.

Joshua Bernstein
Brooklyn, NY


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