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With No Malice Aforethought

With permission from Mr. Ferster I’d like, for the purpose of this letter, to replace the initial “e” in his last name with an “i” because David Ferster is the “first” person to offer me a compliment (Letters, Feb. 10). And this is quite notable given that I was critical, albeit without malice, in my previous missive. To his credit, Mr. Ferster took the time to read and analyze my opinion and he accepted those points that he deemed valid. To borrow from Rudyard Kipling: You’re a better man than I, David Ferster.


And I am very serious. If we look at the letters to The Jewish Press along with other Jewish publications and various blogs, invariably the contributors are in attack mode, never even considering that the other side might have a valid argument. This is, simply put, maaseh satan. Talmudic discourse teaches us how to disagree in a civilized manner. We all ask what Hashem wants from us so that he’ll bring Moshiach. I would assert that this is a terrific starting point, Jews united towards solving problems and allowing all sides to express their views without rancor.

P.S. I second Mr. Ferster’s opinion vis-à-vis Rabbi Brander. His article was nothing short of a masterpiece. Hashem, of course, is the ultimate arbiter, but He delights when His children work together in harmony and a spirit of conviviality.

Dr. Yaakov Stern
Brooklyn, N.Y.


Israel to the Rescue – Everywhere

Israel is a world leader in providing search and rescue efforts to countries around the world during times of disaster. In the U.S. they were highly instrumental during the tragic Surfside building collapse disaster. They even travel to countries hostile to Israel to provide much-needed humanitarian assistance. The desire to provide aid to humanity is the overriding theme for these brave units, and Jews in general. It’s who we are. Families in previously stricken areas such as Haiti will always be grateful for the selfless assistance provided by Israel.

Fast forward to the recent tragic earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Once again, Israel dispatched critical aid to the affected areas. This was barely noted by the mainstream media, or not at all. Furthermore, it was also not reported how the Israeli delegation was forced to leave early due to terroristic threats. Mi k’amcha, we will always be there during times of crisis. Islamic terrorists, however, remain true to form with their hatred, even if it costs their own citizens their lives. What a contrast in ethos and attitudes toward mankind. So sad. As Golda Meir once said, there will be peace when Arab mothers love their children more than they hate Jews. Unfortunately, we are not there yet.

George Weiss
Brooklyn, N.Y.


Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Saul Singer’s history of Carl Lutz and Jozsef Vamos (Carl Lutz: The Largely Forgotten ‘Swiss Wallenberg,’ Feb. 10) was as exciting as any spy novel I’ve ever read. What a story! I’d love to hear the family’s secret whistled melody they used to identify each other. Hey, Steven Spielberg, are you listening? Here’s your sequel to Schindler’s List!

M. Sanet
Via Email


A Halachic Solution to Antisemitism

It was reported that “in New York City, 94 percent of the reported incidents of violence between 2018 and 2022 were committed against Orthodox Jews, primarily in the neighborhoods where Hasidic Jews live.” It is certain that no one believes in the vapid responses of the Jewish leadership, which includes writing “powerful essays” or “standing tall” or spending loads of money on a billboard campaign by two Jewish Federations in California telling the gentile world that is not nice to be antisemitic, and this will somehow stop the hate.

However, the solution is found in Jewish law, where Jews are told to be responsible for one another. In the early days of the State of Israel, the Jews in the Diaspora helped with money, political support, arms and volunteers to fight for Israel’s survival. Seventy-five years later, Israel is now a strong and powerful independent country, and its Mossad is known for taking care of enemies that want to hurt Jews anywhere in the world.

Israel is now the trustee of our people.

Know that antisemites are always cowards, hiding behind “First Amendment Rights of free speech” or the anonymity of cyberspace, or putting the blame on others with statements like, “the Nazi government ordered Germans to murder Jews” during World War II. The Mossad has the capacity to easily find out who is proliferating antisemitic websites, leading antisemitic groups that are harassing Jewish students on campus or organizing BDS campaigns to hurt Israel. In this scenario, the Mossad would then first warn the antisemites to stop their activities and if not, the Mossad will teach them a lesson in halacha (Jewish Law) in a language they will understand, and watch as a Heavenly terror fills the nations.

Rabbi Chaim Braverman


A Gift for Justin Trudeau

There is even more to “Biden’s State of the Union OY!” by Daniel Greenfield (, Feb 8). President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer and Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandra Mayorkas continue to claim that our southern border is secure. Comedy Central’s South Park Officer Barbrady must be their eyes and ears on the border. Concerning our record five million illegal immigrants under Biden coming into our nation, he must have reported, “Okay people, move along, there’s nothing to see here.” Biden forgot to take credit for this since taking office in his State of the Union speech.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau boasts that Canada is a sanctuary nation welcoming all. Canada is facing both an aging nation and a labor shortage. His Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has said that Canada needs 1.45 million immigrants between 2023 to 2025 to deal with these growing challenges. Let’s lend a helping hand to our neighbor to the north. New York City Mayor Eric Adams is offering free bus tickets for those seeking to continue their journey on to Canada. United States Customs and Board Patrol should follow Adams’s lead. Offer a free bus ticket, charter buses, or fly many of those entering our nation illegally directly to Canada ASAP. Send the rest to one of our self-proclaimed sanctuary cities and states. Talk is cheap, but actions speak louder. Step up and adopt your own fair share of illegal immigrants.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, N.Y.


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