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Achdut Is The Best Antidote

I am a big fan of all of Dr. Amy Neustein’s thoughtful essays, but the one published recently in The Jewish Press (“Sociological Pitfalls: We Must Stop Being Defensive about Our Right to a Homeland,” June 7) was extraordinarily insightful and important. What we need is an antidote to the negative “looking-glass self,” which has affected so many members of our community in the last several months. We should not and cannot be defensive – we need to be strong and proud, unwavering in our belief that we are fighting a just war against a monstrous enemy whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel.


Moreover, we cannot simply wring our hands over the fierce and very public disagreements in Israel’s war cabinet or among its civilian population after what seemed an amazing outpouring of achdut following October 7, or about the widespread antisemitism we are facing either. In fact, our disunity poses a threat not only to the outcome of the war, but also to our mindset. What can we do to offset this?

We can take seriously our obligation to love our fellow Jew. It is not always easy to do so, especially when our fellow Jew doesn’t look like us, daven like us, or share our thoughts and values. Still, it is imperative that we do so, especially during these challenging times. Every act of kindness to our fellow Jew will hasten the arrival of the geulah and the rebuilding of the Bais HaMikdash, ushering in a period of peace and a time when our people will claim their rightful place of honor among the nations.

Amy Neustein’s op-ed was a good start. It encourages us to bolster our self-esteem and strengthen our group solidarity, which can best be done through a genuine and unconditional ahavas Yisrael.

Joan Zlotnick, Ph.D.

Fort Lee, N.J.


The Apology Trap

Thank you, Dr. Amy Neustein, for your incredible op-ed, “Sociological Pitfalls.” Your op-eds are always an eye-opener to some of the worst destructive behaviors in society, both self-destructive and destructive of others in the new realities of the world.

Defensive behavior doesn’t work on any level, whether on an interpersonal level or on a sociological level when we act as a group. When you’re apologetic, you’re automatically diluting the truth in order to gain the acceptance of your adversaries. You start denying reality in order to make the apology acceptable. Before you know it, you’re in total denial and doomed for failure.

This is the same as telling the abused spouse to explain herself or himself to the terribly abusive personality. It just doesn’t work. On the contrary, it’s seen by the abuser as a sign of weakness, thus encouraging new abuse with greater intensity.

We don’t have to be apologetic about our biblical, G-d-given ownership of the land of Israel in its entirety!

Rabbi Menachem Shuchat
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Bonds Of Baseball Past

“Baseball Insider” by Irwin Cohen (“Jewish Players,” June 14) reminded me that just as Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby both fought racism in the 1950s, Detroit Tigers’ Hank Greenberg had to do the same with antisemitism in his time. Doby, Robinson, and Greenberg document the long-lasting relationship between African-Americans and Jewish sports fans standing together for decades in support of each other.

It was a time many decades ago when most baseball fans could afford a bleacher, general admission, reserve, or box seat. Beer and other refreshments, as well as souvenirs, were reasonably priced.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, NY


Biden’s Ominous Omission

Re: “Biden’s Israelophobic Actions Show Sinister Intent, Not Election Concerns” by Morton A. Klein (June 10): It was very striking to me watching President Biden’s speech at the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day and noticing a glaring omission in his words to the world. He spoke of the evil and tyranny of the Nazis that was confronted back in 1944, and he cited the Ukrainian conflict with Russia today as well as a battle for democracy. Significantly missing from his oratory was any reference to Israel’s fight against the evils of Hamas. Surely this is a fight of good versus evil just like the conflicts against the Nazis and Russia.

This was no accident, as he and his administration continue to exhibit the bent knee to the radical Islamic and Marxist elements that have been exerting tremendous pressure to toss Israel to the dogs.

As a proud American Jew who is the child of Holocaust survivors who subsequently had to flee Hungary when the Russians invaded in 1956, I am appalled at this attitude and behavior.

Apparently, fighting tyranny and evil is for the rest of the world, Jews, however, may not defend themselves and must submit themselves to the bloodthirsty whims of terrorist genocidal barbarians.

It would do the world good to remember that the Jews are the canary in the coal mine, and once they’re done with us, they’re coming for the rest of you.

Am Yisrael Chai!

George Weiss
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