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I had the opportunity on a number of occasions in October of 1973 to be present at the international airport in Lod and to watch the military C-5 Galaxy planes landing, packed with goods. At the time, we were out of everything.

Don’t Touch Nixon, He Saved my Life

My sentiments too on our late President Nixon. Although my last name does not meet the culture, I have suffered heavily acts of anti semitism over the years(in the work place) when it is learned, (ie), I’ve taken off for Yom Kippur, just as one example.


I truly understand the anti semitic mind set. Nixon was not an anti semite, or racist.

I spent several years looking at the issue of why the media (a political action group in reality) constantly attacked him, the hate Nixon culture went back to when he was a Congressman, and he went after spies in our government, (ie), Hiss. The media ganged up on him over this, saying his claims of spies were just a show. Nixon turned out be be right, the media was wrong, they looked silly and of course was humiliated.

Nixon refused to buckle under to media pressure and behave like they wanted, they can not stomach descent. The media simply can’t deal with anyone that dares to stand up to them, so many of them would have fit in very well in the Soviet culture.

As you know Ben Stein worked for him and was with him frequently,  if not daily. As he points out, the yap, and political comments were nothing more than comments; he followed through with actual help for Israel, not just in words, but in deed, and in a political culture in which it was very unpopular to do so. He actually performed the mitzvah, not just “run his mouth” about “support for Israel”.

So, I agree with Ben Stein, all you Nixon haters, you’ve got us to deal with, we’re not going anywhere !

Jack Smith

*          *          *

I fully agree with you. I remember those days like yesterday. On the other hand, it was also meant to stop Russia from gaining influence in the world.

My late wife used to say Stalin saved her life. When Stalin and Hitler agreed to divide Poland between themselves, the Russians asked who would prefer to return to the German part of Poland (my late wife’s parents lived in Bielitz), so she naturally opted for the German part. During the following night, all those who had opted to return to the German part were shipped to Siberia, thus my late wife survived the war.


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