North Jersey Jews Recall the PM from Teaneck

Bennett joked: “Teaneck back then was not yet Israel. We annexed Teaneck a few years ago.”

Russians Recruit Anti-Israel Journalist to Lure Biden into ‘Peace Process’

Abdel Bari Atwan is the quintessential anti-Israeli journalist.

Gutsy Dems Dare to Condemn Rep Omar for Comparing US, Israel, to Hamas, Taliban

The Simon Wiesenthal Center called for Omar to be “stripped of her committee assignments for accusing the US of crimes against humanity.”

At Least 8 Gazan Children Featured on NY Times Front Page were Killed by...

The NY Times list of victims also included a Hamas terrorist, a name unrelated to the war, and children killed by Hamas.

Israel to AP: Gaza Building Leveled Because Hamas Tried to Jam Iron Dome From...

"Israel does not suspect its employees were aware a covert Hamas unit was using the building in this way."

Polish Quiz Show’s Million Zloty Question: How Many Candles Are Lit on the Eighth...

Dawid walked away with his guaranteed 40,000 zloty ($10,889.77).

Global Jewish Leaders Refocus Blame for Gaza Children’s Deaths on Hamas

“The New York Times editors give Hamas ultimate victory labeling these deaths as a crime against humanity by Israel instead of naming these mass murderers."

Jerusalem Police Cowers before Hamas’ Threats, Cancels Israeli Flags Procession

The cancellation of the parade constitutes yet another capitulation before Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip Yahya Sinwar, who has been able to terrorize Israeli officials without lifting a finger.

Fear Mongering: Media Depict Rabbis’ Letter Urging to Stop Bennett-Lapid as Call for Assassination

Argaman's announcement was a rare thing in Israel's political history, in which most earth-shattering political announcements have to do either with the Holocaust or the Rabin assassination.

Facebook on a Rampage to Gag Right-Wing Israelis Ahead of Change in Government

The anti-free speech attitude is now policy with Facebook, as well as its subsidiary WhatsApp, and its competitor Twitter.

Nintendo Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Graffiti on Game Site

Legal counsel for the company said the message was in the game’s waiting area, where players decide which battle arena they want to join.

Shin Bet Chief’s Warning Against Incitement May Become Police Repression of Resistance to Bennett’s...

Only last week Jerusalem police picked up a slew of religious Jews they suspected of being a threat to the gay pride parade.

Google Removes Diversity Chief Over Antisemitic 2007 Blog Post

Kamau Bobb wrote that Jews have “insatiable appetite for war, killing” • Antisemitism is a “vile prejudice” and has “no place in society,” says tech giant.

WhatsApp Blocks Otzma Yehudit Activist Baruch Marzel’s Account

On Tuesday, Ayala Ben-Gvir sued Facebook for NIS 500,000 ($154,000) for unilaterally locking her out of her account.

MK Ben-Gvir Files Complaint against Facebook CEO Over Illegal WhatsApp Wiretaps

Ben-Gvir quoted WhatsApp’s response to him in which he said they admitted to wiretapping his wife’s line and those of another 30 people illegally.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Slams Singer Dua Lipa for Anti-Israel Lies

With the kind of self-pity befitting a star, she noted: “This is the price you pay for defending Palestinian human rights."

Gaza-Based Journalist: Things Are Bad, What’s Left to Do? Fire Rockets at Israel

His analysis of the politics behind the war channels the pure cynicism of a Jean-Paul Sartre epic feat of despair.

Anyone Hear of TV Star Erica Mena? She Also Hates Jews

As in the case of so many celebrities, you have to wonder what came first, the anti-Semitism or the event that drove them to spill it out.

BLM, US Progressives, Depict Israel as White Oppressor vs. Hamas as Black Victims

It's a sober read, but Kaufman managed to compile a wealth of anecdotal evidence about a trend you have been terrified by for several years now.

Sen. Cotton Trashes AP for Willingly Serving as Hamas Human Shields

“Leave it to whiny reporters to make themselves the story and the victim when terrorists are shooting missiles at innocent civilians,” Cotton said.

Hamas Claims Victory Even as IDF Continues to Batter Gaza

Excessively Optimistic? Perhaps. But it also reveals a Hamas strategy that was both ambitious and imaginative.

IDF Brings Down Gaza Tower Shared by Hamas Intelligence, Al Jazeera, AP

A very entitled Pruitt sounded like the guy telling a policeman, "Do you know who I am?"

‘Times’ Posts Job Listing for ‘Palestinian Affairs’ Reporter

The position will be based in eastern Jerusalem or Ramallah.

Report: IDF’s Vague Announcement of Ground Incursion Turned Hamas Underground City into a Graveyard

On Thursday night, the IDF managed to produce a vague picture of the start of a ground operation.

Andrew Yang’s Solidarity with Israel Earns him #YangSupportsGenocide

At least one Democrat, Rep. Ted Deutch from Florida, stood up for the sanity of the party of FDR and JFK

TAU Study Shows Facebook, WhatsApp, Altered Haredi Attitudes on Sexual Abuse

"The study's findings indicate a trend of significant change in the Haredi society's attitude toward sexual abuse."


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