Russia Sentences Jewish ‘WSJ’ Reporter Evan Gershkovich to 16 years

U.S. President Joe Biden said that Gershkovich was “targeted because he is a journalist and an American.”

‘Pretext is a Big Word,’ State Department Spokesman Scolds Arab Reporter

"I just want to make sure that’s the word you mean," Matthew Miller said, when Said Arikat claimed Israel attacked Mawasi on the "pretext" of targeting a Hamas leader.

Biden Tells Youth Culture Interviewer He Is a Zionist Who Did More than Anyone...

Speedy Morman asked why a Muslim or an Arab American would vote for him, given his Zionist status.

Pro-Israel Influencer Yoseph Haddad Banned from YouTube Again

The few pro-Israel accounts need to be defended,” the IDF veteran said.

Marvel Strips Superhero Shira Haas of Her Mossad Ties

Amid backlash over "Sabra" hero's links to the IDF, significant changes have been made to the character's backstory in the upcoming Captain America film.

Colorado Democrat Sen. Bennet: If Biden Stays Trump Will Win by a Landslide

Bennet refuted Biden’s claim that only the party elite wanted him to drop out of the presidential race.

Facebook and Instagram Update Ban List to Include Posts on ‘Zionists Who Control the...

Meta emphasized that the policy update is designed to combat instances where "Zionist" is used to propagate harmful stereotypes.

CNN Fires Pro-Hamas Freelancer After Watchdog Exposé

Abdel Qader Sabbah photographed himself with a senior Hamas leader and served in a Hamas-run body to which he also provided video work.

Does Meta Have Different Rules for Jews?

“Once again, Meta has shown that it has double standards for the Jewish community, which is facing a global tidal wave of antisemitism.”

Netanyahu Rebuts NYT Report: War Won’t End Until All Objectives Achieved

Sources said the IDF is running out of shells and that supplies of spare parts for tanks, military bulldozers and armored vehicles are running out as well.

NY Times Invites Israel’s Extreme-Leftists to Demand Congress Cancel Netanyahu, ‘Does Not Speak for...

This coalition of good old boys who sees its demographic prospects slipping is appalled by the idea that folks like Ben Gvir and Smotrich are rising.

‘Doctors Without Borders’ Attacks Israel for Killing Jihad Terrorist with Medical Day Job

Later, the IDF spokesman posted the video of the elimination along with the announcement that "an Air Force aircraft eliminated the terrorist Fadi Jihad Muhammad Alwadia.

NY Times Gets It Right for Once about Smotrich’s Plan, If You Can Ignore...

It was such a pleasure to read Talia Sasson’s hound’s baying at the undoing of her cruelty

Blinken, Pentagon Slammed for ‘Al Jazeera,’ Hezbollah-Linked Outlet Interviews

The Biden administration has repeatedly snubbed senior Israeli cabinet members—who are not tied to U.S.-designated terror groups—with whom it disagrees.

IDF Confirms: Israeli Hostages Were Held Captive by Al Jazeera Contributor

Aljamal also worked as a journalist for the anti-Israel, US-based Palestine Chronicle nonprofit group and as a spokesperson for the Hamas-run Gaza Labor Ministry, meaning that he too was a Hamas operative.

High Court Orders State to Explain Why the ‘Al Jazeera Law’ is Legal

The Court ordered the State of Israel to respond to a petition calling for repeal of the law.

Most Popular Video on Arab Social Networks: Jerusalem Day Multitudes at the Kotel

Tthe Arabs understand that the key to Jewish life on God's Little Acre is the Temple Mount. Now it’s time for the Jews to get the message.

Israel-Arab Arrested for Impersonating Soldier, Spreading Fake News of Massacre

Online incitement targeting Arab teens has also been traced back to the Palestinian Authority and local PA Arab clergy.

Retired Military Intelligence Colonel: I Lost Faith in the Army, the General Staff Is...

Col. Cohen places the biggest blame on IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi.

London Theater Vandalized Before Film Fest Screening of Nova Documentary

The Phoenix Cinema refused to bow to intimidation with a spokesperson saying the venue believed in both free speech and showing “difficult content.”

Israel Caves, Returns AP’s Equipment Despite Violation of Al Jazeera Ban

The live video feed was back up by early Wednesday, Associated Press said.

Israel Seizes Associated Press Equipment for Violation of Al Jazeera Ban

"The confiscated camera broadcasts live on the Al Jazeera channel, contrary to the law, from the northern Gaza Strip, including the activities of the IDF forces, and endangers our fighters."

Israeli ‘Eli Copter’ Joke Taken Seriously By Hamas Morphs Into Fake News

The same people unquestionably parroting Hamas's fake numbers, repeated the Israeli joke, believing it was real.

US Visa Denials Target Four Israeli Performing Artists

The artists were scheduled to appear at a performance in Miami, Florida, but in order to do so, they needed artists' visas. The State Department has declined to issue those visas.

Smotrich Slams ‘NYT’ Settlement Hit Piece as ‘Blood Libel’

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said he is proud to fight for control of open areas in Judea and Samaria.

Israel’s Cabinet Approves Immediate Closure of Al Jazeera

The directive allows authorities to revoke the Al Jazeera’s press credentials and confiscate its transmitters.

Hamas’s Hail Mary before Rafah Invasion: Manipulative Hostage Video to Divide Israelis

The Goldberg-Pollins were picked with deliberate craftsmanship worthy of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda.

Israel’s Defense Systems Will Be Stretched by Iranian Drone and Missile Attacks

Iran must be defeated with an all-out attack that would paralyze its civic life, its industry, and its oil economy. There is no other way.

ABC: Israel Pushed Off Retaliation Against Iran until After Pesach

Israel was going to strike on Monday, then Israeli officials notified the US, yada yada yada – the war cabinet decided to wait.

CAIR Wants ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Sacked for Comparing Arab Headscarf to Swastika

Watch the video. You can’t miss the uncomfortable silence that followed his declaration.


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