Hamas’s Hail Mary before Rafah Invasion: Manipulative Hostage Video to Divide Israelis

As the IDF is beginning to set up tent cities in the southern Gaza Strip ahead of an invasion of the final segment of...

Israel’s Defense Systems Will Be Stretched by Iranian Drone and Missile Attacks

Iran must be defeated with an all-out attack that would paralyze its civic life, its industry, and its oil economy. There is no other way.

ABC: Israel Pushed Off Retaliation Against Iran until After Pesach

Israel was going to strike on Monday, then Israeli officials notified the US, yada yada yada – the war cabinet decided to wait.

CAIR Wants ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Sacked for Comparing Arab Headscarf to Swastika

Watch the video. You can’t miss the uncomfortable silence that followed his declaration.

The Show Will Go On: Hard Rock Band HaYehudim Forced to Cancel Brooklyn Concert...

The band is not canceling their US tour, starting May 30 in New York, and on June 6 in Los Angeles.

Report: IDF Imposes Kill Zones in Combat Areas Because, You Know, War

Should some lawyer in the Tel Aviv headquarters of the IDF decide to make the rules of engagement more stringent, IDF casualties would soar, God forbid.

Neo-Nazi Who Inspired Edward Norton’s Character in ‘American History X’ Became an Orthodox Jew

If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll inspire the next Edward Norton movie. Perhaps “American History Yud?”

‘Al Jazeera’ Deletes Fake News Reports of IDF Rapes in Gaza Hospital

The fabricated story, which went viral on Arabic social media, accused Israeli soldiers of raping Gazan women during the IDF's ongoing operation in Gaza City's Shifa Hospital.

Singapore Orders Israeli Embassy to Take Down Post for Being Dangerously True

Singapore was not amused, which is what this story is really about.

Pro-Hamas Antisemites Call to Boycott Jewish Actor Cast as James Bond 007

British-Jewish actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 33, has been cast in the role for the next film in the James Bond series.

‘Daily Wire’: Relationship with Candace Owens ‘Ended’

“Good riddance to bad (antisemitic) rubbish,” wrote Arsen Ostrovsky of the International Legal Forum.

Police Arrest 100 Protesters Grouped in ‘Times’ Lobby in Midtown Manhattan

Earlier, they lay on a street at night near a Queens-based printing plant to halt the publication of the city’s major newspapers.

Prince of Depression Comedy Richard Lewis Dead at 76

“I was the baby of the family, and I'm still convinced I was a mistake.”

Investigation Explodes Myth that Israel Targets Journalists

Media reports claiming vast numbers of journalists have died in the Gaza conflict are based on nothing more than Hamas propaganda, report reveals.

Man Banned from Dating Apps after Posting IDF Uniform Pic

Noy Leyb believes antisemitism lies behind Tinder and Hinge dropping him from the platforms.

Israeli Delegation Talking Tourism at World’s Largest Christian Media Convention

More than half (56 percent) of tourists visiting Israel are Christians; about a fifth (21 percent) of all tourism to Israel is defined as "pilgrimage".

Israeli Government Approves Banning Al Jazeera

“In the morning, a journalist on the Al Jazeera channel, and in the evening, a Hamas terrorist!”

Berlin Film Festival Caught Up in Conflicts over Gaza War

The event, known for its staunch support of Iran's struggling directors, has called upon Tehran to permit the attendance of two filmmakers subjected to a travel restriction.

IDF Reveals Al Jazeera Reporter is a Hamas Commander

"Who knows how many details we will reveal about the presence of other terrorists in journalistic garb in the near future!"

Watch: Pro-Israel US Ad Campaign Ahead of the Super Bowl

The ads have already received approximately 10 million exposures in its initial days.

Herzog, TikTok Execs Discuss Rising Antisemitism on Social Media Platform

Hebrew University social media researcher Tom Divon noted that some content had been removed from the platform, albeit only after an extended period, and some had not been removed at all.

Report: Anti-Zionist Tycoon Eynat Guez Asked Business Insider to Bury a Negative Story Because...

Segal noted that the article was purely business-oriented, but the magazine honored her wish and killed the story.

Minister Orit Strook: If They Witch Hunt You, You Must be Doing Something Right

Between April and September 2023, Strook warned 15 different times against the criminal negligence of allowing the imports of dual-purpose goods into Gaza.

Remembering Chabad Music Legend Eli Lipsker, z’l, on His 7th Yarzheit

Eli Lipsker became a pathfinder, paving the way for other observant musicians to follow.

Social Media Monitor Say Denial, Distortion of Oct. 7 Atrocities is Skyrocketing

The 313 antisemitic posts appeared on Facebook, Instagram YouTube and X, reaching nearly 26 million viewers on all platforms, according to the CyberWell organization.

Elon Musk, Ben Shapiro Tour Auschwitz-Birkenau Site While in Poland

They laid wreaths, lit candles and observed a memorial service ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan. 27.

WSJ: Israel Eliminated Fewer than 30% of Hamas Terrorists

On day 100 of the war, the IDF reported that 9,000 Hamas and Hezbollah fighters had been eliminated.

Gaza ‘Photojournalists’ Accused of Oct. 7 War Crimes

“If they are arrested alive, they could be indicted for a crime which carries a death sentence,” Hirsch explained.

Fake Iranian Social Media Accounts Recruited Israelis For Espionage

These social media channels encourage activities such as hanging signs composed by the Iranians, photographing demonstrators and filling out surveys.


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