Bob Alper’s 3 Gentile Jokes

He holds a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary – did your Rosh Yeshiva have one of those?

Esti’s Herd of Stone Sheep Grazes by Tiberias Hospital ER

Esti Sehaiek Har-Lev sculpted a herd of sheep which was placed at the entrance to the Baruch Padeh Medical Center ER.

Report: Online Site that Pays Americans to Write Articles Originates in Iran

Google took down Gmail and Google ad accounts tied to “American Herald Tribune” • Twitter removed the site’s account.
Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino Talks Israel: ‘My life here is so wonderful’

Tarantino won a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay for “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood,” and in his acceptance speech thanked his Israeli wife, Daniella Pick, in Hebrew.

Watch: New River Exposed in Israel, Mired in Secrecy and Landmines

Only in Israel would a news broadcast report someone planted a whole bunch of landmines someplace and move on, without stopping to inquire: landmines?

Palestinian Press Association Calls for Boycott of Al-Quds Newspaper After it Publishes Regavim Advertisement

This was not the first time the Arabic newspaper published ads that “serve the Israeli settlement and occupation policies.”

Liberman Insults Miri Regev: I Say Shavua Tov Only to Human Beings

Last October, Liberman called Regev "beheimah" (barnyard animal) in an interview with Maariv.
Rav Kahane

YouTube Deletes 2,600 Kahane Videos

A few years later, he said, in 2015, he attended a Kahane Shabbaton and was inspired to embark on his video project after an old Kahane activist said, “When you go back home, don’t just say, ‘Kahane was right.’ Do something!”

Rivlin Receives 2019 Democracy Index: 90% Trust the IDF, 51% the Supreme Court

The split between left and right has become deeper, with 37.5% of the Israeli public seeing this as the most significant tension in the country, a rise of 5.5% since the 2018 index

Pacino to Star in 2020 Amazon Nazi Hunting Series

The series follows "a diverse band of Nazi Hunters living in 1977 New York City."

German Artist Lays Down 75,000th ‘Stumbling Stone’ in Memory of Holocaust Victims

The name of the Stolpersteine project invokes an anti-Semitic saying, when one accidentally stumbles over a protruding stone: "A Jew must be buried here."

Israeli Designers Present Fashion Foot Forward for Chanukah

Levi said his themes are usually those that everyone can relate to, "as they are part of life, iconic images we all know."

25 Jewish Congress Members Call on Trump to Fire Jewish Senior Adviser

If you recognize a connection between the anti-Miller campaign and another campaign having to do with attacks on a certain Mid-Eastern country, you are not wrong.

Hebrew U Wins People’s Choice for Breakthrough of the Year – And We Helped

"It’s amazing how scientific discoveries—even those relating to people who lived more than 100,000 years ago—still captivate the imagination of folks around the world.”

Uri Geller: Boris Johnson Used my Positive Energy Spoon to Beat Corbyn

While Uri Geller was being tested to become a CIA psychic weapon, Golda Meir, despite being armed with his energy spoon, failed to predict the most devastating war in Israel's history.

Kirk Douglas Is 103 – All Hail Spartacus

Douglas celebrated a second Bar-Mitzvah ceremony in 1999, at age 83.

Film Version of ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ Premieres in Berlin

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit starts in Berlin, in March 1933, when nine-year-old Anna finds out one morning that her father is missing.

Germans Apologize for Using Jewish Ashes in Political Art Installation

According to the ZPS website, "the Orthodox Rabbinical Conference has accepted the ashes on Friday. We are very grateful."

Already a Finalist, Hebrew U Needs Your Vote to Win Science Magazine’s Breakthrough of...

And the winner of 2019’s Breakthrough of the Year People’s Choice is …

Justice Minister Hit by Leftwing Smear Job as He Is Battling Belligerent AG

Case closed, right? How could this poor boy from Rishon get himself a special spot in the capital market? He must have done something wrong. Seriously, that's the extent of the accusation.

Holocaust Survivors ‘Aghast’ at Berlin Protest Using Victims’ Ashes, Also: German Bad Taste

So, here's the big question: do Jews enjoy seeing the actual bones and ashes of Holocaust victims being put on display in Berlin (a Mecca for Israelis, by the way)?

Spectator Index Says Israel Is 8th Most Powerful Country

So that's gratifying, although realizing the same index lists Iran in 13th place has to be a source of worry to sane people everywhere.

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn Refuses Four Times to Apologize for Labour Anti-Semitism

Piers Morgan said on Good Morning Britain the next day that Corbyn "must be anti-Semitic."

Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Attack on Facebook

He said Facebook would have let Hitler buy ads for his "final solution to the Jewish problem."

IDF Deterrence Revived: Hamas Nixes Fence Riots

A big yishar koa'ch to Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, who seems to have revived the deterrence everybody has been eulogizing.

The Israel Group Launches Battle to Expose Anti-Israel Wikipedia Editors

The Israel Group outed the five worst anti-Israel Wikipedia editors, who account for more than 325,000 Wikipedia edits, with the majority targeting Israel.

Netflix to Edit Demjanjuk Docuseries After Pressure by Polish Government

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in a letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings that the program showed maps that place Nazi concentration camps within the borders of modern-day Poland.


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