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Aide: Bennett Will Address the UN Without Posters, Toons

I recommend you use some of your intermediary holiday to re-read that speech, especially if you're a history buff and political junkie like yours truly.

Netflix Series ‘Hit & Run’ by ‘Fauda’ Creators, Cancelled After Season 1

It took three years to produce the nine episodes of Hit & Run's first season.

Survey: Jews Least Harassed Group in Online Gaming Compared with Women, Blacks, Asians, LGBTQ,...

Two groups suffered less abuse in online gaming than the year before: Latinx 25%, down from 30%; and the disabled 24%, down from 25%.

Gantz: We’ll Take a US Nuke Deal with Iran But Must Have Plan B...

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett sharply criticizes the former prime minister, saying there was a very large gap between Bibi's speeches and actions on the ground.

MK Demands Penalties for Arab Soccer Fans Who Screamed ‘With Spirit and Blood We’ll...

The Arab team's home stadium was built with public funds from the State of Israel and the Qatar National Olympic Committee.

IAEA Report: Iran Will Have the Bomb in One Month

This may be a good moment to remind President Joe Biden of his promise in late August to the visiting Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Group Issues Call for Action Against France’s Burgeoning Anti-Semitic ‘Qui?’ Movement

A new, troubling anti-Semitic trend which is gaining traction across France.

Atlanta Jewish Times Kills Pro-Jewish Op-Ed by Black Republican – Read What They Cancelled

I want to use this occasion to nominate Marisa Pyle and Kaylene Ladinsky as the Jewish Karens of the year 5782.

Bennett Wants Maximum Protection for Israeli-Arabs Who Helped Capture the Escaped Terrorists

There is a lot of rage on Arab social media channels against the Israeli-Arabs who helped in the capture of the escaped terrorists from Gilboa prison.

Elvis’ Deep Fake Rosh Hashanah Song Stirs Excitement

A radio host on Army Radio played the clip as a straight historic item, bringing great shame on the house of (Ya'akov) Bardugo.

Tel Aviv 8th Coolest City on Time Out List

"If only all cities had Carmel Market."

Twitter Blocks Accounts of Rightwing Israelis

Baruch Marzel and Benzi Gopstein discovered they were blocked.

Think Tank Depicts Uniform and Hostile Progressive Response to Jewish, Israeli Concerns Since 2021...

The paper urges clearly articulating and defining the challenge, then mobilizing a critical mass of organizations and initiatives to address it.

Biden Claims He Visited Pittsburgh Synagogue after the Shooting, Synagogue Director Insists He Never...

The Republican Jewish Coalition suggested Biden “flat out lied about visiting” the Tree of Life synagogue.

On Eve of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Catholic Journalist Atones for the Sins...

"Jonas Noreika received the Cross of the Vytis, the highest honor a Lithuanian could receive posthumously."

Ben Shapiro: US Armed Taliban to the Teeth ‘Because Joe Biden Is an Incompetent...

Biden's previous claims of unanimity among his military advisors unravel and a new chart showing the vast weaponry left to the Taliban goes viral.

Rashida Tlaib Demands ‘Dignity’ for Arab Woman Killed while Ramming Israeli Soldiers

Former Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) responded: "You forgot the part where she attempted to murder a bunch of Israelis."

Ed Asner Who Created the Legendary Lou Grant Dead at 91

In April 2017, Asner announced that he no longer supports the BDS movement.

Ben Gvir Unapologetic for Late MK Alkharumi Attack Tweet

It stands to show you that even the ancient principle of "Achrei mot kdoshim" has limits.

On Eve of Meeting Biden, Bennett Rejects Palestinian State, Favors Hard Line on Iran

Ahead of his first meeting in Washington with President Joe Biden this week, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met in Jerusalem with the New York...

Former Senior Health Ministry Epidemiologist: Israel Can’t Control the Pandemic

"The right thing to do is to reduce the number of children that each child interacts with."

Tehran Denies Report of Ukrainian Plane Hijacked from Afghanistan to Iran

Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister insisted the Ukrainian aircraft was hijacked, and the hijackers were armed.

Here They Go Again: AP, Rights Group Libel IDF Gaza Strikes as War Crimes

This is not the first time HRW is libeling Israel without providing a smidgen of proof.

Ra’anana’s Typhoid Mary: ‘I Will Not Check my Children or Put Them in Isolation’

"I'll never dare receive your death injections. You won't kill us so fast."

Senior Haredi Rabbi Kicks Out Anti-Vaxxer: Go Away, Meshuga

It should be noted that Rabbi Mutzafi is not what you call a liberal.

Ilhan Omar: AIPAC Attack Ads Put my Life at Risk

To remind you, in June, Omar tweeted, nicely mixing up all the players to create the mother of all false equivalencies.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Anti-Semite Wants to Stop Jews from Making Aliyah

She stood outside the home of a Jewish family that was in the process of making aliyah. Listen to what she had to say...

New Report Slams Social-Media Giants for ‘Failing to Act on Antisemitism’

The five major social-media companies failed to act upon 84 percent of anti-Semitic posts on their platforms.


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