Ben Gvir Shuts Down Voice of Palestine Radio

On October 12, 2000, the Israeli Air Force bombed the station.

Ben-Gvir Clarifies Controversial Statement about the Joint (JDC)

JDC program cancelled due to lack of proper filing, not ideology.

Ben-Gvir Sends a Message to America

Ben-Gvir hopes to end the misassumptions about him, and explain his goals.

Wall Street Journal: ‘Sow Chaos, then Shout, Look How Chaotic Israel Has Become’

The nice and very educated editors of the WSJ live in a country where there are major media alternatives to the leftist cacophony.

300 Senior Israeli Academics Sign Petition Supporting Judicial Reform

"A comprehensive reform of the justice system is essential due to the constitutional revolution that was led by Prof. Aharon Barak."

Chaim Topol Who Gave Us Sallah Shabati and Tevye Dead at 87

Topol’s artistic career was launched in the early 1950s, when he joined the IDF's Nahal entertainment band.

Smotrich’s Lengthy Apology Can’t Undo What an Ounce of Shut Up Would Have Prevented

Smotrich has hoof and mouth disease that no amount of sincere explanations, certainly not apologies, can cure.

Jewish Man Discovers his Mom’s Home in Krakow Starred on ‘Schindler’s List’

The courtyard of the house at 12 Jozefa was called, "the most beautiful courtyard in Kazimierz."

Right-Wing Channel 14 in 2nd Place, Topping 11, 13

While the other three channels spent many millions on their prime-time shows, Yinon Magal’s show sticks by the cheapest format.

NBC: US Pushing Netanyahu over a Cliff in his Relations with Putin

“We do not have yet the David’s Sling from Israel, but I believe it is just temporary.”

Everything You Wanted to Know about the Judicial Reform but Got the Feeling your...

Print and hand it around the family Purim Se’udah and the Passover Seder.

Israel’s Right-Wing Channel 14 Ratings Soaring as Viewers Abandon Left-Wing Propaganda Channels

Yair Lapid has been a driving force behind the meteoric rise of the right-wing Channel 14.

Settlers Avenge Murder of Yaniv Brothers: 1 Arab Dead, 390 Injured, Huwara Set on...

"Revenge is indeed God’s domain, but there’s such a thing as hishdalus-effort, to help God get started."

Neo-Nazis Protest Outside Broadway Musical about False Conviction and Murder of a Jew

The Nazis protested the show for claiming the lynched Jewish man's innocence.

NY Times Story on Orthodox School Finances ‘Misleading,’ Says School Official

Everything is aboveboard with the way the Kiryas Joel School District educates Chassidic children with special needs, explains district superintendent Joel Petlin.

Sunday Tom Friedman Dragged Biden into Supporting a Coup D’état in Israel

Friedman is an idiot, but Biden has shown a tremendous capacity for understanding political subtleties.

Fox News Gives Orthodox Jews the Voice that The New York Times Denies Them

"Get to really know us," said Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America, in the new Fox News mini-documentary.

Jewish Leaders Pen Letter Supporting Newsmax as ‘Invaluable Voice’

The group told DirecTV, AT&T and TPG that they are silencing an important cable platform for Jewish voices and for combating antisemitism.

Report: Neo-Nazi Elements Flock to Twitter Since Takeover by Elon Musk

The findings indicate that a sea change is taking place on Twitter with respect to the proliferation of extremist antisemitic content.

Netanyahu Tells French Media He Is Considering Delivering Iron Dome to Ukraine

However, Netanyahu stressed that he could not "make a definitive promise."

Study Reveals Major Failings in New York Times’ Coverage of Israel

Since the elections, 68% of the Times' coverage of Israel was negative.

Solomon Perel (‘Hitler Youth Salomon’) Dead at 97

He studied Nazi race theory and participated in pre-military exercises.

New York Times Blasted for ‘Shameful Coverage of Jerusalem Terrorist Attack

“Here’s the New York Times reporting that Jews were murdered and they had it coming,” tweeted former head of speechwriting at Israel’s Mission to the United Nations, Aviva Klompas.

Netanyahu to CNN: Israel Taking Action Against ‘Certain Weapons Development’ in Iran

Netanyahu said people can get “hung up” on peace negotiations with the PA Arabs.

Talmud with Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky’s Notes Online at Israel’s National Library

He embellished these books with numerous margin notes, including comments on wording and content.

Head of Israel’s Bar Association, Judicial Reform Enemy, in Indecent Act with Woman Needing...

Himi became head of the bar association after his predecessor, Effi Naveh, was forced to quit after a scandal.

Japanese Firm Determined to Keep ‘Nazi-Tainted’ Van Gogh

According to heir's lawsuit, Sompo’s predecessor purchased the picture “in reckless disregard of its provenance, including Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s forced sale of the painting in Nazi Germany in 1934.”


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