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I’m crying. I can’t believe it, but I am.

I never met Majority Leader Steve Scalise and I probably never will. I was in New Orleans once in my life when my father took a job there and we were all separated for months. On the way south, I remember two things – my mother putting maple syrup in her coffee instead of creamer, and spending the night in a small town (Slidell?) as Hurricane Camille came barreling in.


Just our luck…my parents decided to stop just north of New Orleans, where the eye of the hurricane was supposed to hit. There was only one room left in the motel and we took it…and listened as the winds and rain battered the hotel and the small town. The eye turned and smacked into Slidell…in the morning, the carpet was soaked from rain that had seeped through the door.

Meandering thoughts because I don’t want to think about the news. Someone walked up to some men playing baseball today. Only they weren’t “some men” – they were Congressmen, their aides, their security. The person asked – are you democrats or republicans…and then opened fire.

If you spread hatred, don’t be surprised when it gets out of hand; when the hatred overwhelms you, surpasses you, overrules you.

How could some lunatic walk up to someone and say – are you a democrat or a republican and then shoot them….what the hell have you done to yourself, America. Is this really what you want?

I want to see every Democratic Senator or Congressman take to the airwaves now and say NO…THIS is not how we act in the United States. NO…just NO. You cannot solve problems with violence. Stop the hatred, America. Just stop. Shame on you for all the hate.

OMG, did you really not expect this to happen?

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