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The funeral of Daphna Meir z"l


How many Jews have to be slaughtered by radical Muslim terrorists ’til we learn?


How many mothers, sons, daughters have to be murdered till we realize this is not a conflict about land or politics, but a war between a culture that worships death and one that values life!

I can’t sleep, so here are my two cents:

Yesterday, a Jewish woman was murdered in front of her children by a Muslim terrorist. The terrorist, who was employed in the town of Otniel decided it was time to murder a Jew. According to the reports, Dafna fought off the terrorist in order to protect her own children and paid with her own life. There are now 6 orphans and a husband who will never again see the woman he loves.

Dafna was a mother of 6 beautiful children and exemplified the difference between us and our enemies. Two of Dafna’s children are foster children and it was through kindness and the desire to give life to others that Dafna and her husband adopted these two children. It was this mother and her kindness that was the target of this hideous terrorist attack.

I know some will say this is not the time but I just can’t hold my tongue anymore! I cannot help but blame ourselves for the ongoing wave of terror that has claimed the lives of so many Jews. When we have Israeli organizations and our own people making excuses for terrorists and using the same claims the murders are using as they plunge their knives into our mothers, fathers, brother, sisters, sons and daughters!

Radical Islamic ideology has been after the Jewish people long before any settlements were ever on the ground, so excuses have to STOP!

  • For God sake, Yasser Arafat started the PLO terrorist organization with the goal of destroying the Jewish State in 1964, that’s 3 years before the Six Day War and 3 years before the derogatory meaning of the world settlement ever existed! What was his excuse then?
  • The Mufti teamed up with Hitler to murder Jews long before any settlements existed and before the State of Israel existed! The 1929 Hebron Massacre, was it because of the settlements?! It has to stop! If we do not start standing up for truth and for our right as Jews, we can’t expect the world to do so.

I blame our own for giving terrorists power, guns, land and an accepted stand in the world. You can’t blame the U.N for raising the PLO terrorist flag when WE were the ones to give them guns!

The majority of Muslims in this area are not radical? Really?! I know there are Muslims who are against terror, but let’s stop making believe the majority in our neighborhood are for peace with Israel. Where is the ‘Breaking The Silence” of the Muslim sector? Where is the “Peace Now” voice of the Islamic community in Israel?

Where are all the backstabbing organizations that Israel has to deal with when it comes to the Muslim side?!

The Israeli left-wing organizations that work on the same premise and use the same claims as our enemies do, are the fuel with which our enemies are driven.

How much longer are we going to make excuses for those who are murdering us!

Don’t talk to me about a political solution when your definition of the problem is the same fabricated narrative that our enemies use to justify terrorism against us. How is that when one says they are for a “Two- State solution based on the borders of 1967”, they are called the “Peace Camp,” while those who say they are not willing to negotiate with TERRORISTS are the bad guys?


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  1. Everyone needs to have a voice and be heard, letting the world know that we all stand with Israel, its people and ALL of the land. They have the right to live in all of Israel, without any restrictions, and be treated with the same respect given to all other nations. Israel and the Jewish people of the world have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of security, safety, happiness and prosperity. AM ISRAEL CHAI. ISRAEL FOREVER.

  2. Finally someone is saying what I have been saying for years: it is mostly Israel's – and her supporting Jews – fault for not standing firm for what is right, for the truth, against the hate the world dishes to her while she bends backwards to appease it. ENOUGH of the BS, time to stop victimhood and point the finger at an ill world – J'accuse…!

  3. I recently made Aliyah. In London I went on protest after protest against the BDS. Where are the street protests here against this vile, horrendous murdering barbarism? I will gladly join it. This is a democracy. We should be using our democratic right to show the government and the world that enough is enough!

  4. It is hard to argue with anything that is written in this article.
    We are indeed tip-toeing around world-opinion, always trying to appease others even at the expense of Israel's security and well-being.

    I think the main problem is we do not have confidence in ourselves. We do not believe Jews and the State of Israel depends only on the unity and mutual responsibility of the Jewish People and if we had such foundations we would not need anybody else to "support" or "protect" us.
    We are still afraid of saying all those so called friends of ours are like the emperor without clothes because we do not believe in ourselves.

    There is only one solution: rebuilding our Nation on the same national unity and absolute mutual responsibility this Nation was established upon at Sinai.
    Then we might actually see that all those "others" that are doubting, hating, boycotting us today would make a complete turn around wanting to follow us.

    Why? Because today they are all drowning in barbaric chaos since they have no idea how to build mutually complementing cooperation in a global world that has become completely interdependent.
    Only our positive example – unity above inherent differences, mutual cooperation despite unfounded hatred – can save everybody.

  5. There will never be peace as long as, children from the age of 2 and 3 years old, are being taught to use hate speech against the Jewish people, trained to use knives to kill Jewish people.
    Also those who instead of having school holidays are being trained as soldiers to kill Jewish civilians in Israel. Soon the Moshiach will come and then watch and see what happens. All killing and hate speech will end and God willing we will finally be able to live our lives in peace and without fear ever again.

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