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Friends and family attend the funeral of Dafna Meir, in Jerusalem.

Although Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to the south Hebron Hills community of Otniel on Tuesday intending to comfort the Meir family, it turned out a little differently.

Daphna Meir, z’l, was stabbed to death in her home by a 15-year-old Arab terrorist from the nearby Hebron suburb of Yatta. Three of her children were there at the time, including her oldest daughter, whose screams sent the terrorist racing away. He was later tracked down by the IDF’s elite Duvdevan unit, together in a joint operation with the Shin Bet and the Judea Brigade.


The prime minister made a special visit to comfort the victim’s husband and six children, but was instead amazed at the strength and faith he found – and outraged about her death.

“The public gets a healthy feeling from the picture, from her story; they immediately understand the uniqueness of this soul that was taken from us. I found the same spirit in the family, in Natan and the children. They asked me only one thing – that we continue to lift up the Jewish People.”

Netanyahu vowed that “we [will] fight our enemies and demolish the home of the terrorist and revoke the work permits and all other actions that were carried out, and will be carried out by the IDF, which has apprehended the murderer…”

But, he said, something else must be said as well: “Whoever wants to see the truth about the roots of the conflict between us and the Palestinians should come to Otniel and see here a wonderful family that only wants coexistence and peace.

“They should see the [Arab] young people, inflamed by incitement, who come to murder women here, a mother of six, and in Tekoa, a pregnant woman; they come to murder them and say: We will destroy you all, in Tel Aviv and Jaffa as well. This is the truth. There is humanity here and the desire for peace and coexistence on one side and boundless hatred on the other.

“This hatred has an address; this is incitement by the Palestinian Authority and other elements such as the Islamic Movement and Hamas; the time has come for the international community to stop its hypocrisy and call the child by its name.

“The root of the conflict is the refusal to recognize the Jews’ right to a have a state within any borders, here, in Tel Aviv, anywhere. I want to spread this truth to the world and I want us to stand on the truth because the truth will win in the end, and so will we.”



  1. but there is alot more he can do than just ‘blame’… how does that change anything? He can order life-time funds set up for the children and families of terrorist victims out of the BILLIONS Israel collects on behalf of the PA, he can close up media outlets set up by the PA which operate using Israeli supplied electricity, he can stop the daily migration of palestenians who come to work inside Israel, who are treated in Israeli hospitals, who come to study inside Israel – why is Abass not supplying his own people with all these things? Enough of this Mr. ‘nice guy’ mentality that gets jews killed

  2. Call me cynical, but the murder of Dafna shows that there is nothing too horrific the Muslims can do that would inspire Bibi to fight. Now we get yet more words. Yip-de-f***ing-hu. There is no country more dangerous for the Jews than Israel.

  3. The underlying problem is Islam itself, and then 1.8 billion indoctrinated Muslims.

    Islam itself must be outlawed and eradicated.

    The followers of Islam have been indoctrinated since infancy that Islam and its faithful will eventually rule the earth. The commands canonized in their Qur’an very explicitly make that a point and dictate that it should be accomplished by slaying the Jew and the infidel until the task is accomplished. Again, this is what Muslims from childhood are taught, believe and expect. The orthodox Muslims that practice it are labeled “terrorists”, "radicals" or some other euphemistic label which when you call it out separately lets Islam itself off the hook, that when in fact they are carrying out to the letter explicit and very clear Islamic religious commands. An example would be to say that there is a problem with the radical SS, thus implying that Nazism itself would otherwise be okay if it were not for those pesky SS.

    No decent person can remain a follower of Islam. Islam commands that its followers must not take infidels as friends. And indeed what decent person can claim to be your friend yet remain a willing follower of a religion which has indoctrinated them since earliest childhood that they are commanded to either murder you or at very least subjugate you to the status of a dhimmi, to expect that their religion will become superior over all other religions, to practice taqqiya and kitman in claiming to be your friend all the while knowing it is the opposite that is true. Disgusting.


    And just because there are 1.8 billion Muslims, that does not make the problem insurmountable but rather simply a larger problem. And thus it needs to be dealt with initially in a different fashion.

    Search for the following: "Learn about Islam. That is the most important thing for people to do. Learn who it is that you are not." – Samuel Lurie

    “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”- Bukhari (52:177); Hadith (Website: The Religion of Peace)

  4. No amount of human punishment will ever be harsh enough for that evil being for such a savage, cruel, senseless act of killing. All humanity is lost with people like him. He destroyed the life of a person with a much more beautiful inside than he could ever dream of having. He also destroyed the lives of a good husband and of six innocent children.

  5. שום כמות של עונש האנושי אי פעם להיות קשה מספיק בשביל להיות למעשה כזה פראי, אכזרי, חסר טעם של הרג רע ש. האנושות כולה הולכת לאיבוד עם אנשים כמותו. הוא הרס את חייו של אדם עם הרבה יותר יפה ממה שהוא אי פעם בתוך יכל לחלום שיש. הוא גם הרס את חייהם של בעל טוב ושל שישה ילדים חפים מפשע.

  6. islam is islam, it can be defeated at great cost and with the humiliation of truth…something they have a real problem with; the notion that we Jews wrote their so called holy book only to be murdered by the pedophile prophet just drives them wild…truth does that to liars…maybe it's time to just rub it in a little…do it for the children, theirs and ours!

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