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Photos of the victims of the Orlando Massacre

After being written off as a racist Islamophobe for fifteen years because I raised precisely the same points that both Carl Bernstein (!) and Barney Frank (!) raised earlier today; after viewing the sweet, doomed faces of the 49 murdered gay and perhaps non-gay people, mainly Latinos and Latinas, often people of color, on my TV screen—what do I have to say?

The question I and others have raised since 9/11 (for me, since the Intifada against the Jews that began in 2000), was: “How many bodies will it take for Americans, especially the intelligentsia, including the feminists, including gay people, including our elected officials, before they understand that we: (the West, America, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents) have a very real enemy?” It is radical Islam or Islamism, Islamic Jihad or, if you prefer, Islamist Jihad; and it is not going away anytime soon.


This is precisely what Israel alone has been up against since its founding in 1948. Actually, long before that, Jews suffered the most profound Islamic anti-Semitism. Buddhists in Afghanistan were murdered or forcibly converted. Hindus in India were slaughtered by Muslims by the millions—simply because they were Hindus. Christians have long been persecuted by Muslims for the same reason; that persecution continues today.

Clearly, more than 3,000 bodies on 9/11 were not enough. Clearly, the many millions of Muslims murdered by Muslim Jihadists have not been enough. Will the murder of 49 gay Americans finally be “enough?”

Somehow I doubt it but I certainly hope so. Of course, sure, yes, let’s ban assault rifles completely. That will not stop someone like Omar Mateen. But the handguns and the rifles are not as important as banning and abolishing the routine hate of women, the “wrong” kind of Muslim, ex-Muslim apostates, homosexuals—hatreds that are intimately part of historic Islam.

How many deaths before we become effective in identifying potential Jihadists? Within our borders? Arriving as refugees and immigrants? How many deaths before we are willing to use the word “Muslim terrorist” without fearing we will be demonized for doing so?

The gay websites are more focused on general “hate” against gays and gun control than they are focused on the nature and the danger of radical Islam. The gay communities have been willing to march against Israel—but never against Jihad?

Long ago, Natan Sharansky asked me if I thought I could “turn the feminists, the leftists, the gays around.” I told him that I doubted it, but that I would try.

Will these 49 dead and 53 wounded start that “turning?”

We shall see.


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Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D is an emerita professor of Psychology, a Fellow at the Middle East Forum, the author of thousands of articles, four studies about honor killing and sixteen books, including “The New Anti-Semitism,” “An American Bride in Kabul," and “Living History: On The Front Lines for Israel and the Jews, 2003-2015.” She archives her articles and may be reached through her website:


  1. It is sickening to me, to read the comments on the articles about this latest terrorist attack. The hatred espoused for Christians, and for almost every group, except ISIS, is jaw dropping.

    Is it because these people are cowards? Intentional ignorance is a term that I’ve heard used. Whatever it is we all need to wake up soon. Quit hating each other and prepare to fight what needs to be fought.

  2. Almost. The worldwide problem is caused by Orthodox Islam. A recent PEW study showed that a clear majority of Muslims have at least some savage barbarian beliefs. Radical, when referring to Islam, is heterodoxy, e.g. The Muslim Reform Movement. It's a small minority with negligible influence on the Orthodox Muslim population worldwide.
    Anyone who wants to understand Orthodox Islam can see it at

  3. The article is focusing on the wrong question and subject. Though stating firmly that he would not forgive his son for what he had done, he was aghast at the idea that his son was gay, in spite of the evidence brought forth that this was so. He became quite angry at the mere suggestion. Islam/the Muslim faith, regardless of whether it is "radical" or not, is not compatible with Western society, nor any other society outside its own. Even those Muslims living in Europe or the US who live peacefully still hold iron clad beliefs of immutable sin that should result in immediate death here on earth for those that transgress against the faith, whether it is their own daughters or sons or wives, and whether those punishments would go against the laws of the land in which they live. Though the parents may hold back from carrying out the punishments, we have seen the fire in the hearts and heads of the young drive them to take action. Islam needs to stay in the Middle East.

  4. While I also have always wondered about homosexuals, feminists, atheists, Communists, leftist intellectuals, etc., marching hand-in-hand with islam (probably to prove how much they hate rednecks), I do not share the position that in light of islam's opposition, any of these groups can be "kashered."

    The Torah and corresponding Noahide Law (which applies objectively to all non-Jews) makes it quite clear that G-d exists, that He is the ultimate source of all morals and ethics, that homosexuality is an abomination and in some cases a chayyav mitah, etc. Neither does the "intolerance" of islam change the fact that HaShem is a Jealous G-d, that there is ultimately no right to worship any other G-d than He, and that He did indeed order the extermination of eight separate nations (seven down, one to go).

    It is tempting to seize traditional American "enlightenment" ideology and rally all the troops against the evil moslems, but this will eventually come back to bite Jews. They will inevitably find themselves being called on to disown their own Divine Commandments when they are not politically correct. Yes, perhaps when Mashiach comes all mankind will spontaneously turn to him. But then, perhaps Halakhic Israel will have to wage milchamot reshut as they did in days of old, wars on conquest in which the non-Jewish world is given some very politically incorrect conditions to meet or else be slaughtered and have their wives and children seized as slaves.

    It isn't popular to point out that ancient Judaism was much more similar to islam than to American protestantism. But it is true. And Jews who defect from the Torah to the American worldview are simply another kind of 'apikorsim.

  5. There is no turning left-wing liberals around because they live in subjective reality where the facts do not get in their way. Until liberals accept that Islamism is a supremacist socio-political movement there will never be enough bodies to convince them that Islamists hate the west and our freedoms and must be defeated just like nazis. The Islamist goal is to re-establish the caliphate and impose sharia law worldewide. Islam is a political construct with a religious arm and has no separation between church and state. Liberals could begin by asking Muslims if they want sharia law – any individual who wants sharia law does not belong in America or any other western country. There are many countries in the world that embrace sharia law and that is where they should live. The secular laws of the west are not respected or followed by Islamists which is why democracy and Islam are incompatible. Islam is at war with the west whether liberals like it or not. Just ask the Europeans citizens who are witnessing the collapse of their democratic freedoms as their countries become more Islamicized every day.

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