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Sorry people!

I know it’s sensitive but I can’t hold back anymore!


The terror attack this Friday evening in Paris was horrible! Families have been destroyed and the devastation is horrific! I know how they feel, anyone who lives in Israel knows what it feels like to live through terror attacks.


The French government has been condemning Israel at every chance they had! While we are sending our condolences and support to France, they didn’t even bother to cover the attack on Friday when a Jewish father and son were gunned down by Muslim terrorists! France took Hamas off the terrorist list and instead started marking goods produced by Jews in Judea and Samaria!

With all due respect, I will not post a French flag on my Facebook profile and quite frankly I don’t understand why anyone would! It is the French government who has been condemning Israel for fighting the same radical Islamic organizations that attacked Paris!

Some may call me insensitive, I agree! it is exactly this insensitivity that is the reason I am NOT posting a French flag on my feed!

What do you call the reactions (or the lack of) from the French government when Israel has been under attack day in and day out?! Should I call for restraint? Should I give credit to the claims ISIS is using to justify this terror attack?

So instead of putting a French flag up, I will raise the Israeli one. Why? Because Israel warned France and the rest of the world of the effect of radical Islam! We tried to explain who and what we are fighting but they would not listen!

We told them this was not about land or occupation but they didn’t listen! They pressured us to make deals with those who shoot us, blow us up and stab us and when we refuse to do so, they condemn us!

We warned them that this is about a radical culture that has no respect for life, but they ignored us and shook their finger at us for fighting the same radical Islamic ideology that attacked Paris. Only we fight it every day!

So here is the Israeli flag!

The one that is fighting radical Islamic terror every day!

The one flag that is condemned and yelled at from every international podium for fighting the same evil that murdered over 130 of French innocent civilians.



  1. It is not the government that got killed in these attacks but ordinary people about whos opinions and feelings you know nothing. If you don’t feel sympathy or express it differently that is totally up to you, but this blame game is rather childish.

  2. I’ve read the article and read others who have posted similar on their pages. You all have it backwards. Posting a French flag isn’t showing your support for a government that through history hasn’t shown support for Jews or the state of Israel. Posting the French flag in wake of the terror attacks in Paris shows your support for the people of France. The fact that you’re Jewish is even more meaningful because of their governments blind eye or outright betrayal of the Jewish people and state of Israel. If you choose to post or not to post that’s your right. Telling people not to post is sending the wrong message.

  3. Can someone from Israel show me how to post over my photos the Israeli flag, as if it were available as was the French tori colour I would definitely do the same. It may be that the French offered this in unification for its citizens and others. Please post same for Israel.

  4. Posting the french flag is meaningless and racist. syria, libyia, somalia has being in tumoil for decade now nobody post any flag. Great Isreal too has being withnessing terror attacks almost on daily bases, why not commerate or show solidarity with Isreal and other country experiencing terrorist attacks? Biased, racist and wicked world.

  5. When Israel is attacked, its just another day…it takes another country to bring out the mainstream media…and America will be frontpage news…because of two things….isis is here along with 3-4 other terrorist cell groups and more importantly, God says “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you..and much of the world is just begining to feel that curse and it has just began….

  6. At long last people are getting the picture. Respect Ari,
    Every day Israel is hit with terror does it get to papers? No and who was it three days ago wanted to bicott Israel? Of course these acts of terrorism are painful but throwing yourself on the floor crying won’t bring them back and i stand by Israel

  7. It’s not about Paris people it’s about terrorism around the world. It’s showing compassion for our human counterparts. We must never forget history but how long do you want to condemn future generations for the history of their people. This is a time where holding grudges serves no purpose. The time to unite against any act of terrorism is now. Don’t live in the past stand up for your future!!!

  8. As an American, I am deeply saddened by the behaviors of our government and it's lack of compassion and class. I am ashamed of how our government has abandoned any allegiance we might have had when Obama took over the presidency. I hope, through this tragedy, the world wakes up. (p.s.. I am a knucklehead when it comes to technology and in the process of checking out the process on a friends FB page of putting a "flag" over the picture I mistakenly pushed the button to actually do it and haven't a clue as to how to get rid of it…didn't really want to do it for this reason)

  9. flag or no flag, is not really the essence of this article. Everything in this article is 100% true, and worth to pay attention to, and there is nothing to be sorry about. enough of Jewish Guilt already. World has to wake up and see what a dangerous game they are playing, and what kind of outcome it can lead to .

  10. You need to understand that our hearts go out to the families who lost love ones in France.
    The fact is, the French people hate us (Jews). I have French Jewish clients, who are looking to leave France because of the Antisemitism towards our people.

  11. Ordinary people who vote for politicians who attack Israel and promote antisemitism and import millions of Jew-hating Muslims. Unfortunately in the real world, as opposed to John Lennon songs, actions have consequences. The fact that they elected an idiot like Hollande tells me quite a lot about their thoughts and feelings.

  12. Screw the GOVERNMENT of France – but c'mon – have some compassion for the PEOPLE. The profile pic change is TEMPORARY. It asks you if you want it to change back automatically in 1 day, 1 week or one month. Our Government sucks but our people – well they are amazing!

  13. People need to realize that what the French experienced recently is daily life for the Jews in Israel. No one “stands in solidarity” with Israel. The world admonishes Israel when they defend themselves but whines when Paris is attacked by the same ones that attack Israel daily. I will stand with Israel forever.

  14. The same in south africa. Black on white genocide. White farmers are being murdered. Google death rate and farm murders south africa. The world has turned a blind eye to us. More than 200 farmers have already being killed by blacks this year alone and there is no flag to support us

  15. I do feel sympathy for what happened to the French people. But,the French have openly been anti Jewish and anti Israel. So I won’t support anything French . They supported the anti Jewish movement openly so this is there reward for opening the doors to open violence against Jews.

  16. I must agree. It is the problem of the leadership of France (like it is in America) who have turned a blind eye to the reality os Islam. Now that they have been hit with a hard dose of reality, maybe they will make the required changes to protect their countrymen. My heart goes out to the people..all the families who have needlessly lost their loved ones, and to those who were injured. I only hope they get off this tolerance kick, and do all that is necessary to eradicate the evil that they allowed into their country.

  17. It’s sending the right message! When France gets behind Israel in regards to Israel being on the front lines of the war that Islamists are waging against it and the West … then we can get behind France! France gets hit once or twice while Israel gets hit 24/7/365.

  18. [17:33] Nor take life – which Allah has made sacred – except for just cause. And if anyone is slain wrongfully, we have given his heir authority (to demand retaliation or to forgive): but let him not exceed bounds in the matter of taking life, for he is helped (by the Law)

  19. If y’all had backed Israel many years ago, instead of the Islamist Palestinians, this wouldn’t be happening. Nothing like this would be happening, if many countries took a hard-line stance (and action) to back up Israel against these evil, uncivilized Islamic and Palestinian savages!

  20. I genuinely think this is the moment when France and its political class, has come to its senses. I understand Sergeant Fuld's sentiments. I've spoken with so many Europeans, in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland, over the decades, with Germans, French and Poles in their native languages. There is a lot of residual sympathy and anguish over the Holocaust in all those lands. I hope that we can all unite if even briefly, to rid the isil scourge, quickly, remoreselessly, unflinchingly. The history of coaltions in European history teaches us it can be done, the coaltion will most likely not last, but at least for this time we have to put it together. I fear that if it's up to Obama it won't be done. If he let Kerry do it, it could be done. But Valerie Jarrett will stay somehow have the final word – dreadful to think about.

  21. This is embarrassing to me. While it does not – and never could – dampen my support of Israel, it makes me cringe a little to read that someone would be so petulant as to go out of their way to taunt those expressing concern and sympathy for a nation ripped apart by tragedy. It’s petty. And frankly a little reminiscent of the tastelessness of the Westboro Baptist thugs who feel compelled to picket funerals to express their world view. Sadly, this little temper tantrum may do more to dampen potential support of Israel than to inspire it.

  22. I agree, but the world has been insensative to many nations under the same persecution, for instance when all the school girls were kidnapped, etc. The truth is most people do not pay attention unless it directly affects them. Ed Kaplan, if fb offered the flag of Israel, I would most definatetly have it over my profile picture, but have never seen an opportunity and have no idea how that would be done. I believe the greatest reason the French are getting so much coverage is people are finally waking up to the real spirit of Isis and are afraid. I believe my country of Canada is at a huge risk now as our Prime Minister who loved and supported Israel has been voted out and replaced by a Muslim supporter and lover. The word says, if you bless my people ( Israel) you will be blessed, if you curse my people you will be cursed.

  23. No, they will not. Did America come to its senses over 9/11? No, they voted in Obama – and rumours abound that 9/11 was a 'Zionist plot'. Did the Charlie Hebdo affair change anything in France? Did it do anything to sway the kow-towing and grovelling to the Islamists?No, instead, France is permitting churches to be demolished and replaced by mosques. France has not learned and by the time they realise, it will be too late.

  24. Perhaps one could fly both. I mean have we not been praying and pleading for eyes to be opened to the evil of ISIS and Islam? Why would these same who have been praying and crying for the world to wake up allow pride and bitterness to further divide us. This is not nation against nation. This is a battle against evil. We must remember that the real enemy is the spirit behind the enemy. This is a time to unite not divide.

  25. No you fool it’s called support. And yes It’s selective look at yourself as a perfect example of why it is selective. You attack anyone supporting someone you don’t support or agree with instead of supporting every country being attacked by these Muslim SCUMB you think that only sympathy should be given to who you choose to be deserving.
    As a proud Jew I can not tell you how much I hate these radical pricks like Isis.
    They would kill me in a heart beat so why should I give them or there family’s one ounce of care.
    And there is a huge antisemitic community in France so don’t give me that bull that it’s cuz I am a Jew that’s why it’s selective.
    I support anyone who has been attacked by these pathetic excuse for a human being.

  26. Wonderful news coming out of France

    The French government has just announced that, after seeing the warm outpouring of love from the people of Israel in recent days, they have re-thought their foreign policy position when it comes to Israel. The president of France explained that he was personally moved by the pictures he saw of Jerusalem’s Old City walls lit up with the French flag last night. In light of this, he has instructed the French ambassador to the United Nations to withdraw all of their votes against Israel over the years. Not only that, the French government reported that they will work to expel the enemy Muslim nations from the UN, making sure that they can no longer pass the never-ending lists of condemnations against the only Jewish state. France has committed herself to expunging all anti-Israel “international laws” that were created by the Muslim nations in order to isolate Israel in the international arena.

    In addition, the French Parliament expressed their thanks to the Jewish People around the world who posted French flags on their Facebook pages in solidarity with them. They passed a declaration, saying that France will fight for Israel’s security and will outlaw any terrorist organization that threatens Israel’s existence. In a specific reference to the solidarity rally held in Tel Aviv on Saturday night – the French people expressed their deepest gratitude to the Jewish People. The French noted that the Jews held this rally despite their obvious desire to actually attend the funeral of Yaakov and Netanel Litman, the Jews who were murdered by Muslim terrorists on Friday afternoon on their way to their daughter / sister’s pre-wedding weekend celebration. France has indicated that they plan on creating a memorial in Paris for those murdered Jews as well as the thousands of other Jews who have been murdered by Muslim terrorists in Israel and abroad.

    One of the immediate actions to be taken by France will be to remove the labeling requirement on Israeli products that was recently passed. French officials have stated that they will secede from the European Union immediately if the anti-Semitic labeling law is not dropped.

    The French president is expected to visit Israel over the next several weeks. He has indicated that he will personally attend the opening of the French Embassy to Israel in Jerusalem. He has expressed pride in the fact that the embassy will be moved to Israel’s capital city under his personal executive order.

    Well done everyone – your efforts of showing solidarity with France while ignoring the terrorism perpetrated against our own people have paid off in dividends.

    (To remove all doubt – this is not real, it’s sarcasm. This is only real in the minds of those who voted for Obama.)

  27. The European Union, of which France is a member, is trying to strangle Israel and cause it’s collapse. It has given into it’s new master Islam. What Israel experiences terrorism daily and the world turns shows no empathy for Israelis because it is Jewish state. France is getting terrorism from those whom they opened their country too. Enough complaining and it is time to come together and stop these people who live by a religious code to murder others.

  28. No where in my post did I blame the people of France or sya they deserved what they got!
    I wrote perfectly clear that my heart goes out to the innocents who were murdered and my post was directed towards the policies of France towards Israel


  30. Innocent lives have been lost. This is not the time for an eye for an eye. That’s my two cents. Israel can set the pace by teaching other nations how to respond to her in a time of crisis or they can pay other nations in the own coin. The choice lies with Israel.

  31. Ari Fuld I get what you're saying – however – the French 'colors' represent the people in the country – not just a government. Most of my friends I have spoken with feel the tragedy of France – as well as the USA – and they don't oppose the posting of the RW&B color. I don't know of ANYONE that feels the colors are representative of supporting a Government. I'm one of the most anti-government people around – and a child of the 60s. I am 100% Jew and 100% American. p.s. France just bombed Syria.

  32. How fast we forget demonstrations allowed in Paris against Israel and pro Palestine? Palestine was always a Jewish country. There is no Palestine…by the same French people on the streets… You bunch of cowards turning your back on the Jews and Israel …..Jews that had to leave France in order to accommodate the lestinian?

  33. I just want to go on record as saying you’re all wrong The people of God pray for Israel every day there’s not a day goes by that the children of God do not pray that God’s hand of mercy is over your nation so you may not fly the French flag but God is watching over them to

  34. I stand with the victims, and the PEOPLE of France affected by the horrible and truly heinous terror attacks, unconditionally.

    As an American, I send my sympathies to our oldest ally, and believe we should support them and help them go after the ones who did this; BUT, this piece sums up how I feel as a Jewish Zionist who loves Israel, and has lived through the same terror, and seen the carnage first hand, with my own eyes.

    It is the SAME enemy. Maybe now they’ll understand.

  35. and where were the rainbow colored profile pics when the fogel family was killed?

    and it's not only France. Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, England, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia and all the rest have been directly responsible for the murder of millions and millions of jews all throughout europe on halloween, christmas, st patriks day and tuesdays which in reality, makes the holocaust look like child's play. it says clearly in the torah "those who bless israel shall be blessed. those that curse israel shall be cursed". screw the french and screw europe as a whole.

  36. 100% what I was going to post. The French families who lost children the other day didn’t ban Israeli products now more thean ever if Israel wants to show the world the cost of living with islamic terror it needs to draw near not alienate. win friends not arguments.

  37. Avicci Chai I'm not responsible for anyone except myself. I am sick of the haters – and that include the Jews spewing hate…FREE is not a word to be tossed around lightly. I was the TOKEN JEW in a school full of frigging GERMANS in Sheboygan Wisconsin in the 1960s. So till YOU are the kid BEATEN BLOODY or FOLLOWED HOME by bullies on a regular basis STHU. You are a pretty self righteous bunch and I have lost respect for you. I am ashamed of some of you people. I am so done.

  38. Stop calling them “palestinians”!!! There is not now nor has there ever been a people known as “palestinian”. There is not now nor has there ever been a country known as “palestine”. There was an area, which included Jordan, part of Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria, the was a British colony known as the “Palestinian Mandate”. The people you call “palestinians” are actually indigenous people to Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. None of these countries are willing to repatriate their own people.

  39. I respect this opinion as,one of the ways,of looking at this. However, let's not forget that France is still the third-largest in Jewish population – after Israel and the U.S. Holland's leftist government withits anti-Israel flavor is not a consistent representation of France, just like Obama is not a consistent representation.of the United States. That's why I don't see anything wrong with posting the French flag on Facebook.


  41. It's a situation with no clear answer. Well there are effective ones but they mostly involve genocide or something akin to mass deportation of one side or the other. No one will win until both sides can sit and discuss things like humans, not the beasts the war has turned them into. This is Palestine and Israel, or rather their people. The militants in Syria are just monsters who use that as a battle cry. I fear they are truly apathetic to anything but setting up a radicalized dictatorship on top of Iraq and Syria with little to no regard to the plight of everday Palestiniens or Israelis. You can tell the Palestiniens to stop throwing rocks, you can tell Israelis to stop building houses where they have to run over children on their daily commute, it'll fall on deaf ears because violence only begets violence. Someone has to grow up or we will self fufill some of the prophecies the books told us about.

  42. Remember there are people that love Israel in France as well, we don't punish everyone for what position political leaders may take.. We should feel for anyone that has to go through this, by the grace of God there go I.I don't want Israel to feel the people of the United States all agree with our heartless president either, many of our people support Israel.

  43. The trend is not about Israel, and is not about you. You are free to post whatever you like. The French people that died did nothing to you or your people. It is a sign of solidarity and respect. Am sure politically there are some allies that do not agree with the position of Isreal. Now is not time for that debate.

  44. The same way France terrorizes the muslim minorities inside their country. Ask them if they would rather be terrorized but this time for real by their brothers in Egypt, Syria maybe Iraq or anywhere else. Israel is the ONLY democratic state in the middle east where Arabs have 13 out of 120 sits in our parlaments…. Remind me how many sits do they have in France even though they are more than 10% of their population ?

  45. I am sorry for the French loss of life and grieving families. However, as a nation, they have made no effort to stand up for themselves throughout this refugee debacle, they have given no support to Israel or the Kurds. They have stupidly, or is it cowardice, invited all sorts of rubbish into their country. If I knew how to post flags of any sort they would be Israeli, American and Australian. I stand with Israel, hopefully an obamaless America and, hopefully, an Australia with Tony Abbott as prime minister.

  46. We sympathize with France not because they did well. In fact Europe did really bad, turn anti-Semitic more and more, take side with Palestine Arabs, criticize Israel all the time and invited in millions of Muslim immigrants…… We take stand with France and the rest of western nations because it is righteous to do so. Israel is called the righteous one, Yeshurun in Hebrew by Torah. The world let down Israel(Jewish people) badly and will continue to do so as we all expect. Israel`s battle for survival will be still lonely in terms of international governments` support, but more and more people get to acknowledge what Israel is doing is righteous. Today it is proved that Israel is the frontier of the free world in battle against barbaric Islamic terrorism. Don`t worry about France seem to take so much attention of the world. It is just vanity. The more you are on the stage, the more you are targeted.

  47. Scott the Internet uses the word troll for people like you. However, while I feel you are just a keyboard jockey who has never faced true terror and have only faced a shortage of fries at McDonald's as your most terrifying life experience, I am inclined to agree with the term "troll" in this case. Your bridge is a computer, your goats are educated and experienced people, but the end result is the same….defeat at the hands of those who cross your path. Do you hear that Scott Sproat? That's the sound of me dancing Hava Nagila across your bridge. Mazeltov!

  48. John Kinory Good question. I believe that Israel has a right to exist but I don't believe that the Star of David should be the national symbol. The State of Israel is a secular state that is causing many Jews to feel alienated from their own homeland. Me not displaying the flag is about, what I think Israel should be. The 7 branch menorah, has been the symbol of the chosen people.

  49. I whole heartedly support Isreal. I ALSO have a heart and compassion to others as well. To not share compassion is a selfish act. My heart goes out to France as much as Isreal. Here in the USA our twisted media don't report on Isreal terror attacks so many don't even know it has happend.

  50. Israel will survive and grow! The Muslims were great once…gave us astronomy and mathematics. Now they have fallen and have become goat and camel humpers . They will return to the desert from whence they came and become the dust they deserve. Allah has forsaken them.

  51. Terrence Phillip Connelly Williams, I hope you know that I support the people of France and have no problem with people putting the French flag on their profiles. It was a statement of the bias that is against Israel when they suffer violence against them continuously. And, also for the Christians that have been murdered by Bak haram and other groups that are filled with such hatred. Where is the outcry for their souls, as well.

  52. Shari Bender What He is saying is, he is posting the Israeli flag, who has long been a victim of Muslim terrorism daily, instead of the French flag. All he means is to bring recognition of the terrorism that is and has been going on toward the Israelis and no one seems to care and has the nerve to condemn Israel like it is their fault. Now, a serious attack on France and the World goes crazy-Why can't they do show the same respect for Israel. That is what the man is saying.

  53. The flag of a nation doesn’t represent its government; it represents its people! If it represented the government, I wouldn’t fly my own nation’s flag, because frankly our government has degenerated into a mockery of what it once was, and of what it was intended to be. Yes, I put the French flag filter on my profile pic. Someone yesterday complained that I shouldn’t have done so; that instead, I should have put the Israeli flag, since Israel is under constant terrorist attacks. My response was: all the hundreds of times I have posted the Israeli flag on my page, I think I’m entitled to post the French flag to support the French people after a wave of terrorist attacks killed over 170 French people.

  54. Damon D. Gremillion Ahhh a kind soul in the sea of people ready to bash me for commentary – and I see no one else was so attacked. I agree with you. I do see that the nasty comments towards me – like GO AWAY JEW have been removed from this post. Thank you to whom ever. Scott Sproat needs some class. I have had the flag of Israel on my profile more than any other this past year or 2. I also mourn for those murdered in Beirut – as they were innocents. For those at the funeral in Baghdad that were murdered …. This has nothing to do with government and everything to do owith innocents – and the innocence lost of all children growing up in this angry world we live in. I feel the worst for the children – What will the history books say of this era of evil we live in? Who will be left when there is finally peace – if we ever really have peace again? It makes me so sad 🙁

  55. yes if you would check on your American posters thousands and thousands of us support Israel on our FB pages some constantly some off and on.. i have also seen it on friends from other countries.. but i do understand where you are coming from..

  56. Support should be shown for EVERY nation attacked by terrorists — Beirut, Bangladesh, Syria, Nigeria, Israel, France, Kenya. Terrorism isn’t a war about religion or a war between the terrorists and the west. Shiv Ramdas said it best when he said terrorism is a war between the terrorists and everyone who isn’t. If you really want to show support for all nations and all people’s under attack by ISIS and other terrorists, change your profile to black for mourning rather than as the flag of a single country.

  57. For all you trying to understand how Islam can be called peaceful and violent in the same breath. This is how in a nutshell.
    They are commanded to be peaceful UNTIL they have sufficient numbers to fight and overtake those who are not Muslim.

    The Qur’an and other Muslim sources contain both peaceful and violent passages. Muslims in the West (as well as politicians and the media) generally emphasize Muhammad’s peaceful teachings, while jihadists emphasize his more violent and radical commands. Although these “two faces” of Islam may seem opposed to one another, a careful examination shows that peace and violence are separate stages of a larger Islamic program, the ultimate goal of which is the violent subjugation of non-Muslims. According to the Qur’an and the example set by Muhammad, Muslims are to adapt their message and tactics to their status in society. When Muslims are completely outnumbered and can’t possibly win a battle against non-Muslims, they are commanded to promote tolerance as a means of protecting the Muslim community. When their numbers grow sufficient for military action, Muslims are told to defend themselves, through terrorism if necessary, from both persecution and criticism. If Muslims come to dominate a society, they are ordered to subjugate the non-Muslim population actively. Because the requirements and goals of jihad are at odds with the most basic constraints of just war theory, Islam cannot be reformed without abandoning adherence to Muhammad’s commands.

  58. Tangentially, while I find it deeply important to voice educated opinions, using a Facebook gimmick to express sympathy, whether one has it or not, does not make sense to me. It seems quite narcissistic. “How can I make ‘x event’ about me? “I am showing solidarity as long as it doesn’t affect anything other than the color scheme of my fascinating profile picture.”

    I do think the article makes a strong emotional point. It is difficult not to harbor resentment when it is only ever the Jews of France who bother to show even the slightest degree of grief for what Jews in Israel deal with every day. Additionally, France has a track record of being an apologist for the people, against which it now claims, it will be “ruthless.”

  59. We in America are being forced to accept islam. There are many people here that won't accept it. I am one of those people that will neve accept islam. Is this the same for France? Is it the will of the French to accept islam, or is the government of France forcing the people to accept it. … I will stand with Israel and the Jews……

  60. Perhaps you should read the beginning of the article again. No one blamed the people who were murdered and no one said they deserved what they got. That is your inference and it is a way to ignore the blatant hypocricy that is being demonstrated by the French GOVERNMENT.
    There is no debate here Terry, there is France standing against Israel every time we are hit by the same Islamic terror ideology. I love how when Jews in Israel are slaughtered, shot and blown up, it's the perfect time for countries like france to tell Israel ti have restraint or call on Israel to make deals with the terrorists that are trying to destroy us but when France is hit…..wooooaaa!!!
    129 people were tragically murdered and France goes out on an all out offensive (justifiably so), Israel has thousands who have been killed and France actually stood with the narrative tof hose that have been murdering Jews.
    Saying alies do not agree with the position of Israel is whitewashing the fact that they stand with those that seek to destroy Israel!
    Tell me, did you see the Israeli flags in France as Israel was getting bombarded with missiles for 10 years? NO! But the PLO flag was there when Israel finally reacted!
    Innocent people were murdered and they should be respected and remembered, don't stain their name by telling me to respect France as a country or their policies towards Israel when we fight the same exact radical Islamic ideology.
    You think my response is insensitive? GOOD! Now you know exactly what I am responsiding to and how Israel feels every time France conddemned us.

  61. One thing I have learnt through the years is that relgion is one of the main causes and exscuses of killing other humans. Does it really matter if you post the French flag or not ? No it does not not,but what does matter is for all of us to stand together and fight against the extremists no matter what relgion you belive in. Most countries have also forgotten how to respect other countries borders and relgions. If we do not learn to live with each other and see each other as fellow humans rather than the relgion we as a human race will never be at peace and will only bring more death, misery and dsetruction around the world.

  62. I want to know were is the UN now, hiding like they always do, and tell us how much money we owe them,where is the money they owe us for protecting there sorry countries, no where, drop there notes so we are a debtor nation, think I am lying, check it out, and see who we signed for, and they refused to pay back loans

  63. When FB offered me to temporarily change my profile pic to the French flag I felt that this was a huge double standard and somehow devalues the horrendous and atrocious acts of terror occurring all over the world and in particular Israel who have this fear on a DAILY basis! Thank you for articulating why I felt uncomfortable in changing my profile pic. Do not get me wrong, terror is always painful and I genuinely feel for the families in France who were hit with these horrific acts of violence…. I can't help but noticing however that it is only my Jewish friends who shared the Israeli flag however and no, I did not see FB offering it to me either. A Jewish life is less valuable it seems! The world does not cry with Israel but Israel will survive regardless – Am Yisrael Chai!

  64. I support everyone who is attacked by these monsters.. My heart prays for Israel everyday. I have people I Love living in Israel, going to school in Israel. I will post the French flag on my page to support of the lives lost in France. The innocent lives. We the people live in a country right now that I do not agree with the way theu way thet are handling m embarrassed my governments disloyalty to Israel.

  65. I can't correct my ending.. My point is I will post the flag for the innocent lives lost. My heart aches for all love lost by these extreme terrorist. We do not always have a choice of what our government does. But we must not forget the lives lost. Currently my country is accepting Syrian refugees basically inviting the terrorists into our country. My hands tied when I look at the pictures of these refugees , I believe I am looking at the faces of the next group of terrorists in America. I hope that someone will still be praying for the lives lost in America as I pray for every life lost by these monsters.

  66. Michael Howell, the star of David is the symbol of the Jewish people, the menorah is a religious symbol of the holy sanctuary in the temple. I disagree with you because I am not aware of one jew who feels alienated by the symbol that defines us as a tribe. It is the unifying symbol that represents the times of the Jewish kingdom, the days of David.

  67. Myself I live in France and it's not easy to be for Israel and show it . Some like me,I'm afraid not a lot,show their support with Israel with items to wear in the street (Tshirt,necklace,bracelet with Hebrew writings) .I'm not someone important but I know that little stream make big rivers . I get in touch with many Israeli media for culture,today life ,religion etc……. Am I Jew ? Not at all unfortunately ,then why ? I don't accept injustice,even if I'm French ,because first of all ,I try to be ,and remain an human ……………………………….

  68. Actually you should read up on your facts because Israel had only given up their land in hopes of peace with their neighboring countries. Although when those countries use that land to attack Israel they took it back.
    Oh and Israel will never give up. It is our tiny state in a sea of large Muslim countries that we cultivated in to a successful democaratic country.
    People should want more middle eastern countries to follow in Israels footsteps because then the world would be a much better place for all of us. Rather than asking Israel to give up the small amount of land rightfully given to them.

  69. TL;DR
    Jonatan Nyvall 46? We have been here three thousands years ago, FYI Jordan itself is on Israeli territory, if it was up to me I'd take it all back but unfortunately others do not agree with me. You want a palestinian state? Jordan is the state you're looking for.
    "Palestinians" didn't exist before 1920 so please do get some facts right and with that being said, please do provide at least one or more proofs that such a nationality existed before the 1920. How you may ask? Perhaps a flag, a currecny, an author or anything/anyone that had an association for "Palestinians" arabs before the 20th century. If anything we, the Jews, are the Palestinians since we are the indiginous population of Provincia Palaestina Prima, which is the name given to our land by the Roman after occupying it and expelling us from our own land.
    Go read some, and you should base most if not ALL of your facts on evidence found before the 20th century, it's more reliable than the history rewritten by leftist idiots and muslims.

  70. Well, actually, I think you, Ari, said it very articulately….
    And, my question has been for years, maybe 20 or so….why does Israeli Jews have to give away land for peace…if the ideology of Islam will always be terror…and why does the world fight so hard to promote propoganda, and Israeli news tell it, honestly, and truthfully! Thank you, Israel, for being a source we can trust…and, my apologies, for all of us "goyim", who have killed, and otherwise hurt the Jewish people…God's beloved chosen. Please forgive us, for our insensitivity for the last, I don't know.,…6,000 years!!!!!

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