Photo Credit: Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen

In truth, there are so many areas of our lives that would benefit from a fresh perspective. Marriage, children, job, learning, chinuch, shidduchim – it pays to leave our comfort zone for a time and step out of our defined box with the heavy blinders.

From the perspective of the fine gentleman who equated the rabbinate with a pulpit, I was “retired.” However, if a rabbi is defined as an individual who is learning, growing, and re-evaluating, this rabbi is still very much active and engaged. In essence, I’m very much still a practicing rabbi.


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Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen is director of New York Synagogues and director of Community Engagement for Yachad at the Orthodox Union. He is the author of "We're Almost There: Living with Patience, Perseverance and Purpose" (Mosaica Press, 2016). His website is
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