Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90.
Trucks with aid arrive at the Gazan side of the Kerem Shalom border crossing in the southern Gaza Strip on Feb. 17, 2024. Much of the aid is hijacked by Hamas.

There are people on social media who spend their time claiming that American soldiers will fight and die for Israel.

Anyone who knows anything about the Biden administration also recognizes that for the joke that it is.


There are 6 Americans still held hostage in Gaza. After the Oct 7 attack, the administration was asked if it would send in a rescue force to get any of the Americans who were held hostage out then. The answer was no.

But Biden finally is sending in the troops. Not to save the hostages from Hamas, but to build a nice pier to supply aid to Hamas supporters in Gaza.

floating pier and causeway that will be used to deliver critical humanitarian aid by sea to Gaza is expected to take at least one month or possibly as long as two for the US military to build and become fully operational, Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder said on Friday.

Ryder also said the construction of the pier and causeway will likely require as many as 1,000 US military personnel to complete.

Are any of those personnel going to be in danger?

Official word from the administration is that there will be no ‘boots on the ground’, just in the water. That’s borderline meaningless. And it’s not just Hamas there. The Houthis and Hezbollah have taken to lobbying rockets around and the presence of a sizable contingent of vulnerable U.S. personnel will draw them like flies.

Two months is a whole lot of time in which to plan and execute an attack.

Biden has sent 0 troops to rescue the hostages from Hamas, but he’s sending 1,000 into a war zone to provide aid to Hamas supporters.

He’s also refused to use the military to secure our border by ending the flow of migrant invaders across it.

But once again, Biden has found a way to use the military to aid our enemies. He won’t use the military to protect America, but he’ll use it to send aid to Hamas.

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