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JewishIsrael is pleased to see that a growing number of concerned columnists across the religious and political divide are covering the severity of the missionary problem in Israel.  Writers such as Diane Bederman and Donny Fuchs have persevered despite the controversy and unpleasant challenges that come with exploring territory which is deemed “untouchable” in an era marked by Israel’s enormous dependence on evangelical Christian support.


Sacrificing principles which are fundamental to Judaism, Jewish identity and Jewish continuity should not be done in the name of “democracy”, “tolerance” or” freedom of religion and expression”. This is an issue all Jews can agree on regardless of political views or degree of religious observance.

Signs of Jewish Unity and Mutual Respect

Having had a blog post removed last week by the Times of Israel (TOI), due to personal objections by Israeli evangelical/messianic attorney Calev Myers, didn’t intimidate Diane Bederman. She immediately resumed her bold and determined pursuit of the truth with a new article, again critical of Myers. This time TOI saw fit to keep it online.

Although not Torah observant, Bederman, a hospital-trained chaplain who respectfully deals with people of all faiths, is championing the rights of Jews to be free from those Christians (a.k.a. missionaries and messianic Jews) who are trying to re-define Judaism and “who feel free to tell us who and how to believe.”

Donny Fuchs, who is Torah Observant, cited Bederman’s altercation with TOI in his most recent article in the Jewish Press, asserting that, “the problem arises when someone tries to articulate or defend a Torah position that veers from the politically correct road.”

What is it About the Evangelical Agenda that Makes Jews Across the Political Spectrum Recoil?

Rachel Tabachnick writes lengthy research articles which are critical of the “Religious Right” in America. Her recent article deals with the highly controversial Republican National Committee (RNC) trip to Israel under the sponsorship of the American Family Association (AFA).

A number of liberal journalists frequently incorporate their political and social slant into their critique of “pro-Israel” evangelicals. This causes a lot of us pro-Israelis to dismiss their articles and reports. More often than not, it is difficult to discern whether certain liberal Jewish journalists may have an innate and sincere (albeit subdued) concern about the future of Judaism, the Jewish people and Israel, behind their calculated swipe at the evangelical Christian agenda.

Yet Tabachnick’s research is as intriguing as it is startling, and we suggest that our readership scroll down her recent article and read the sub-section titled “INOCULATING CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM WITH CHRISTIAN ZIONISM”.

What some Torah observant bloggers label as “Esauvian” (our sages connect biblical Esau and Edom to modern Christian Western civilization), secular liberal journalists perceive as aggressive “Christian supremacy” or “Charismatic dominionism” and “Christian triumphalism”. Could it be that Jewish writers on both sides of the divide are intuitively sensing the same thing?

 When the Agenda Gets in the Way

Another report has been published by the very left-leaning research institute Molad and the main findings were recently reported in a feature newscast on Israel’s Channel 2. JewishIsrael was contacted several months ago by the researcher who is responsible for the Molad report.  At the time she presented herself as a student doing research and we urged her to steer clear of politics when reporting on the evangelical-Israel relationship. Once political cards and leveraging enter the picture, an ulterior agenda is exposed which can unfortunately overshadow or nullify any authentic concern for Judaism, the Jewish people and the integrity of Eretz Yisrael.

The issue of increasing fundamental Christian influence in Israel should be of worry to every Jew concerned with the continuity of Judaism. This is an issue which should unify the Diaspora and Israeli communities rather than cause divisions along political and religious lines. JewishIsrael encourages thinking Jewish writers and activists to honestly explore this very challenging problem via a Jewish perspective, which requires putting partisan politics aside and prioritizing the survival of Israel as a unique Jewish nation.



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JewishIsrael takes a critical look at Israel’s alliances with Fundamentalist Christian groups, and provides a platform for ongoing monitoring and pro-active responses to evangelical missionary campaigns targeting the Jewish people.


  1. Limiting the rights of internationally backed missionaries with large populations funding them skews the idea of freedom of religion. Missionaries frequently pray on the poor, the sick and the down and out, helping them out of their crises in order to gain their loyalty to the agenda they have foisted on them. That is not freedom of religion but gamesmanship, analogous to multinational foundations giving large contributions to influence election campaigns in countries such as Israel.

  2. Xians should not be allowed to proselytize in Israel. But then, why the exclusive focus on "evangelical" Xians? The ancient churches in Israel (the most anti-Semitic in the world), the moslems, the bahai, the druze…all should be expelled and will be in a Halakhic Torah state (unless they meet the criteria of gerei-toshav). It is forbidden to allow idol worshipers to settle in 'Eretz HaQodesh. This applies to ALL idol worshipers, not just to the one group it is safe to attack.

  3. that is the non-Muslim (often English speaking) world and its record concerning Jews, does Harris know of the time England held Jews captive in London from 1252AD to 1255? Certainly he knows that England excluded Jews for 400 years from its territory? Does Harris know of the 500,000-600,000 files on families and individuals seeking refuge within Britain with only 80,000 Jewish refugees receiving admition during WWII? Does he know that after November, 1938 England no longer played a major roll in rescuing Jews from continental Europe? Does Harris know that without Pearl Harbor being attacked by an Axis Power a world away from Europe that there is no proof concentration camps would ever been liberated? What of the massive 1947 Liverpool riots when the British Empire was suffering an emerging Israel where bombings and hangings of British personnel were in the headlines? All bigots, or a problem with Zionism? Does Harris know that the bias utilized by Adolf Hitler came from the United States of America and Victorian England? (Yes, Stanford President David Starr Jordan originated the notion of "race and blood" in his 1902 racial epistle "Blood of a Nation). Does Harris know during the 1920s, the politically neutral Rockefeller Foundation played a major role in establishing and sponsoring major eugenic institutions in Germany? Does Harris know that in 1935 Hitler thanked Leon Whitney of the American Eugenics Society for sending him a copy of “The Case for Sterilization,” a 1934 book that promoted sterilization to protect, "Anglo-Saxon America”? Does Harris think Jews, anymore than Catholics, were inclusive of the Klu Klux Klan's America? Does Harris know Winston Churchill advocated eugenics in the 1910 British Parliament? Does Harris know Chaim Weizmann, president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine and later Israel's first president claimed that Jews "have proved they are an insoluble element" in European society? And Weizmann's concern for Jews caught in WWII war camps? In a 1938 speech given by Chaim Weizmann, “Palestine cannot absorb the Jews of Europe. We want only the best of Jewish youth to come to us. We want only the educated to enter Palestine for the purpose of increasing its culture. The other Jews will have to stay where they are and face whatever fate awaits them. These millions of Jews are dust on the wheels of history and they may have to be blown away. We don’t want them pouring into Palestine. We don’t want Tel Aviv to become another low-grade ghetto.”
    Does Harris know that Uri Avery (Knesset member from 1965-74 and from 1979-'81) has said recently, that
    'Anti-Semitism is an integral part of European culture". Or when Avery stated that arriving Jews to Palestine are less Semitic than the Arabs being supplanted? Does Harris know that 100 years ago that Israel front man Ben Gurion solicited Jamaal 'The Butcher' Pasha for Ottoman residency and a place in his Ottoman army to fight Britain?
    But besides the rough road between Jews and the non-Muslim world, what am I to think about Bibi Netanyahu's anticipated speech Stateside if Israel itself obtained nuclear defense by theft? Not even Winston Churchill desired Israel to have an atomic bomb, yet the American press mentions nothing of Israel's own deviant dance and games to attain atomic defense during the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon terms. Iran knows nuclear defense can be obtained contrary to America's will. Why? Because Israel set an example.

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