I used to dream of a poster child for the organization I founded – MATCKH (Mothers Against Teaching Children to Kill and Hate). Someone who could put it on the map like Madonna has done for Kabbalah.

I had the perfect image. He would be a man whose ideal suicide mission would be to ram a plane into the twin towers, and who as a child had been bred on a viciously anti-Semitic, hate filled curriculum that produces six-year-old children who idealistically chant “I will blow myself up at the gates of Jerusalem.” And now, having repented, he would point his finger at this educational culprit as the root cause of all the evil being perpetrated by fundamentalist Islamists on Jews, Christians and American interests around the world today.


Wishful thinking? Not really, it turns out.

I started MATCKH in 1998, with the encouragement and support of my dear friend Irene Klass, publisher of The Jewish Press. Even in the midst of the euphoria of Oslo, it was hard to believe that most of the media were ignoring the smoking gun that was the Palestinians’ hate-filled educational system.

At the time, skepticism and disbelief were followed by accusations that Jewish textbooks were surely replete with the same venom and that we, members of MATCKH, were just stooges for the Israeli propaganda machine. Through the years (and with the help of former senator Connie Mack of Florida) we made contact with Palestinian Arab mothers and tried to encourage them, even promising them anonymity and fake identities, to step up and decry the travesty and child abuse that constituted their children’s education. But they were afraid for their lives.

It seemed like a hopeless dream to find anyone willing to risk his or her life to expose this dangerously vile educational system.

Who could have imagined that such a person would materialize at Columbia University, in the Alfred Lerner Cinema, presenting his case to about 100 students? It was just one stop on a worldwide tour, including campuses like Harvard Law School, Yeshiva University, Concordia, and UCLA and to communities in London, Dublin and Chile.

An Omar Sharif look-alike, straight out of central casting, fluent in Arabic and English, a Muslim who had converted to Christianity, Walid Shoebad fit the bill perfectly. A made-to-order poster child, willing to share the horrid story of his brainwashed youth and his terrorist past with any audience that would hear him.

Walid was born a Muslim in Beit Sahour outside of Bethlehem. His grandfather was the Muslim mukhtar (chieftain) and a friend of the Nazi ally, Haj-Amin Al-Husseini, grand mufti of Jerusalem and a friend of Adolf Hitler.

As a religious Muslim who grew up hating Jews, the first song he learned in school was “Arabs are our beloved and Jews are dogs.”

“I used to wonder who the Jews were,” he says, but he repeated the words with the other youngsters without any knowledge of the meaning. He was imbued with the prophecy of Mohammed, which foretold a battle in which the Holy Land would be recaptured and the Jews slaughtered en masse.

He says he “can still see the graffiti I used to pass on my way to school each day – ‘The day of judgment shall not come to pass until a tribe of Muslims defeats a tribe of Jews’; ‘I will knock on the gates of Heaven with the skulls of Jews.’ ”

As a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, he was imprisoned for acts of terror he perpetrated against Israel. After his release his parents, fearing he would carry out his wish to die a martyr, sent him to the United States, where his American mother’s grandfather was the mayor of Eureka in Humboldt County, California.


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Molly Resnick, a former NBC TV News producer, is a popular international lecturer and motivational speaker. She can be reached at mollymres@gmail.com.


  1. To be more accurate they are blood related through Hitlers mother. She was from Tikrit, Iraq who also was of Jewish ancestors through Y Rabin. Including Saddam Hussein. Hitler had plenty of body doubles just like Saddam. Who knows where either is hiding.

  2. I met his family on tour in Iraq and saw the family photo album which included yasser Arafat. Made copies of the photos and sent one set to the national archives, Hoole library at the university of Alabama and one to the Israeli foreign ministry. It’s on file. Hitler grandfather was of Austrian and Germanic descendants. 205-348-1800 and someone will transfer you to the library. Bs that.

  3. Because of the murdering savage muslims, the crusades occurred!! This history of hate and vengeance goes all the way back to the child of Promise-Yitzchak / Issac and the child of bondage- Ishmael !! Hasn’t changed and it won’t !!

  4. Hitler was raised Catholic. However the Nazis gave training and material support to the Arabs as nd many Arab leaders were admirers of Hitler. It should be no surprise that a lot of the lies they use against Jews and Israel are just recycled Nazi propaganda.

  5. We live in a world of wonderful possibilities, while they aren’t guarantees they are of course your vision into a possible future and if enough people add their energy to that then shared vision it then becomes a distinct possibility and evolves through focused action into a collective reality… Don’t give up on your possibilities… Blessed be

  6. Neeta, Christianity doesn’t set you free when it’s forced upon you, while the people who bring it to you tell you that you’re subhuman, while they rape you and steal your resources, while they force their language upon you and then still use their special Christianity to enslave you and be racist towards you :/ do you know that Apartheid in South Africa was protected and promoted by Christian churches? The South African govt of that time even used biblical scripture to explain why people of colour are inherently and physically created by God as slaves? Do you know how many people today are encouraged to give their entire salary to their church? Do you know how many people catch on , fornicating, taking drugs, getting drunk the whole week and then sit in church on Sunday morning, hungover? And they’re not in church because they want to be. They’re in church because their family wants it or society will talk if they’re not there. They weren’t thinking about that when they were busy being “free” outside the church.

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