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North Judean Hills, Israel.

All along this has been the modus operandi of the Palestinian-Arabs and their supporters.  They have fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians; committed shootings, stonings and bombings; and incited hatred and violence among the Palestinian-Arab population.  Outside of the region they seek to defame or delegitimize Israel or punish Israel economically.  This onslaught has been incessant. Hardly the ingredients for “peace.”

A major conference taking place in Philadelphia on March 28 and 29 by supporters of the Palestinian-Arabs looks to perpetuate the attacks rather than end them.


Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA) is staging “The Role of the US in Israel-Palestine: Current Realities and Creative Responses” at the American Friends Service Committee (the Quakers) headquarters in Center City Philadelphia.  FOSNA is a support arm of a radical Christian Palestinian-Arab group based in Jerusalem called Sabeel.

Sabeel is a stew of Christian liberation theology and replacement theology that politicizes religion to advance a political agenda.  In this case, that agenda is an end to the Israel we know and love; an Israel that serves as a vital ally to America.

Rather than truly seeking ways to co-exist or to build up a normal Palestinian-Arab society, FOSNA has assembled a roster of Israel haters and antagonists to present discussions and workshops geared toward delegitimizing and defaming Israel, hurting the Jewish state economically and eroding support for Israel – particularly among American Christians.

Based on a conference schedule posted on its Web site, the FOSNA conference will encourage the termination of American military aid to Israel; recast “the Israel-Palestine conflict as a civil rights struggle, with parallels to South Africa and the American South;” seek to increase anti-Israel activities on campuses; and promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.  FOSNA believes that the mainstream media is not already biased against Israel and thus will discuss strategies to make it more unfavorable to Israel, and to turn more Christians against Israel.

According to its Web site, conference sponsors include: Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel, American Friends Service Committee (Quakers), the Catholic Peace Fellowship, the Philadelphia Coalition for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Jews for a Just Peace, and the Peacemaking Committee of the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

To the Jewish community, the lack of a consistent position regarding Israel within Christianity can be confusing.  Groups including Friends of Israel (founded in 1938), Christians United For Israel (founded about a decade ago) and smaller groups such as Delaware’s Olive Tree Ministries are fervently pro-Israel, while other Christians such as the Quakers and “Main Line” Protestant denominations have been antagonistic toward Israel.  This divide is as old as the modern State of Israel itself.

When the State of Israel declared its independence in 1948, many Palestinian-Christian clergymen abandoned the Hebrew Bible because they believed it was too Zionist.  In an effort to reclaim it for their people, they replaced the Israelites with Palestinians in the narrative.  For example, instead of adhering to the biblical context of the Exodus, they supplant that with an interpretation of the Palestinian-Arabs going to the Knesset, saying: “Let my people go!”

“Palestinian Liberation Theology” takes interpretive liberties with the biblical accounts and prophecies of the Hebrew Bible in order to mold it to specific political and theological agendas.  It maintains that certain Torah passages are outdated and irrelevant, claiming they reveal a primitive way of understanding G-d’s revelation to man.  A majority of these “irrelevant” sections often involve G-d’s promise to give or return the Jewish people to their land.

“Palestinian Liberation Theology” is still considered fringe within mainstream Christianity.  Its proponents wish to advance the cause of the Palestinian Christians, who desire to create a Palestinian state.  The impetus for the movement stems from “Replacement Theology,” a faulty method of biblical interpretation that claims the church has replaced the role of Israel in the Bible.  Denominations that commonly hold to “Replacement Theology” to a degree include some Catholics, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and Methodists.



  1. Go back to the desert from were you came. The land belongs to Israel since 4000 years. It looks that you are analphabet therefore you are speaking in good faith. If you have studied you should know the truth. Therefore stop speaking COGLIONATE COGLIONE. The last two words are italian language. Look for somebody to translate. By by

  2. I think we know who is seeking peace. The Israelis have given over and over again. Abbas wants all of Israel. He is not seeking peace. Shalom my fellow Israelis. I continue to pray for wisdom and safety for your leaders, the IDF, my people and the land of G_D. He could have chosen anyplace in His whole wide world…He chose Israel with Jerusalem as her capital. Written in stone. Shabbat Shalom!

  3. This group has nothing to do with Christianity. G.D have grafted Christian in to his tree, as a foreign branch, but Jews being the natural branch, any thing is anti Israel is anti G.D and anti Christ.

    G.D promised this land to Israel in a everlasting covenant, and you tried to undo G.D work? You writing is soon on the wall! Congratulations !

  4. Strange!! GOD Gave That Land To Abraham Isaac And Jacob And Their Decendents thousands of years ago. King David Bought the Temple Mount For the First Temple to be built. It was Build by his Son Solomon!! WHERE Were the Palestinians during these thousands of years?? GOD NEVER GOES BACK ON HIS WORD NO MATTER WHAT.

  5. ,Sabeel is a total Fruitcake. He, like so many of his Cult, are Part of the Muslim Religion. However it really isn’t Muslim. It’s the Reemergence of the Old Saturnalian Religion, which Rome worshipped, to the Religion of the Planet Saturn, which worships the Black Cube, like theirs exactly in Mecca. Lucifer visited that Cube in 2008, and after he did, Mecca was flooded. Obamanation is using American Tax Dollars to not just widen it, but to restore Mecca. American’s are being duped, by a follower of that horrid lying Religion. He sits in the Oval Office. They can’t see it taking their Land. Saturn Cars, Wallstreet’s Black Cube, and many others have given in to Luciferianism, and they don’t even realize it happening, under the guise of a liar. Get out, while you still can. Now you know the Truth. Only one place is safe. It’s where this foolish person, who wrote against it curses. Generally, if some people curse a place, they are entirely wrong, and it’s right. This is that case. That film of Lucifer is . On YouTube, as “Angel in Mecca 2008.” It’s poor quality, but there are two or three of it on Internet. One Color one is a little easier to see. Also Mecca flooded is on the Internet too. This is No Joke. The ones about “Saturn Religion” lie, as Jewish Tefillin has nothing to do with the Saturn Religion. Moses told us to wear them, and originally they were Round, not Cubes. But, what can you expect from Satan, other than constant lying? It seems this fellow bought their Lies. I didn’t. He’s still a Fruitcake. I . Use that term, because the y pander to ties with some Christians to get sympathy. They are a Nachash.

  6. While my comments my not matter, and while I know my Jewish friends will disagree with me. My Bible tells me to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. That I do almost everyday. I don't know how far we are from the "END OF TIME" as we know it, but we are closer than we have ever been before. One thing I do know according to the WORD of God, Jesus is coming one day, and all world will know who He is. The fight over Jerusalem will end, and the true God of heaven will win.

  7. I am surprised that these christian organizations have forgotten that G-d said of Israel "He kept him (Israel) as the apple His eye. This seems to me to be quiet clear. (Deut 32:10)

  8. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The Arab terrorists calling themselves "Palestinians" are not seeking peace and don't want peace. What they are is the annihilation of all Jews so that they can fight among themselves for the land….

  9. Hi, Denny. This is my 4th attempt to reply to you, my comment keeps getting wiped off the screen as I reach my concluding reference to our Jewish "Ani Mamin" prayer which expresses the belief "with perfect faith" in the coming of the Messiah, which were among the last words uttered by our true martyrs, the 6 million murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. Surely you recall that Jesus was a Jewish teacher who taught basic Judaism. He wasn't trying to start another religion, his apostles did that! Our Torah, the Jewish Bible often referred to as the "Old Testament", & more appropriately to quote my mentor, Rabbi Neil Brief, as the "First Testament", was not supposed to be added on to, according to our interpretation of G-d on High's expectation of us. Anyway, may all of us people of good will continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem & peace on earth among & between all peoples, the true & lasting kind which fulfills a key prophecy of Isaiah for the coming of the Messiah!

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