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In the Middle East, children are being used by the adults who should be caring for them to turn them into jihadist weapons to conquer the world — sometimes with bombs strapped onto them to kill their perceived enemies. Children are given gun training to learn how to kill Jews, and are told that dying for the sake of jihad is the highest honor and the only guarantee to go to heaven. If these are not abuses of the human rights of the child, what is? In the elementary school we attended in Gaza, the political and cultural agenda of the Arab world was pushed down our throats in effectively every subject.

American children today are also suffering from adult agendas shoved down their throats: the environmental agenda, the feminist agenda, the gay agenda, the Islamist agenda, the class-envy agenda, the racial-divide agendas, the animal-rights agenda, ad infinitum. What people in the West fail to see is that they, too, are using their children as weapons: as tools to bring about social, cultural and political change, often to destroy the American system as we know it and replace it with a new America that the popular culture and many Americans seem so desperate to accomplish.


Experiments in child rearing do not only happen in ignorant third world countries, where people do not know better. My daughter came home from high school asking which topic to pick for an essay she was asked to write. The topics were: suicide, mass murder, or being bullied and oppressed because you are gay or from a certain race or national background. When I suggested “none of the above,” her answer was that this was the list the teacher given.

Boys are told that what was once considered normal boy play. Roughhousing, has now become a crime, bullying. Girls are encouraged to perceive themselves as victims of men and marriage and to feel hurt about it.

The American political and social divides are trickling down to our schools and placing horrific pressure on our kids. In divorces, the father watches his kids taken away from him while the mother is told she can do everything on her own without a father. In political and cultural divisions, adults are also acting like hostile, divorcing parents tearing their kids apart during custody battles. As in the Middle East, where kids are unintentionally hurt for political, social and psychological experimentation, in America we are also usurping their innocence.

Adam Lanza, mentally ill or not, may not have had to end the way he did. He lacked fear of authority while living in the isolation of a large home with a mother desperate to please him by taking him shooting, buying assault weapons, guns and ammunition for a son she knew was not well. This mother was told by the popular culture that she could replace the father in her son’s life and that the son would not feel any difference whether the father’s activities were done by the father or her. This poor mother told her friends she was trying to bond with her 20-year-old son — what she unfortunately did not know was that this is an age when young men hate to be seen with their mothers.

American culture has hurt women, children and the family structure by telling women they could do everything, by telling men they are disposable and by telling girls that motherhood and marriage are unnecessary.

In the larger picture, the American epidemic of mass gun shootings by young men could be a cry for help by several generations of American kids who have suffered under decades of experimentation and indoctrination in our public schools. It could also be a cry for help by American single mothers, who are told they can take the role of both men and women in the family including the difficult task of raising young boys to adulthood alone. Women need a break; kids need fathers as much as they need mothers. They also need the traditional extended family relations: the nurturing grandmother, the funny uncle or aunt, cousins. It is time for America to end the self-righteous pressure on our kids to change America.

Originally published at the Gatestone Institute.


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Nonie Darwish, President of Former Muslims United and author "The Devil We Don't Know"


  1. Very good piece of what used to be known as common sense. The problem is that we as a society have allowed people with bitter agendas to dominate all spheres of influence. Though I do not believe that any singular movement has it entirely in their hands there is a disturbing set of common causes amongst them all that make the entire thing move in concert. The destruction of 'Judeo/Christian' family values and moral structures is the declared goal of a number of disparate groups from New Age Esoterics through to extremists forms of almost all contemporary philosophies and think tanks. The destruction of childhood is a key area of many of these charters. It is mostly evinced through issues of rights or the extended philosophies of sexual liberation. Look at what is happening to sex education now. Ever younger and ever more graphic, complex and broader themes. Underpinning this is the constant 'scientific' mantra that we are no more than a cosmic accident. That we are no more than the urges that drive us and the only point to existence is that we obey whatever urge is shouting loudest. Take away the Creator. Take away ultimate authority and existence beyond physical death and what do you get? And they keep trying to say that belief in God is evil. They need to look out and see the real world sometime.

  2. Well stated! It seems everytime a school shooting happens, the media are quick to shift the narrative to guns and gun control. We never hear the government condemn Hollywood for the steady diet of violence and gore, becoming more and more realistic each year that our children are exposed to on a daily basis. But more importantly, we never hear about the generations of children being raised by single mothers. Instead we see Hollywood extolling it by glamorizing the pregnancies of single movie stars, and portraying divorce as a good thing; and, we see government only too happy to step in and provide these young, unwed mothers a steady income courtesy of taxpayers. Our society has created millions of potentially angry gunmen, some of whom may one day go on their own killing spree.

  3. Today I watched on C-Span a press conference held by the NRA in response to last weeks school shooting incident in Connecticut. The NRA suggested that every school should be equipped with professional armed guards in order to stop shootings from taking place. Immediately following the NRA press conference, Democrat U.S. Senator Diane Feinstien and Richard Blumenthal held a press conference of their own, sharply criticizing the NRA but thought assault weapons should be banned. But while banning assault weapons may hinder the ability of the shooter from getting off as many rounds of bullets, it would not stop the perpetrator from killing people. Even in last weeks incident people still would have been killed but not as many. To me, the goal should not be to merely limit casualties but eliminate them completely. Whether we like it or not, I believe the NRA is right. This is one of those problems where we may not like answers but they must be done in order to safeguard lives. Of course it would be better not to have to do this but I believe in this situation, it's what needs to be done. I would rather have guards than twenty children and six adults dead right now. But, then I was thinking for all those who are so eager to jump down Israel's throat, these situations have been going on for years. Perhaps, people will stop and understand all the security issues Israel has to face everyday because of over zealous, fanatical Arabs. The school issue is nothing, Israel has to consider every move they make. Wouldn't it be nice if no one had to confront issues of hatred and violence , yes, it would. But, the reality is that the world is a violent place with a lot of angry people. We can't wish problems away, we have to confront them even if we don't like the answers. I hope incidents like these will be a wake up call to my fellow Americans, Europe, and anywhere else, to understand what Israel is subjected to and to start placing the blame for issues where they belong, squarely on the shoulders of the Arabs.

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