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Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Israel is up against both a terrorist, guerilla war and an international war which is funding chaos and barbarism over and above the forces of enlightenment and lawful order.

Israel is also up against a regional melt-down in which Muslims are stabbing, shooting, be-heading, enslaving, and exiling infidels (Christians and Yazidis) and the “wrong” kind of Muslims. Utter lawlessness has been set loose in the Arab, Muslim world. At this moment in history, the Jews cannot expect to be viewed as somehow more important than millions of non-Jewish and non-Israeli victims in the region. The ethical bar has been lowered, life is cheap, blood is flowing. Thus, a season in Hell is upon us.


In addition, Israel also faces Iran, a potential Super-Power, a country with clear genocidal intent towards Israel—a country with which European businessmen have avidly been doing business even before the invisible ink is dry on the non-treaty, non-deal, lift-the-sanctions deal.

Also, events have escalated so rapidly that neither civilians nor governments have been able to keep abreast of the facts. Europe is being literally flooded with a criminal underclass of Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Eritrea, Somalia, etc. who behave towards each other and towards Europeans precisely as the highly indoctrinated Palestinian civilian-terrorists behave towards each other and towards Israelis.

Criminal gangs run the refugee camps in Europe. They kill each other, rape infidel and Muslim women and children—and then destroy European property and European lives. I have recently received urgent reports from allies in Sweden and Germany. Only now, have the police and governments begun to talk about the necessity of restoring law and order in their own countries, arresting and trying criminals, and then deporting them back to their countries of origin after they have served their sentences.

We are well past the midnight hour in terms of soliciting world understanding and support. The Jewish-American funding dollar has mainly gone toward propping up the various Jewish-American Empires (the ADL, the Federations, Hillel) whose huge staff overheads have turned being Jewish into something of a cutthroat, competitive industry. That is not necessarily the problem; the fact that they are all risk-aversive, non-collaborative, and delusional in their left/liberal thinking constitutes an even larger problem.

Given this diabolical, global scenario, thinking outside the box, in daring and creative ways is very important.

This is the moment in which articles, cartoons, music videos, theatrical clips, university lectures, addresses to government bodies—beamed in by satellite, hacked into anti-Israel sites—should bombard the West—“infomercials” which visually compare the criminal refugees in European funded camps/shelters/homes to the criminal Palestinian terrorists. Bring it on home, make clear to Europeans what Israel alone has been up against, a fate which formerly indifferent or complicit Europeans now themselves face. Bring it on home to Israelis that what they are up against is also a global disaster of major proportions.

In terms of pre-empting the Orwellian Palestinian propaganda photos: Why not dress IDF soldiers as civilians (with some insignia which all IDF troops can recognize? Why not “arm” some troops with keffiyyehs? In addition to the usual weapons, why not also arm some IDF troops with clubs, knives, cinder blocks, and large rocks? At the very least, it will confuse the photo-op but more important, it may confuse the enemy.

Why not arm every single Israeli civilian for the duration? And while we’re at it, why not speed up the development of the Israeli gas and oil discoveries? These resources will be needed.

World War Three is well underway. As before, there are still people who are strolling arm-in-arm on Unter den Linden, attending the ballet in Moscow, the opera in Beijing, Broadway musicals in New York City. No crime. Well-shielded people will always carry on as usual for as long as they can. But warriors and leaders are obliged to think ahead.

Noah Beck just sent me his novel The Last Israelis. I have been reading it non-stop. He imagines a scenario in which Iran destroys Israel and the “last Israelis” are manning an Israeli nuclear submarine and must decide whether or not to strike Iran in retaliation. It is a gripping thriller, designed to wake us up, to force us to grapple with our own worst fears.

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Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D is an emerita professor of Psychology, a Fellow at the Middle East Forum, the author of thousands of articles, four studies about honor killing and sixteen books, including “The New Anti-Semitism,” “An American Bride in Kabul," and “Living History: On The Front Lines for Israel and the Jews, 2003-2015.” She archives her articles and may be reached through her website: