Photo Credit: Oren Ben Hakoon / POOL.
The Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem

Democracy is when a society is ruled by officials it elects. Tyranny is when a society is ruled by those it did not elect. Such non-elected tyrants could be kings, or juntas, or run-of-the-mill dictators. In Israel today, those tyrants are in our judiciary.
Currently our nation is ruled, not by our elected officials in the Knesset or our elected Prime Minister, but by the non-elected members of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s office.

The checks and balances upon the judiciary that Anglos are used to from their countries of origin, are absent here in Israel. This has led to an unchecked and unbalanced Israeli judiciary, with a consequent abuse of judicial power.


Since Israel’s judiciary is largely a left-wing cabal, its abuse of power is supported by strident leftists in the mainstream media and by the extremist left-wing minority of the Israeli public. But an increasing majority of moderate Israelis is opposed to this judicial tyranny. I am among them, and I, as a member of the Religious Zionist Knesset list, will help put a stop to it by pursuing the following set of policies and legislation:

-Enacting the Override Clause – The court has abandoned its core mission and has instead taken up political issues, far beyond its legitimate purview. Only the Override Clause will result in the necessary reform of the Supreme Court, and return legislative authority to elected officials and remove it from the hands of the Supreme Court. Today, with no Override Clause, the Court controls and subordinates the elected officials. Our goal is to restore the appropriate relations between the branches of government as it was before Aharon Barak’s revolution in 1991. Only after the enactment of the Override Clause can we address other issues such as the draft law, infiltrators and more.

-Splitting the role of Attorney General into three – Israel’s Attorney General currently has three different functions, granting him excessive power and, in effect, turning him into to the prime minister. Therefore, the position must be split into three: Legal Adviser, Attorney General, and State Representative in the Courts.

– Changing the method of selecting judges – In most democracies, judges are appointed by elected officials. Unfortunately in Israel, it is currently just a matter of being a friend of a friend. That has to stop, and public hearings conducted by elected officials have to be part of the judicial selection process.

– Immunity of Knesset members – This will return to the status quo before 2005. Immunity of Knesset members will only be revoked by a Knesset vote.

This set of policies and legislation will re-establish the checks and balances upon Israel’s judiciary that are necessary for Israel to become a more successful, better functioning democracy. By voting for the Religious Zionist list and putting me in the Knesset, you can make this happen.

It is no dream. It is simply a matter of voting for democracy and Religious Zionism.


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Simcha Rothman is a candidate for the Knesset with the Religious Zionist party.