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In an interview with Breitbart Radio on Saturday presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee made a comment for which he received much criticism:

This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in American history. It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven,” Huckabee said.

On Sunday Democrats practically tripped over their underwear as they rushed to criticize Huckabee.


Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) who is also head of the DNC, called on Huckabee to apologize:

“This rhetoric, while commonplace in today’s Republican presidential primary, has no place in American politics,” Wasserman Schultz said, according to CNN. “Cavalier analogies to the Holocaust are unacceptable. Mike Huckabee must apologize to the Jewish community and to the American people for this grossly irresponsible statement.”

Schultz wasn’t alone:

The National Jewish Democratic Council said in a statement, “Republicans have fallen over themselves to speak out against Donald Trump’s outrageous rhetoric on immigration and veterans. Will they now do the same and speak out against this unacceptable attack against President Obama that smears the memory of Holocaust victims … or will they stand by in silence and implicit approval?”

And of course the ADL weighed in on Huckabee’s statement:

I happen to agree with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, cavalier analogies to the Holocaust are unacceptable, in the past I have criticized both Republican Randy Weber (R-TX), and Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) for caviler and inappropriate holocaust analogies.

But I also believe that Governor Huckabee’s analogy was not caviler but was very appropriate.

The Iran deal leaves Israel under the threat of a nuclear holocaust. At best it allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons in ten years.  If it cheats the weapons will be built earlier.   Since Iran has threatened to destroy Israel over and over again during the past decade, yes this deal may lead to the death of the 8.3 million people living in Israel. Or to put it another way the P5+1 deal will “take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”

What is not appropriate is the way the news covered the reactions to the former governor’s statement.  Obviously, Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s criticism is based on the fact he is a highly partisan supporter of President Obama who puts party politics before the interests of America or Israel. This is a woman who went across the country in 2012 repeating the lie that Obama was good for Israel. I doubt highly that the DNC Chair read the agreement, because if she did it’s weakness would motivate her to have a different position.

Where were all these protectors of the holocaust when Jim Clyburn compared the tea party positions to Nazi propaganda?  Where were they when John Kerry warned that Israel was going to become an apartheid state? I can tell you where they were sitting on their hands doing absolutely nothing.

The National Jewish Democratic Council (which supports the Iran deal) is Jewish in name only. Rather than an organization which supports the combination of Democratic Party and Jewish values it is simply a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party talking points. The next time the NJDC disagrees with the Obama administration will be the first.

But ever since Abe Foxman has taken over the group has abandoned its mission to fight anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, and is using its donated tax-free funds to concentrate on a political agenda.

For example, while most were questioning the President’s confusing announcement about going after ISIS last September, like the good soldier he is Abe Foxman praised it:

In President Obama’s announcement of a wider campaign to stop the growing threat from ISIS, he set down a marker to all terrorist organizations: Threaten the United States, and the United States will take action. While this operation will be complex and difficult, U.S. leadership in countering this force for terror and instability is essential.

The ADL added its voice because ever since the now retired Abe Foxman took over the ADL it regularly strays from its mission to worship the golden calf of progressive politics. Below are some examples:

  • Supported Partial Birth and other forms of Abortion. In 2008, urging both parties to adopt a pro-choice stance in their presidential platforms. I wonder if Abe Foxman realizes that not all Jews support the ADL’s pro-choice position.
  • Before Chuck Hagel was appointed to Defense Secretary position they strongly opposed his selection. Once Obama named Hagel they tamed their words considerably.
  • Advocates for Gay Marriage. Remember in NY CD#9 when many Orthodox Jews voted against the Democrat because he voted for the New York State Gay Marriage Bill? Well Abe Foxman’s ADL couldn’t care less.
  • Issued a “White Paper” promoting the progressive’s negative PR spin about the Tea Party movement. They said the Tea Party was part of the “New Rage in America”
  • Refused to recognize the anti-Semitism present within Occupy Wall Street, until Andrew Breitbart’s embarrassed them into making a statement.

And there are many other examples. In a rare nod to its mission of protecting the Jewish people, the ADL opposes the Iran Deal, but because it hates anything/anyone who doesn’t have a progressive agenda it took the opportunity to criticize Huckabee.

There is only one thing wrong with Huckabee’s statement.  As an observant Jew and a blogger, I am very upset I did not come up with the “take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven” statement before he did.

Note: I am not a supporter of Huckabee or any other presidential candidate. While there may be an endorsement of one of the sweet sixteen GOP candidates in the future, to be honest I haven’t even begun to think about which GOP candidate to support.



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