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Due to the incredible numbers of singles looking for matches, professional shadchanim are unfortunately overwhelmed with clients. They are simply unable to return or even answer the many calls.

Yismach, a shidduch service for the Anglo-Charedi community, founded in Israel (and expanded internationally) facilitates the shidduch process in a more productive and effective manner than ever before by connecting both young and more mature singles with over 65 distinguished shadchanim!


Yismach is a free, confidential service, and is not a dating site, but rather a database for shadchanim. It is endorsed in Israel by R’ Chaim Walkin, Mashgiach of Ateres Yisrael, and in the US by R’ Aharon Feldman, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisrael.

“I would like to applaud the initiative you have taken in finding shidduchim for those forlorn who cannot find them” Rabbi Aharon Feldman Shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisrael, wrote.

“We are by nature a nation which is involved and much dependent one on another especially when it comes to seeking a partner for life, finding one’s lost other half,” wrote Rabbi Chaim Walkin Shlita, Mashgiach of Ateres Yisrael “By utilizing today’s advanced technology, Rabbi Shmuel Neumann is making this spiritual search a lot easier and less time consuming and frustrating, while protecting the privacy and dignity of each person. Rabbi Neumann’s keen concern for the current situation has sparked his strong involvement in this great mitzva. One can truly say ‘All his deeds are for the sake of Heaven’ and he deserves our support and assistance in this holy work.”

Yismach’s goal is to help as many people as possible find their zivug without going through a long and painful process. In the Yismach database, which is easily navigated by shadchanim, potential matches in the form of profiles are just a click away. Each shadchan now has access not only to their own private clientele, but to hundreds of people looking for their match.

“It was so heartening to hear of possibilities when no one else was suggesting anyone” said E., a Yismach client.

Recognizing that their efforts only bear fruit with siyata dishmaya, Yismach combines their efforts with tefillah, as members of the Yismach staff daven throughout the year on a daily basis and at different Kivrei Tzadikim for its clients.

“When I first heard about Yismach I was so taken aback by the fact that you daven for everyone and even go through the hishtadlus to daven at holy sites,” said R., a Yismach client. “When I was going through the darkest times of my life…I didn’t know whether “trying to soivel b’simcha” was avodas Hashem or not – my Rav told me not to worry – I would surely land on Nes Gadol Haiyah Poh. And it was makayim. I could spend hours telling you of nissim with this shidduch. I truly believe your tefillos were a part of it.”

During the last year representatives from Yismach davened at keverim in Israel and abroad, mentioning by name all the Yismach clients at the keverim of the Vilna Gaon, Rav Chaim Ozer, Rav Itzele Ponovitzer. Rav Chaim Meveloshin, Chofetz Chaim, Rav Naftali Trup, Rav Yerucham Lebovitz, the Chida and by R’ Yonatan Ben Uziel.

The clientele is primarily Charedi, though not exclusively, and Yismach has recently expanded its efforts internationally, and aims to have shadchanim in every major city with a Jewish population. Yismach’s working model is to accept only professional and recognized shadchanim to ensure that an individual’s information is kept secure and confidential.

“The search for the neshama’s other half is the most literal part of soul-searching.” said Shmuel Neumann, director of Yismach. “To stand by, callously insensitive to the emotional pain of the numerous singles, should require us not to have our head examined, but our heart examined. Story after heartbreaking story steeled my resolve to redouble my efforts on their behalf.

“As Ha’Mashgiach Rav Walkin told me, the greatest segulah for shidduchim is secrecy and the most important thing in shidduchim is protecting the dignity of those in shidduchim,” Neumann said. “By creating a venue where those in shidduchim can quickly get their information to a network of established shadchanim is my contribution to expedite shidduchim. While Hashem makes the shidduch and every shadchan is nothing more than a shaliach, all of us with no exception have an obligation to help others get married to build a bayis neeman b’yisrael.”

When signing up to Yismach, your information is only viewable to the shadchanim of your choice, so you control who has access. Once you sign up, expect to hear from the shadchanim who will ask to meet you or at the very least talk by phone to get to know more about you before suggesting suitable matches.

Increasing the clientele of Yismach leads to a unique paradox, as Yismach constantly strives to bring in more clientele while at the same time tries to lose its clientele by getting them engaged!

If you or your child is in the “parsha,” said A.G., a parent whose two children were engaged via Yismach, “please do yourself a favor and register on”

Contact Info: [email protected]

US number: (347) 761-3878
Israel Number: 02-567-2313/ 0523-444-890





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