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‏We are living truly in the days of the final redemption. The pain and sorrow we hear daily in every which way fills our glass and there is no more room for any more pain. No matter who I speak with and no matter what group of influence one belongs to, we are all saturated with pain and anguish. Whether its physical, mental or spiritual pain, we are just like our ancestors in Egypt that couldn’t take even one more day in slavery. And it’s at that point that they cried out to the heavens above and said we just can’t go on any more. We have no more strength. And it was from that lowest point that, “their voices were raised up to the heavens.” (we recite verse in the haggadah of Pesach),

Since the beginning of the year we have been going thought so much pain and devastation. So much grief and lamentation. We have troubles from outside and troubles from within. G-d in heaven hear our cry. Master of the world, see our pain. Hashem, our Father save us. We can’t take even one more step. Pick us up, raise us above all nations, bring us home, heal us, comfort us, redeem Yourself and Your children. When we suffer, You suffer as well. When we cry, our tears meet Yours. When we’re in pain, You feel it even stronger than we do. Hashem, we are the children of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. We are the nation that so many prophesies have been written about. We are the generation of the redemption. No one can withstand any longer this horrible pain. We are all experiencing on a personal level and on a collective one. How can we prepare for the holiday? How can we sit at our seder table if we as a nation have not been redeemed. The hostages are not just in Gaza, we are all hostages in this crazy generation. As we picture our poor brothers and sisters in Gaza, we remind ourselves a bit that we are all enslaved, we are one people. All the terribly ill people in our nation, are to remind us that we are all terribly ill. All the poor are to remind us that we are all poor. All the lost and saddened souls, remind us that we are all lost.


It says G-d is in the heavens and in the earth. Hashem, You are high up and yet You are right here with us. Please save us all, please, send our salvation, because in a moment we will all be gone from our pain. We are at our final strength, we can’t go on not even for one more moment.

I have a friend who went this past Shabbat to the graveside of King David in Jerusalem. She was in pain just like all of us. She leaned over onto the gave and cried out loud and started banging on the grave, “King David wake up, wake up. We can’t go on any more. Wake up, we have no more strength to go on. Wake up, don’t sleep anymore. We are a flock without a shepherd.” Someone came rushing in from the men’s side to quite her down. And another lady pushed him away and said, “She is crying the pain of our nation, this is something we should all be doing. If we all had the courage and the honesty of this pained soul, King David would surely awaken, and direct us all to the full redemption. ”

Pesach is minutes away, we really have no more chametz left to burn. We are all so pure and clean from all our hardships and challenges. Don’t stop crying till our cries are raised up to the heavens. It’s written in the prophets that, “In a moment of anger Hashem, so to speak, left us, and with great mercy He shall gather us back to Him.”

Hashem, let this birth of our salvation take place this Pesach night. Let our nation rejoice once again as a whole entity. Let peace and tranquility be a part of our lives forever, and may we come to visit You Hashem this Pesach in your home, in the city of gold in the heart of Jerusalem. Amen‏.


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