Daf Yomi

The Sons Stirred Within Her ‘The Fetus Is a Limb of Its Mother’ (Temurah 30b)

Can Pro Bono Work Count As Maaser?

Accordingly, the obligation to give maaser kesafim may be fulfilled not only through money, but also through goods and services.

Is It Proper…? Should a Frum Jew Take Pride in the Achievement of Non-Frum...

Should a frum Jew take special pride in famous people who were Jewish but not frum and whose achievements have no evident connection to Judaism (e.g., Walter Rathenau, Richard Feynman, Danny Kaye, Bobby Fischer, Milton Friedman, Jascha Heifetz…)?

Daf Yomi

The Contradiction That Yielded 50 Explanations 'He Says to His Maidservant: You Are Free' (Temura 25b)

A Lame Horse

"How much is the whole horse worth?" Feivel asked. "Go sell it and I'll pay you the difference to buy a new horse."

Daf Yomi

Was Shmuel Not The Greatest? ‘3,000 Halachos Were Forgotten’ (Temurah 16a)

When You’re Traveling And Your Wallet Is Stolen

A truly poor person can receive a large amount of charity at once, even beyond his needs, replied Rabbi Dayan.

May One Shower During the Nine Days?

Before bathing, one must honestly assess whether or not it is needed for hygienic purposes. Failure to do so displays insensitivity to mourning the Beit HaMikdash and our nation's exile.

Is It Proper…? Should a Frum Jew Care If An Animal Species is Endangered...

Should a frum Jew care if an animal species is endangered or goes extinct?

Daf Yomi

Permission Granted? ‘Lo Yachlifenu B’Shel Acheirim…’ (Temurah 9a)

She Cleaned The Wrong House

The Gemara [Bava Metzia 76a] states that if someone instructed an employee to work in his neighbor's property, the employer is liable to pay the person’s salary.

Daf Yomi

Unsaying Words 'He Uttered Hashem’s Name In Vain' (Temurah 3b)

Can A Lender Demand A Lump Sum?

I figured you were giving me a grace on the loan. Of course I will start paying you in monthly $1,000 installments starting from this month.

Is It Proper…? Is it necessary to say “Baruch Hashem” or “Thank G-d” every...

Is it necessary to say “Baruch Hashem” or “Thank G-d” every time someone asks you how you are?

What If He Denies Borrowing Money?

If Mr. Miller had admitted that he lent money only once, clearly one of the witnesses would be lying and his testimony would be worthless.

Daf Yomi

Too Little, Too Late? 'And Break Down the Door and Enter…' (Arachin 31b)

Do You Need Your Roommate’s Permission To Sublet Your Room?

People are particular about whom they wish to live with, so the remaining partner can claim he agreed to live with the initial partner but not with this new person – whether due to the person’s status or character.

Daf Yomi

Pleading The Fifth ‘Minors Are Not Obligated To Fulfill Mitzvos’ (Arachin 22a)

Is It Proper…? Is there anything inherently wrong with a person spending vast sums...

Is there anything inherently wrong with a person spending vast sums of money on a wedding or bar mitzvah if he’s rich and can easily afford it?

Daf Yomi

When A Dead Ewe Gave Birth To A Live Lamb 'We Do Not Wait for Her to Give Birth' (Arachin 7a)

Can He Pay With A Truck?

Furthermore, if the lender explicitly stipulated that the payment must be made with money, the stipulation is binding.

Who Pays For The Broken Bat?

"Well, one of you owes me a new bat,” Avi said. “You, Aharon, broke it, but Eli had no right to lend it to you.”

Daf Yomi

A Burning Question? 'It’s Not Evil Speech…' (Arachin 15b)

Is It Proper…? In an ideal Torah society, should a yeshiva dinner have separate...

In an ideal Torah society, should a yeshiva dinner have separate or mixed seating?

Daf Yomi

Lulav Or Shofar On Shabbos 'It Refers To Tithing In Our Days' (Bechoros 61a)

Whom Do We Believe?

A borrower generally would not have the audacity to falsely claim that he repaid a loan, especially since the creditor did him a favor by lending him money.

Daf Yomi

Lingua Franca ‘Only From Jericho And Below’ (Bechoros 55a)

Should A Dayan Be Compensated?

He may not charge for retrieving it since doing so is required as part of hashavas aveidah, but he may ask for partial compensation for any work he didn’t get to do as a result.

An All-Dairy Shavuot: Preferred Or Prohibited?

The Steipler used to eat milchigs on Shavuot night and fleishigs during the day.


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