The Kittel: When And Why?

Some authorities teach that one should not clean one's kittel after Pesach. This is because the wine and matza stains on one's kittel from the Pesach Seder – proof of one’s devotion to mitzvot – will serve well on one's behalf on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Authorization For Sale Of Sins

If we do it before Pesach with our chometz, could we do it before Yom Kippur with our sins?

Is It Proper For Children To Eat In Front Of Adults On Yom Kippur?

It is obvious that when one is fasting watching someone else eat can be very distracting and cause one to be reminded of their hunger.

Daf Yomi

Ramifications Of A Printer’s Error “The Note Holder’s Burden of Proof” (Kesubos 83b)

Do Women Require A Pruzbul?

What about the bank account for the kids, which is in my name? asked Mrs. Guttyor. My pension also is in my name. What if it were a Jewish-owned bank?

Avinu Malkeinu – A Prayer With A Variety Of Customs

It is taught that the power of this prayer lies in its dual declaration of G-d as both our Father and our King.

‘You Are Standing Here Today’

Rosh Hashana is referred to as a day of light. In what way is the day that we, and the entire world, stand in meticulous judgment a day of light?

Is It Proper To Use New Simanim On Rosh Hashana?

Many of us think that the siman of dipping the apple in the honey is the most authentic. After all, that’s the one siman which all of our children are familiar with and sing about.

A Bigger Heart

Hashem gives us challenges and sends us different trials throughout the year and Hashem tries to spread out the work throughout the year so we won't collapse or even give up trying.

Daf Yomi

Oh My, It’s Copper! ‘…And One Who Is a Coppersmith’ (Ketubbos 77a)

Recording Hours

Toward the end of the month, Mr. Morgen looked on his desk for the paper on which he had recorded his hours, but couldn't find it. He tried reconstructing based on his email message history, but it didn't help.

The Chazzan’s Role During Selichot

Itis also noted that the one who leads selichot is required to go through the trouble of waking up earlier than everyone else. The privilege of leading the remaining services of the day was his reward and appeasement for having lost sleep.

Full Of Hot Air

Perhaps our first step must be to pop the huge balloon that envelops us so that we can see beyond our own confines.

Is It Proper To Call Coworkers And Friends Of The Opposite Sex By Their...

I personally do not believe that this is a tzniut issue, but if one feels that it is, others should respect their views.

Accept My Tears

We are coming close to the holy judgment day and we must make sure that we enter that courtroom as clean and as clear as possible.

Daf Yomi

The Heiress? “Determining The Daughter’s Status ” (Kesubos 68b-69a)

The Validity Of A Wedding Ring (Part II)

As the article did not distinguish between a Jewish-owned store and one owned by a gentile, a reader posed the question: How can hefker beis din apply when the ring is bought from a gentile?

Reciting L’David Hashem Ori During Elul

Although a number of customs and themes characterize the month of Elul, it might just be that it is the repeated recitation of L’David that encapsulates them all.

Time To Get Going

The problem is that if we don’t expand our comfort zone, it begins to shrink.

Is It Proper To Take Advantage Of A Price Mistake (e.g., Buy A Plane...

For one reason or another, a company may charge different prices for a particular item or service, perhaps in order to fill up seats on a plane or to get rid of an overabundance of items that it has.

Daf Yomi

A Woman Of Valor Would That He [Only] Listen To Me…’ (Kesubos 63a)

The Power Of Elul

We may not always understand our lives, but we must always know deep within our hearts that Hashem is waiting for each and every one of us to come home, that each one of us counts, and that Hashem will never abandon us.

The Shirt Or The Stain?

We have a lot of opinions about other people and why they are that way. We are always quicker to find the small stain and hole than we are to notice the virtues.

Is It Proper To Adopt If You Have Biological Children?

Knowing that this family provides the adopted child with a stable, loving home, permeated by Torah values, and with the full love and support of the older children, I could not imagine why someone would think it improper.

Preparing For Judgment Day

Sometimes we have a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and the ability to jump up and do exactly what Hashem wants from us.

Duplicate Document

If we draft two loan documents, suggested Mr. Goldstein, we could send one to each brother simultaneously. That will save time!

Daf Yomi

Her Children, Her Whim “Kesubas Bnin Dichrin” (Kesubos 52b)

No Shortcuts

We like convenience. In fact, our world is driven by it. We expect no less than high-speed internet and sophisticated toys and attractions.

Is It Proper To Take A Selfie?

I would strongly advise anyone to limit picture taking, especially when it involves sending and sharing via social media and the like.

Daf Yomi

The Wedding Day Fast “He Gives Her Over In Marriage” (Kesubos 47a)


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