Reading The Paper

There is much good that we do with our cell phones, and they help us in so many ways. But how often do we take them out to look at them during davening in shul, during family meal times, or at any time when we are conversing with another person?

Kapparot – Venerated Custom Or Controversial Practice?

The long lines and rushed atmosphere typical of erev Yom Kippur Kapparot gatherings frequently lead to invalid slaughter and render the chickens, which are later distributed to the poor, as non-kosher.

Is It Proper To Wear Flip Flops To Shul On Yom Kippur?

To be honest, even wearing running shoes which many of us, myself included, do on Yom Kippur often feels a bit strange to me.

Making Payments When The Exchange Rate Fluctuates

When someone buys something for a price stated in the local currency but pays later in a different currency, replied Rabbi Dayan, the exchange rate is determined by the time of payment.

Daf Yomi

A Year And A Day ‘Hashem ... Completes the Years of the Righteous' (Kiddushin 38a)

Grab On

As a child I was sure that it was our saying of tashlich that caused the East River to be so murky and polluted. After all, the river contained all of the discarded sins of all of Manhattan on one side, and all of Brooklyn and Queens on the other.


It is also explained that performing Tashlich alongside a body of water is intended to recall that kings were historically inaugurated alongside a body of water.

Is It Proper To Make Up Your Own Simanim On Rosh Hashana (Such As...

In general, the simanim are not magical entities whose consumption on Rosh Hashana automatically transforms a sinner into a penitent. Rather, these foods are reminders of the kedushat hayom, the unique holiness of Rosh Hashana that reflects the Heavenly judgment that is the essence of the holiday.

The Gift Of Rosh Hashana

The yearning for the redemption is so deep inside of us all, and the hardships and tragedies from all the year's gone by are so great to carry, that we simply have no strength left for punishment.

Does The Passageway Become A Right Of Way?

It was nice of your neighbor to allow you use of the alley, responded Mr. Stein, but did you ever buy the rights to that strip of property?

Daf Yomi

Both Rise To The Occasion ‘What if his son is his teacher?’ (Kiddushin 33b)

Ayekah? Where Am I?

We who can bring Shabbos in each week with ease. We who have the opportunity to bring the light of Shabbos into our homes, to welcome the malachei shalom to our tables, to bless our children and plug into the menucha that Shabbos brings – how do we welcome the Shabbos Malka?

Happy Landing

We have all experienced the frustration of not following through on our goals, and feeling we are right back where we started. But hopefully we have also experienced some modicum of success and self-improvement. Wherein lies the difference?

Unmarried Girls Lighting Shabbat And Yom Tov Candles

It is suggested that unmarried girls stopped lighting Shabbat candles because it was difficult and costly to get candles during and even between the two world wars. With this disruption the custom was lost, and unfortunately not reignited in the New World.

Is It Proper To Say Selichos Before Chatzos (Halachic Midnight)?

To be brief, the overwhelming rabbinic opinion presented is that one should only say Selichot after Chazot or in the early morning hours before davening.

Neshama – You Have Work To Do

Throughout history there have been great leaders and great rabbis who passed on to us the beautiful ways of life. Through these leaders we've been able to seek higher levels in worshiping Hashem and simply higher spiritual levels.

Daf Yomi

Moshe’s Request ‘I Love My Master, My Wife, My Children …' (Kiddushin 22a)

Uh-Oh – Wrong Mattress. Who Pays?

If the seller knew the buyer's intent to move, the seller is responsible for returning the merchandise. If not, the buyer is responsible for returning defective merchandise when he could have checked before distancing it, but seemingly not for mistaken merchandise.

The Greatest Chesed

It was the greatest gift I personally received then, because it was something that I really wanted/needed and was not able to take care of myself. Had he asked me if he should do it for me, I undoubtedly would have told him not to, not wanting to bother him so much.

Should One Travel From Eretz Yisrael To Uman For Rosh Hashana?

Nevertheless, there are authorities who justify leaving Eretz Yisrael for the Uman pilgrimage and other similar trips, arguing that doing so can be no worse than leaving Eretz Yisrael for business purposes, which is permitted.

Is it proper to tell a white lie?

Ultimately, it is through knowledge of and dedication to the truth that we draw closer to Hashem.

Daf Yomi

It’s In The Will ‘A Non-Jew Receives His Father’s Estate’ (Kiddushin 17b)

Moving Forward

Every appointment every week was anxiety provoking. It was like having Yom Kippur constantly.

What Is The Proper Way To Act And Respond To The Many Tzedakah Requests?

If one is confronted with many charities that one does not know, it behooves the giver to first find out if the charity is authentic.

Daf Yomi

She Ate Unwittingly ‘If She Married A Kohen She Eats Teruma’ (Kiddushin 10b)

Prompt Payment of Wages – Revisited

The mitzvos associated with prompt payment apply to a Jewish employee, although a non-Jewish employee should also be paid according to his contractual terms.

Prepared Place

We often speak about having emunah peshuta – ‘simple faith,’ or some might say blind faith, in G-d. The truth is that we are not charged to merely believe. We are charged to develop faith that stems from knowing the truth in our hearts.

Daf Yomi

Filling In The Blanks ‘Esrog Similar To a Tree in Three Ways…’ (Kiddushin 2b-3a)

Jewish Press Excerpt ‘The Soul Of Parenting’

We face challenges with technology, social media, and a culture devoid of values. At the same time, we are trying to build character and instill middos and derech eretz within our children.

True Living

On some level, we remain skeptical and don’t really believe it. We maintain this inner feeling that we would be different. If only we made it big and had it all we would defy the statistics of high rates of depression, empty lives, and broken homes.


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