Plugging Into The Power Of Adar

Adar gives us a message of empowerment. Ani Dar – I live with you; Hashem speaks to us. No matter where we are in the world. No matter the time, the country, the generation. We must know that we are not here alone.

Teacher or Student?

Rabbi Yochanan was sitting upon seven cushions. When he could not answer Rav Kahana’s questions, he removed a cushion from under himself to demonstrate that he was lowering himself out of respect.

When Is Wearing Gloves Against Halacha?

While it may not be halachically forbidden for a bride to wear gloves at the chuppa, there are several reasons why it is frowned upon. One reason is that the custom of using a ring at the wedding ceremony is intended to represent the relationship, the bond, between the bride and groom.

The Mitzvah Of Settling In The Land Of Israel (Part II)

Rav Avraham Borenstein of Sochatchov explains that Rambam does indeed consider settling in the Land to be a Biblical mitzvah that applies at all times. However, like in other instances, the Rambam includes it within another, more general mitzvah (Avnei Nezer, Yoreh De’ah 454:5-6.)

Spiritual Vitamins

The one thing I can say about the flu is that it is very loving and friendly. I don’t know anyone/anything else that can tolerate being around me without a break for over two weeks.

Is It Proper (Or Wise) To Try To Counter The Anti-Orthodox Messaging Of Individuals...

Truth be told, we should do our best to engage even those gentiles we encounter in our everyday course of life who unfortunately commit antisemitic acts, mostly out of ignorance.

Live To Give, Live To Smile

We know that we're living for something higher. We know that there is a king and that is Hashem. We know that He's looking down on us all the time and He wants us to go in the right direction.

One Who ‘Borrowed’ Without Permission And Returned A Damaged Object

A thief is required to return the stolen item when it is intact. However, if it got ruined or changed significantly, the Mishna (B.K. 93b) teaches that the thief is required to pay the full value of the item, and he is left with the ruined item.

Daf Yomi

His Silence Is Deafening ‘One Seized it in Our Presence’ (Bava Metzia 6a)

Men Greeting Women – Problematic Or Just Courtesy?

It is said that greeting people with Shalom aleichem brings people closer together.6 As such, a man should not greet a woman with Shalom aleichem so that they do not become overly social with one another. According to this approach, there would be no problem for a man to greet a woman with good morning or how are you?

The Mitzvah Of Settling In The Land Of Israel (Part I)

While generally travel is prohibited on erev Shabbat, the Shulchan Aruch rules that if one is ascending to the land of Israel and his caravan is leaving on Friday, he may leave with them because of the mitzvah of dwelling in the land of Israel (Orach Chaim 248:4).

Golden Growth

It was a very sweet and thoughtful gesture, and, thankfully I still have my teeth and was able to enjoy the cake.

When Second Place Is First Class

For example, if you would normally buy an esrog for $100 and one year there are no esrogim available, if you were to give that $100 to charity, it would count as if you performed mitzvah of taking the esrog!

True Happiness

It is said that in Nissan we will be redeemed. It is also written that only with great joy can we be redeemed.

May One Report A Reckless Driver?

Most of the drivers drove carefully and obeyed traffic laws, honoring the traffic lights and giving right-of-way to pedestrians. However, he did see his fair share of poor driving and near-accidents, whether between cars or with pedestrians. He also witnessed several accidents.

Daf Yomi

The Burdensome Beast ‘He Put His Donkey on the Ferryboat’ (Bava Kamma 117b)

Around The World

At the beginning of bentching we thank Hashem who sustains the entire world with goodness, grace, kindness and mercy. It’s something to think about.

True Dedication

What is the meaning of Man being made in G-d’s image? G-d has no body or form: You saw no form at Mount Sinai, only a voice (Devarim 4:12).

The Prohibition To Fear During War

According to the Ra’avad and Ramban, there is no Torah prohibition to fear. Instead, the Torah promises the soldier that he will not fear (see their comments to the Rambam’s Sefer HaMitzvot).

Praying for the Sick: Must the Name Be Mentioned?

The halachic authorities are somewhat divided on the need to mention the name of a sick individual when praying for them. Several authorities rule that mentioning the name of someone when praying for them is optional.

Is It Proper To Listen To Secular Music?

Secular music with lyrics that are inappropriate due to heresy or lack of modesty is obviously not permitted. Otherwise, it’s not necessarily prohibited – just as secular wisdom is not prohibited merely because its source is not Jewish...

Can One Return An Item For A Better Price Elsewhere?

If the store allows returns, I don’t see the problem, replied Eli. If you want, you can ask Rabbi Dayan. I normally wouldn’t bother just to save $2, but I am interested in knowing the halacha, said Shimmy.

Daf Yomi

The Messenger Or The Message? ‘How Do We View This Agent?’ (Bava Kamma 104a)

Endless Nights Of Tears

At a recent shiur, I spoke of my bubby and her endless nights of tears. I asked that each of us take the time to feel the pain of the mothers, the fathers, the bubbies and zaydies who are waiting for their children to come home from this battle for the existence of our land, and of our people.

Love And Fear

Love seems to be the ideal, but only on paper, as human nature also must operate from a degree of fear.

Burial In The Land Of Israel

While the Talmud Bavli praises burial in Israel, the Talmud Yerushalmi is critical of bringing the dead from outside the Land for burial in Israel.

Choosing Shabbat Clothes: Black Or White Or Other?

Ultimately, there is no color requirement for Shabbat clothes, and they may be of any color. The only requirement is that one have specially designated clothing exclusively for Shabbat that are as nice and dignified as one can afford.

Beyond Home

Every morning and throughout the day my phone would buzz nonstop with holy Jews on these groups looking to contribute in any way they could.

Is It Proper To Seek Out Kulos (Leniencies) In Areas Of Halacha?

According to most, the leniencies that Chazal encourage relate to things that would otherwise be rabbinically prohibited. That is, we seek leniencies in these areas to overcome a deRabbanan, but not a deOraisa.

Righteous Women

I then stood at my grandmother’s grave, suddenly the tears started rolling from my eyes, my heart opened up, and it was as if my grandmother was standing right there with me, talking to me and giving me strength. As I spoke the tears kept rolling down my cheeks. I felt like I could hear my grandma as if she was standing there with me.


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