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Grama B’nezikin: Indirect Damages

In no area of halacha should one assume that an action is permissible just because there is no punishment for its violation.

Illiteracy And Literacy

I tell my students that now the words in their new Gemara look like they are in a foreign language. (To be fair, they are written in a foreign language.…)

Is It Proper To Jaywalk?

Does it really pay to jaywalk even if you reason that the odds are on your side? Do you really want to place your life in odds hand?

Daf Yomi

Hillel’s Innovation “The Second Month Of Solomon’s Rule” (Rosh Hashana 2b)

Mesira: Informing On A Jew To The Secular Authorities

One who knows of Jews who are counterfeiting money is required to report them to the authorities. So, too, Jews who engage in activities that will endanger the well-being of the Jewish community may be informed upon as well.

Piece Of Scaffold

What do you want from me? asked the contractor. I was not involved in doing the damage. If the worker was careless, you can sue him; speak with him directly.

Fresh And Timeless

The visiting woman was so shaken by the tragic story that she began to sob. She couldn’t get over what happened to Yosef.

Is it proper to fill one’s sentences with “baruch Hashem,” “im yirtzeh Hashem,” and...

Is it proper to fill one's sentences with "baruch Hashem,” "im yirtzeh Hashem," and "bli neder"?

What’s Your Name?

I don't know whether to give you my Hebrew or English name, explained David, my first name or full name, with my father's name and nickname or without.

Daf Yomi

A Woman’s Oneg Yom Tov “You Shall Call The Shabbos A Delight” (Beiza 34b)

Asher Yatzar: The Deadline

There is even a view that one who forgot to recite asher yatzar after relieving oneself and then remembers the omission after relieving oneself again some time later is to recite asher yatzar twice, one after the other. However, the halacha is not in accordance with this view.

Very Fishy

When I was young, despite my protestations, my parents insisted that I eat gefilte fish. On one difficult occasion, I forced down the gefilte fish. As soon as I did, I felt that the fish was davening to Hashem to be rescued from inside my stomach.

Arba’ah Minim On Consignment

The first option was clearly the cheapest, but Mendy didn't have the $4,000 readily available and didn't know how much he would sell. He considered the other two options and consulted with his chavrusa, who had some experience selling arba’ah minim.

Daf Yomi

Altered States “Examining A Bechor Is Not The Same As Examining A Tereifa” (Bezah 27a)

Yom Tov Candles: Women and Shehecheyanu

A woman who does not have the custom to drink some of the wine upon which Kiddush was recited is certainly permitted to answer amen to the shehecheyanu blessing.

Daf Yomi

Reckoning Time “Three Festivals Even Out Of Order” (Beizah 19b)

Rabbi Dayan’s Shemittah Lessons

The shemittah year cancels outstanding loans that are past due, although nowadays, we usually write a pruzbul to allow collecting loans past shemittah, based on an enactment of Hillel.

Two Days Of Yom Tov: In Israel? For Israelis?

Today, when we enjoy the benefit of a fixed calendar, we continue to observe two days of Yom Tov in the Diaspora even though we know exactly when the holidays are to be observed. This is based on the requirement to “follow the customs of our ancestors."

Is it proper to buy or rent a house/apartment without room to build a...

If a person who lived in a place without the ability to build a sukkah still had access to a communal sukkah, there would be no limitation on renting or buying such a domicile.

Daf Yomi

Belaboring The Point “Since It Is Permitted Where Necessary, It Is Permitted Even Where Not Necessary ” (Bezah 12a)

Lulav & Children

Although one might think that the solution to this problem is to allow one’s child to recite the blessing on one’s lulav with the explicit condition that the child does not acquire the lulav, this is incorrect.

The Big Itch

What is the connection between my clothless haircuts, new shoes, barehanded weed whacking and this time of year?

Reporting A Reckless Driver

"Look, there's a sticker on the truck: ‘How's my driving? 1-800-…’" Mrs. Fine said. "Do you think we should call?" "I always wonder about this," said Mr. Fine. "What if it adversely affects the driver's job? Maybe it's just a one time thing."

Daf Yomi

Now In Our Day And Age But On The Second Day [Of Yom Tov] Jews May Engage In His Burial’ (Beza 6a)

Abracadabra – An Elul Message

One year my brother asked “Zayda, why do you give the same exact speech every year before Yizkor? My Zayda answered with tears. “Because every year it is the same thing. Machlokes eats up our families, eats up our homes, and eats up Klal Yisroel.”

Rosh Hashana: Sour/Bitter/Sharp Foods

There is also a widespread custom to avoid eating sour or bitter foods on Rosh Hashana in order not to arouse any “bitter” influences for the coming year.

Don’t Drop The Ball

Elul is about focus and awareness. It’s about reminding ourselves throughout the day that Hashem is always with us – at work, on vacation, in the pool, on the basketball court, when we are surfing the net, when we are alone in our bedrooms and when we are eating.

How much significance should we place in eating the Simanim foods and saying Yehi...

How much significance should we place in eating the Simanim foods and saying Yehi Ratzon on Rosh Hashana?

Daf Yomi

What A Difference A Day Makes ‘Rav Rules: First [We Recite The Blessing For] Sukkah Then Zeman [Shehecheyanu] (Sukkah 56a)

Should We Tell The Congregation Not To Speak Between Shofar Blasts?

In most congregations, the rabbi or other official makes an announcement immediately prior to the blowing of the shofar reminding the congregation that conversation is forbidden from this point onwards until the shofar blasts have been concluded.


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