Daf Yomi

What About The Pot? ‘Fish That Was Served On A [Meat] Plate…’ (Chullin 111b)

Is A Ribbis-Loan Document Valid – At All?

"Yes," Mr. Pincus said. "But since the loan document is invalid, I shouldn't have to pay the loan."

Spirits And Demons – How Worried Should You Be?

It is mentioned in the Talmud... that someone who eats peeled garlic, onions, and eggs kept overnight "forfeits his life, and his blood is upon his own head."

Can You Give A Bar Mitzvah Boy A Gift On Shabbos?

The following morning, after leining, the shul rabbi delivered an enthusiastic sermon, in which he praised the bar mitzvah boy based on insights from the parsha.

Daf Yomi

Caring For The Sick On Yom Kippur ‘His Gullet Has Derived Enjoyment…’ (Chullin 103b)

You Didn’t Need To Dress That Fancy

The default assumption is that the other children allow this expense. However, they can protest, and are entitled to prohibit him from dressing henceforth at their expense.

Daf Yomi

Stricter Than A Prohibition ‘We Rely on a Gentile…’ (Chullin 97a)

Is It Proper…? – Is There Anything Wrong With a Frum Jewish Man Looking...

Is It Proper…? – Is There Anything Wrong With a Frum Jewish Man Looking Super Stylish?

Should You Light Shabbat Candles When Invited Out?

There is another course of action to consider: not lighting Shabbat candles at all! Before you are scandalized by my suggestion, allow me to explain.

Daf Yomi

Feather-Plucking 101 'The Blood Will Easily Flow Out' (Chullin 93b)

Who Asked You?

We're partners in the business, and we owed $1,000 to your uncle. If I paid your part, I'm entitled to reimbursement from you also!

Daf Yomi

Bullish Or Not? 'Where One A Cow And [The Other] Its Calf…' (Chullin 82)

Muktzah Mitzvah

"A saw belongs to a category of muktzah called kli shem'lachto l'issur, a utensil whose primary purpose is prohibited," replied Rabbi Dayan.

What if My Child Falls Asleep Before Bentching?

What, then, happens when the rabbinic chinuch obligation contradicts the biblical obligation as described in the verses cited by the Ramban?

Is It Proper…? – Is it appropriate for a Jew in America to have...

Is it appropriate for a Jew in America to have an English first name? If yes, is it appropriate for him or her to use this English name in daily life?

When Someone Rents You A House That Isn’t His

A person cannot rent out a property that is not his!

Daf Yomi

Kosher 'Oxymoron' 'The Divine Law Permits It' (Chullin 75)

‘Go Ahead, Chop It Up’

Later that evening, Mr. Klein thought he might want to give his old dining room set to someone and quickly called Mr. Gross. "Please don't ruin the set," he said. "I might give it to someone."

Is Snow Muktza? Can You Tovel Keilim In It?

Most poskim disagree with Rav Moshe, including R. Shlomo Zalman Auerbach. He argues that one may touch, move, and even play with snow on Shabbos.

Daf Yomi

Genetically-Engineered Simanim ‘A Bird With One Siman’ (Chullin 62a)

Can You Return A Stolen Object Anonymously?

I'm ashamed to admit," Dov said when he finally found himself before the rabbi, "but I stole money from someone and would now like to return the amount without having to face him. Is that possible?"

Daf Yomi

Eternal And Immutable ‘Only Those Enumerated By The Sages’ (Chullin 54a)

‘But It’s My Shovel!’

"But I need it now," Mr. Schwartz replied. "It's my shovel. I'm happy to lend it, but not when I need it!"


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