A Final Chesed

Abba Zayda filled each home with his towering presence, his laughter, his love of life, his never ending patience and his constant wisdom.

Dig Deep

If you would dig beneath the basement of my house, I’m not sure you’d find anything too intriguing.

What Customs And Prayers Should Be Observed On A Yahrzeit? (Part II)

It is a virtually universal practice to light a 24-hour memorial candle on the evening before the yahrzeit so that it burns throughout the yahrzeit. It is said that the soul derives pleasure when candles are lit in its honor.

Should a person who wants to make aliyah do so even if his or...

The decision will ultimately be based on a variety of factors, depending on the reason for the parents’ disapproval. Perhaps their disapproval is temporary or based on unwarranted concerns.

My Zaidy Sholom

My grandfather used to call me his precious little Michali and I cherished those words every time I saw him.

If Tefillin Are Discovered To Be Pasul – Who Is Responsible?

If the parshiyos are pasul, that should be the sofer's problem! Mr. Rosenblum exclaimed. He wrote them. Please let me speak with him.

Daf Yomi

In Short – Just One Day! “I Am Hereby A Nazir” (Nazir 5a,7a-8a)

What Are The Prayers And Customs One Should Observe On A Parent’s Yahrzeit?

There is a mistaken belief that one should cease reciting Kaddish on the yahrzeit of a parent once fifty years have passed since their death.

When visiting a Shiva house is it appropriate to console the mourners by trying...

Most simply don’t have much to say to aveilim and that’s fine; it’s still a great mitzvah to visit with aveilim even for a short time.

Can The Same IOU Be Used Twice?

Since the signature of witnesses on a loan document becomes void upon repayment, no inherent testimony remains about the second loan, whereas when the borrower resubmits an IOU to the lender, he obligates himself again, as if signing anew.

Daf Yomi

Que Sera, Sera? ‘He Daubed Him With Mud’ (Nedarim 89b-90a)

May One Leave A Sefer Open?

It is explained that the reason one may not leave a sefer lying open is that there is an angel whose name is Sheid – an abbreviation for “shomer dapim” (guardian of [book] pages) – who causes anyone who leaves a sefer open to forget what he has learned.

The Other Side

The concept of both sides being correct flies in the face of the prevailing attitude and mindset of our society.

What Is The Proper Thing To Do When Seeing Someone Who Is Mesurav L’Din...

If a person receives a summons to appear before a reputable beit din, it is halachically mandatory to show up. But some people, for various reasons, choose to ignore the summons.

You Fall Down, You Get Back Up

The daily experiences do not, and are not usually earth shattering or traumatic. Any small event or disappointment, aggravations and so on, are sometimes even harder to get up from than from big traumas.

Zuzim And Zekukim – The Value Of A Kesubah

To be honest, acknowledged Rabbi Kadosh, I am not sure how much the kesubah is worth in dollars. I see Rabbi Dayan over there, though. Maybe he knows.

Daf Yomi

Truth Or Consequences ‘Consecrating The Non-Existent’ (Nedarim 85b)

Can We Ever Bear A Grudges Or Take Revenge?

Although the Torah strictly forbids taking revenge and bearing a grudge, these are not transgressions that are punishable in a beit din

Faith And Courage

When surrounded on all sides and too coddled, one becomes too stifled to grow and produce.

Mercy vs. Judgment

There's always something that we want from G-d. And Hashem wants something from us.

Owner With Him (B’alav Imo)

The borrower carries the greatest liability, even if the borrowed item died or broke due to uncontrollable circumstances, oness.

Daf Yomi

The Most Favorable Of …Times “Annulling Vows For The Sake Of Shabbos” (Nedarim 77a)

Are You A Maccabi?

To be a Maccabi today means that you stand with pride for your people and your land. You live inspired. You refuse to allow the world to crush your spirit.

Why And When Do We Recite Kiddush Levana?

Rebbe Nachman teaches that reciting Kiddush Levana is a segula for curing weak eyesight.

Is It proper To Daven With One Leg Crossed Over The Other, Or In...

From a purely halachic perspective there doesn’t seem to be a requirement to sit a specific way during any other part of davening. That being said, it seems to me that it is proper to have a more respectful posture during the other parts of davening as well.

Do What’s Right, Even If You’re Right

Sometimes our children themselves don't even realize how much they need their parents.

Daf Yomi

The Day He Heard ‘One May Seek Revocation Of A Confirmation’ (Nedarim 69a)

A Time-Honored Custom: Inviting Deceased Relatives To A Wedding

It also might just be that the custom of inviting one’s departed relatives to the wedding is a manner in which one can “force” them to attend.

Filling The Gaps

There’s no doubt about it. There’s something missing in the hearts and souls of so many today and they can’t seem to satiate it.

Is It Proper For A Person With A Bad Cold (Or Virus) To Daven...

In the current environment, it is prudent and politically correct to stay away from shul when one is ill.


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