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Daf Yomi

Spared Possible Punishments ‘Those Who Are New To The Ketores’ (Tamid 32b-33a)

Daf Yomi

Guarding The Temple – Even Today ‘Kohanim Stationed in Three Places’ (Tamid 25b)

Why Do So Many People Not Sleep In A Sukkah?

Ashkenazic society for over 700 years has considered sleeping in the sukkah to be a chumrah, not a requirement.

Making Money On Yom Tov

"Mrs. Stern plans to work on Yom Tov," Mrs. Alter said to her husband afterwards. "I tried to dissuade her, but she didn't pick up on it. Are we allowed to process the billing and keep our percentage?"

Too Close For Comfort

"I asked Rabbi Dayan and he said I shouldn't seat you near Mr. Fine," explained the gabbai. Mr. Gold approached Rabbi Dayan and asked him the reasoning behind his directive.

Daf Yomi

Kishka – Stuffed Derma ‘Intestines Are Not Meat’ (Me’ilah 20b)

What Time Should Rosh Hashanah Services Conclude?

The Vilna Gaon felt that the proscription against fasting until chatzot on Yom Tov also applies on Rosh Hashanah.

Daf Yomi

A Transfusion, An Element Of Life “Blood-Let Of A Sanctified Animal…” (Me’ilah 12)

Two-Tier Advertising Prices

"Charging a price significantly different from the norm is a violation of ona'ah," explained Rabbi Dayan.

Is It Proper…? How Tolerant Should a Person Be Of a Son-In-Law’s Desire To...

How tolerant should a person be of a son-in-law’s desire to keep his own minhagim at his (the father-in-law’s) Yom Tov table?

Daf Yomi

A President Vacates The White House ‘Once Permitted To Kohanim, Me’ilah Does Not Apply’ (Me’ilah 4b)

Pay Again?

A lender holding a loan document acknowledged that he received payment, but claimed that the payment was for another, undocumented, loan.

Daf Yomi

A Bride and Groom On Their Wedding Day ‘Except for the Day after Yom Kippur’ (Kereisos 25a)

Can A Partnership Charge Interest?

David called Rabbi Dayan and asked, "Can a non-Jew and Jew form a partnership and lend money to Jews with interest?"

Can You Double-Bill Clients?

Usually you cannot double-bill, but the answer to your question depends on the contractual arrangement or local custom.

Daf Yomi

Beware The Fruit! ‘A Misasek Is Excluded’ (Kereisos 19a)

Can Rabbis Force Someone To Keep Halacha By Punishing His Family?

The Rema adds that a beis din may even decree "not to circumcise his child or bury him until he divorces his wife."

Washing Before Kiddush: Just For Yekkes?

The rise of the chassidic movement, which exchanged many ancient Ashkenazic customs for those of the Arizal, also contributed to the increase in popularity of washing after Kiddush.

Daf Yomi

Seizing An Opportunity? ‘More Than 100 Witnesses’ (Kerisos 11b-12a)

Can One Work In A Non-Kosher Restaurant?

"Thank you very much for the recommendations," Mr. Weiner replied. "I have to speak to a rabbi, though, about whether I can take the jobs."

Is It Proper…? Should a Jew Be Concerned About Paranormal Phenomena Such As Dybbuks...

Should a Jew be concerned about paranormal phenomena such as dybbuks and gilgulim?

Taking Food From The Office

In an office setting, therefore, the question of whether a worker may take food home depends on local common practice.

Daf Yomi

Temple Management 101 'The Rest Were Given To The Craftsmen' (Kerisos 6a)

Daf Yomi

The Sons Stirred Within Her ‘The Fetus Is a Limb of Its Mother’ (Temurah 30b)

Can Pro Bono Work Count As Maaser?

Accordingly, the obligation to give maaser kesafim may be fulfilled not only through money, but also through goods and services.

Is It Proper…? Should a Frum Jew Take Pride in the Achievement of Non-Frum...

Should a frum Jew take special pride in famous people who were Jewish but not frum and whose achievements have no evident connection to Judaism (e.g., Walter Rathenau, Richard Feynman, Danny Kaye, Bobby Fischer, Milton Friedman, Jascha Heifetz…)?

Daf Yomi

The Contradiction That Yielded 50 Explanations 'He Says to His Maidservant: You Are Free' (Temura 25b)

A Lame Horse

"How much is the whole horse worth?" Feivel asked. "Go sell it and I'll pay you the difference to buy a new horse."


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