The Halacha Of Dogs

It is taught that dogs have the ability to see the angel of death.

More Than Simply Tomatoes

One can become a believer by appreciating the wonder of the food he eats.

What Should One Do If Family Or Friends Use Curse Words In Conversation?

What are we, a nation of sailors? We are a kingdom of priests and a holy nation!

Cash Value Replacement?

The truth is, I barely used that sweatshirt, replied Hillel. If you lost mine, I'd rather you pay me its value. I'm almost the next size already.

Daf Yomi

An Outcast “He Shall Dwell Outside His Tent” (Moed Katan 7b)

The Customs Of Tu B’Shvat

One should take the opportunity afforded by Tu B'Shvat to reflect and thank G-d for the fruits that He has created for our enjoyment.

Divine Streaks

Perhaps the most important idea to know about spiritual growth is that it’s never all or nothing.

Is It Proper To Vacation In A Place Where You Will Have To Hide...

If one fears possible threats against Jews, it is prudent not to flaunt one’s Jewishness.

Pandemic Profanity

In today’s age, it can be particularly challenging when much of our communicating takes place through typing or texting, where we may allow ourselves to use words digitally we wouldn’t use verbally

Who Pays For The Gas?

The financial arrangements between landlords and tenants are contractual, replied Rabbi Dayan. Therefore, they depend mostly on the contract between the two parties.

Daf Yomi

Pondering A Kapandria “It Should Not Be Used As A Shortcut” (Megilla 29a)

In Praise Of The Handwritten Note

Of course, he could have just told them. But he wanted them to have the written note that they could reread many times.

Kiddush: Covering Mezonot Items

What is often overlooked, however, is that not only does bread take priority over wine, but cake (mezonot) takes priority over wine as well.

Is It Proper To Reject A Shidduch Candidate Because He Or She Is Sefardi...

Not only is it improper to reject a shidduch on that basis, it is foolish, and not just because marrying outside one’s ethnic heritage broadens the gene pool.


In many situations a court order of bankruptcy would exempt the debtor from his debt also according to halacha.

Daf Yomi

The Gender Factor ‘…Where There Is Loss Of Work…[Only] Three Are Called To The Torah’ (Megillah 22b)

A Brief History Of Haskama Letters

It is not widely known that the practice of securing and publishing haskama letters originated with the Catholic Church.

How Are You? ‘Baruch Hashem’

One of our greatest needs is for validation. No one likes feeling like he or she is crazy or out of control.

Is It Proper To Go To A New Year’s Eve Party?

For some, the new year is a purely secular event; for others, it has religious significance.

Discounted Upfront Payment

I recently heard a shiur about the laws of ribbis, replied Mr. Rosenberg. I remember that there was an issue with prepayment discounts or 'early bird' specials, but I don't remember the details.

Daf Yomi

Unintended Consequences ‘Mordechai Was Second To The King...’ (Megilla 16b)

The Halacha Of Sleep

While those who are superstitiously inclined may prefer to avoid sleeping with their feet facing the door, there does not seem to be any halachic basis for this.

A Sword Over One’s Neck Grief And The Care That Eases It

How do we take that first step when, for the mourner, the immediacy of loss is such an unbearable, paralyzing weight?

Of Prayer, Watches, And The Mitzvah Of Not Doing

Alex was the best camper in the camp. He was deeply motivated and loved davening and learning . . . But Alex didn’t have a bris milah.

Daf Yomi

Hallel On Purim? “Its Reading Is Its Praise” (Megilla 14a)

Tenant Improvements

Despite efforts to reach an agreement, Rabbi Gross and the landlord remained at odds. They came before Rabbi Dayan and asked: Does the landlord have to pay? Alternatively, can the yeshiva remove what it installed?

To Each, His Appropriate Blessing

Intellectually we appreciate that everyone is different. But in our daily interactions we lump our children, our students, even entire communities together as if they are a single entity.

The Tzava’a of Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid

As a result of the difficulties with many of his rulings, it has been widely suggested that Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid wrote the tzava’a specifically for his own family and future descendants to follow and that it was never intended to be observed by the masses.

Anger Management: Avoid The Volcano

When the Chofetz Chaim felt the slightest tinge of anger welling up within him, he would excuse himself, walk away, and would talk to himself: “Yisroel Meir, why are you becoming angry? Calm yourself.”

Purchase Robbed – Who Loses?

In our case, Izzy asked Chaim to buy the laptop for him, so it was Izzy's from the time of purchase. Chaim was only a guardian of it.


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