Daf Yomi

For Appearances Sake ‘Moving Forward at the Word of G-d’ (Shabbos 31a)

Is It Proper…? Is it appropriate to look for, and publicize, gematrias and Torah...

Is it appropriate to look for, and publicize, gematrias and Torah codes related to the current coronavirus pandemic?

Who Gets Treated First?

The doctor has precedence. A king does not have precedence over a doctor who can save the lives of many others.

Coronavirus Q&A with Rav Hershel Schachter

Questions and answers with Rav Hershel Schachter shlit”a, regarding situations arising from the coronavirus crisis. Transcribed by Rabbi Pini Dunner (assisted by Michael Bernstein). This transcript has been approved by Rav Hershel...

Corona Cancellations – Should You Be Refunded? (Part I)

Regarding hotel or apartment cancellations: This issue is more complicated.

Daf Yomi

Triple Play? ‘If He Didn’t Say, He Must Repeat’ (Shabbos 24a)

When The Money Goes Missing

Mr. Schreiber offered to call Rabbi Dayan on her behalf. She agreed, so he called Rabbi Dayan and asked, "Is my wife liable for the money in the missing envelope?"

Daf Yomi

Crystal Clear ‘Speak Like One’s Teacher’ (Shabbos 15a)

Must You Pay For Substandard Work?

A professional hired to do a certain task must do it in an acceptable manner.

Daf Yomi

Why Aren’t We Scared That The Mohel Will Carry? ‘His Hand Is Not At Rest’ (Shabbos 3a)

Coronavirus Research On Shabbat?

Generally, a person can break the laws of Shabbat to save a life, but can one do so to conduct research that may lead to a vaccine that may save someone’s life in the future?

Daf Yomi

Pomp And Circumstance ‘Try to See the King’ (Berachos 58a)

What If He Never Asks To Be Repaid?

“Even if many years pass before the lender demands the loan, the borrower remains obligated to repay it. We do not say the lender forgave the loan [Choshen Mishpat 98:1].

Cash Back And Points

Mr. Brayer thought for a minute. "I'm happy to charge it to your credit card," he said, "but I'm concerned about ribbis."

Kabbalat Shabbat After Sunset: Sublime Or Superfluous?

Saying a shorter version of Kabbalat Shabbat would hardly be unprecedented or a scandalous reform.

Daf Yomi

The Lady Of The House “One Says the Blessing on the Wine First” (Berachos 51)

Is It Proper…? Should a person be comfortable or uncomfortable davening in an airport...

Should a person be comfortable or uncomfortable davening in an airport or on an airplane? And should he act conspicuously or inconspicuously?

When A Judge Can’t Make Up His Mind

If two of you are of the same opinion, the case is effectively decided!

Daf Yomi

Shehakol Bread? ‘One Recites a Blessing on the Primary Food’ (Berachos 44a)

Is It Proper…? Is there anything wrong with playing violent video games?

Is there anything wrong with playing violent video games? Does the answer depend on whom the video game wishes you to fight or kill or how gory the violence is?

Daf Yomi

A Vicious Cycle ‘Many Different Kinds Were Set Before Him’ (Berachos 41a)

Paying For A Defective Product?

After listening to both sides present their case, Rabbi Dayan said, “The sale of defective merchandise is void from the beginning.

Is It Proper…? May one use data derived from unethical research?

May one use data derived from unethical research (an extreme example of which would be data from Nazi research that used human test subjects instead of lab rats and caused unimaginable suffering)?

Can A Rabbi Impartially Judge His Constituent?

The issue here is the close connection between the dayan and his constituent and the question of whether his judgment will be affected by this relationship.

Daf Yomi

A Two-Way Street? ‘Joining Geulah To Tefillah Is Preferable’ (Berachos 30a)

Should We Have Smaller Families To Save The Environment?

Conventional discussions about the depletion of natural resources are full of empty cliches, which, for consecutive generations, have turned out to be false.


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