Daf Yomi

Lulav Or Shofar On Shabbos 'It Refers To Tithing In Our Days' (Bechoros 61a)

Whom Do We Believe?

A borrower generally would not have the audacity to falsely claim that he repaid a loan, especially since the creditor did him a favor by lending him money.

Daf Yomi

Lingua Franca ‘Only From Jericho And Below’ (Bechoros 55a)

Should A Dayan Be Compensated?

He may not charge for retrieving it since doing so is required as part of hashavas aveidah, but he may ask for partial compensation for any work he didn’t get to do as a result.

An All-Dairy Shavuot: Preferred Or Prohibited?

The Steipler used to eat milchigs on Shavuot night and fleishigs during the day.

Daf Yomi

An Eventual Resolution 'May The Likes Of You Increase Manifold In Israel' (Bechoros 45b)

The Early Shabbat Minyan: Too Early? Too Late?

When making early Shabbat, one davens Maariv before “evening,” following the opinion of R. Yehudah. Seemingly, then, one must daven Mincha on Friday before plag.

Daf Yomi

What Is A Sheep? ‘If It…Does Not Possess Three Vertebrae’ (Bechoros 40b)

When Might Makes Right

Chazal relied on the presumption that the true owner will more likely succeed; he will make a stronger effort to secure the item or demonstrate his ownership.

Is It Proper…? – To Plan a Vacation In a Location That Doesn’t Have...

Is it proper to plan a vacation in a location that doesn't have a daily minyan?

Is Using A CPAP Machine On Shabbos Permissible?

R. Asher Weiss permits prisoners to wear ankle bracelets, which record their movements on Shabbos.

Daf Yomi

Beware, Big Brother! 'He Isn't Suspected…' (Bechoros 35)

Who Keeps What?

When the boys retrieved the knapsack an hour later, they saw that the bags of marbles had burst.

Music, Dancing, Shaving, And Shopping During Sefirah

Rabbi Eliyahu Schlesinger argues vehemently that only music that leads to rikkudim umecholos is prohibited; music, however, that is spiritually uplifting and soothing to one's soul is permitted.

Stealing For Someone Else

"Indeed, according to one opinion in the Gemara, if the agent did not have a choice not to obey, the sender is liable since the rationale does not apply," replied Rabbi Dayan.

Daf Yomi

Not Necessarily Good For The Goose – Or The Gander ‘Plucking the Wool Is Permitted’ (Bechoros 25a)

Is It Proper…? – If a Jew Wins the Lottery, Should He Continue Working?

If a Jew wins the lottery, should he continue working? Or should he quit his job and study Torah all day?

Is A Ketubah An Enforceable Contract In American Courts?

Indeed, there are several reasons that a ketubah should not be enforced in New York – or anywhere in America – beyond those which the court mentioned.

Whole Hallel, Half Hallel, No Hallel

Modern poskim differ on whether and what type of Hallel should be recited on days of national celebration for recent miracles such as Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel Independence Day).

Daf Yomi

Precisely Timed ‘It Is Impossible To Ascertain Exactly’ (Bechoros 17b-18a)

Daf Yomi

Rare And Difficult 'If He Has No Lamb…' (Bechoros 11a)

Is It Proper…? – Should Frum Men Get Married At Age 18 As Per...

Should frum men get married at age 18 as per Chazal's advice (especially since Chazal's advice was apparently motivated by a desire that men retain their moral purity, which is arguably at greater risk today than it was 2,000 years ago)?

Can You Accept Money For Babysitting On Shabbos?

But I've babysat on Shabbos before, said Rivki. After Shabbos, the family gave me money and you didn't stop me from accepting it.

Daf Yomi

Sextuplets: No Other Solution 'A Levite Exempted An Israelite…' (Bechoros 4a)

Going Dry, Going To Grape Juice: Prohibition, Wine, and Hilchos Kiddush

In some cases, non-Jews joined synagogues to reap the alcoholic benefits of Judaism under Prohibition!

When Picking Lettuce Is A Problem

Upon checking into the matter, he discovered that years ago a Jew had complained that the farmer had stolen the land from him.

Daf Yomi

Remember The Sabbath Day 'Both in the Times of the Temple and After' (Chullin 138)

Must A Person Check For Tiny Insects In Vegetables?

According to the rules of halacha, it is not necessary to check for tiny shratzim as long as one cannot see them, and therefore cauliflower and broccoli may be eaten.

Is It Proper…? – Is It Important to Wear a Black Hat From a...

Is It Proper...? - Is It Important to Wear a Black Hat From a Hashkafic Perspective?


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