Do Away With The Middleman

On practical level, we must ask ourselves: Aren’t there halachot that are more serious than others? No legal or moral system can operate by treating everything with equal priority (see Tosafos Yom Tov on Avos 2:1).

Honest Plea

When it comes to parenting/teaching we don’t like to watch children make mistakes. We also don’t like having to take the time and energy to enforce the consequences of those mistakes.

Selling To A Third Party

Even if the property was initially intended for renting out, either partner can demand to dissolve the partnership through gode o agod – i.e., he offers the other partner the option to either buy (gode) or sell (agod) the respective half of the property (C.M. 171:8).

Daf Yomi

For Lack Of Funds ‘Merchants In Sura Are Not In [Biblical] Violation …’ (Bava Metzia 111a)

Eviction Notice

G-d had grand plans for the world. There would be nothing wasted. Even the wood itself would be a part of the fruit. That’s potentially true, but in reality there will be losses. Not every part of the process will yield fruit.

If I Could Be Like…

If we had our way, we might indeed have the yeshiva students write about how iconic heroes have an immensely deep influence on politics, ethics, outlook, and everything in between. But the names of the heroes would be worlds – nay, universes – apart!

How Should One Balance Learning On The First Night Of Shavuot With Not Being...

If staying up all night will cause one great discomfort or ruin one's Yom Tov and cause one not to be able to learn properly during Shavuot and its aftermath, then there are halachic grounds to be lenient and to go to sleep Shavous night.

Mazel u’Bracha

Usually, a kinyan must be made for a transaction to be binding, whereas retracting from a verbal agreement carries only the stigma of mechusar amana – lacking trustworthiness, replied Rabbi Dayan. Nonetheless, stating ‘mazel u’bracha’ is considered a binding obligation in diamond commerce, according to many poskim.

Daf Yomi

Must Investments Be Invested? ‘The Parts of The Iska Are Interdependent’ (Bava Metzia 105a)

Teach Your Children Well: What Would You Fight For?

I felt that this would be a most memorable night that could not easily be duplicated. After all, how often in life do we get to hear the words of a survivor who transformed their life and discovered Hashem in the process of healing?

Daf Yomi And Conditions Applicable To The Gaza War And Proposals To End It

Let us all hope and pray that no more civilian lives will be lost, Israeli or Arab. But query whether it is realistic to expect this to happen if the leadership of the Israelis, the Arabs, and the Americans all have their way.

To The Top

Living entails aspiration for growth and great effort to get there. But sometimes we strive to accomplish too much in too little time, and thereby set ourselves up for frustration and failure.

Halachic Gray Areas

It is interesting that the Gemara does not seem to have an issue with the borrower’s somewhat deceitful motives. This would seem to be a violation of geneivas da’as, misleading a person in order to achieve an inappropriate gain.

Cash Wages

There is a mitzvah to pay wages that day, and a prohibition – bal talin – to withhold wages, even if requires effort, replied Mr. Klein. But you offered Mrs. Adler alternate forms of payment. I’m not sure whether that’s sufficient.

Daf Yomi

A Public Servant ‘You Our Master Are Loaned To Us…’ (Bava Metzia 97a)

The Controversial Creation Of Yom Yerushalayim, A Day In Transition

The indelible images of those six dramatic days in June 1967, along with the echo of Motta Gur's battle cry, Har HaBayit b’yadeinu – the Temple Mount is in our hands, are forever seared into our collective consciousness.

Special Place

As we only have a limited amount of space, we must decide what we want to fill our space with. This is not only true about data and stuff, but also about our relationships as well. It’s up to us to show those we care about that they have space in our lives.

Mixed Blessings

I lived (as a stranger) with Lavan…and I acquired oxen and donkeys. Rashi there elaborates that Yaakov was trying to placate Esav by telling him that the blessings of the first born were not fulfilled, so he need not be angry with him for having stolen them.

Is The Music At Frum Weddings Too Loud?

On the one hand, there is the mitzvah to celebrate with the chasan and kallah or the bar mitzvah, but there is also the mitzvah (Devarim 4:15) V’nishmartem me’od l'nafshoseichem - Take heed of yourself [guard your health].

Sublet Profit

Although the renter is not liable for oness, such as natural death, whereas the borrower is, Rabi Yosei rules that the borrower pays the value of cow to the owner, not to the renter/lender, since he should not profit from the other person’s cow (C.M. 307:5).

Daf Yomi

His Father Gave The Ring ‘What About A Worker Toasting The Produce And Eating?’ (Bava Metzia 89a)

Daf Yomi And The Opposite Of Genocide

Three wars are being fought right now; the war in Gaza, the war about the War in Gaza, and the war of antisemitism against civilian Jews unprotected by human shields.

Bridge Across

The truth is, as expensive and challenging as it is to construct a bridge across water, it is far more arduous and challenging to build bridges between people and nations.

Opposites Or Similarities?

In plain English, there are people who are more comfortable with risk, and others with security. To succeed in most goals, ranging broadly from parenting to investing, there needs to be a balance of risk-taking and caution.


Mr. Green checked the contract. Our contract doesn't specify anything about subletting, he said. It doesn’t explicitly allow it, but doesn’t rule it out. I don’t see, though, how we can avoid telling the landlord about it.

Daf Yomi

Law And Order ‘R. Elazar b. R. Shimon Would Apprehend Thieves …’ (Bava Metzia 83b)

Light Your Fire

Roi and Adan relayed the horrific happenings of October 7. As they spoke, they often had to stop and collect themselves. Their hands were shaking while recounting coming face to face with terrorists who were shooting at them. One could not help but feel as if you were there with them, hearts pounding, trying to escape death’s door.

Shabbos Neuroses

The seasons and cycles of the Torah force us to constantly face the passing of time.

Is It Proper To Attend A Non-Jewish university?

As with every question, the proper answer begins with "it depends."

Leket, Shikcha, And Pe’ah

Based on this, the Shulchan Aruch (Y.D. 332:1) writes that if there are no Jewish poor in the area, there is no need to leave these matnos aniyim. Rema adds that, therefore, the common practice is not to leave these matnos aniyim, since mostly they will be taken by gentiles.


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