Daf Yomi

Life Before The Printed Word “A Revi’is of Blood” (Yevamos 114a-b)

What Is Required To Fulfill ‘You Shall Teach Your Son Torah?’

Tur, however, cites from Ramah that the minimal obligation of Tanach is for someone who is unable to educate more, but one who can, is obligated (chayav) to teach his son Mishnah, Gemara, halachos and aggados.

Are We Permitted To Wash Dishes On Shabbat?

One is permitted to wash dishes that give off an unpleasant smell or will attract flies and other insects. So too, one who is disturbed by the sight of dirty dishes piling up in one's sink or kitchen is permitted to wash them.

Any Day Now …

It’s so easy for us to become overwhelmed with daily affairs that we forget about the needs of others. It may not be as life-changing as a new position, but even a phone call seeking our assistance or advice can be painful if not returned.

‘The Old Tenant Left His Stuff Here – Can I Put It Outside?’

The Rav is not considered a shomer aveidah on the boxes, since the owner should arrange to take them. Furthermore, although he was a guardian for the two months, he is no longer so, since he previously told the owner to take the boxes

Daf Yomi

Mitzvah Or Kinyan? ‘…Both Shall Have Intention At The Same Time …’ (Yevamos 102b)

What You May Not Know About The Menorah

It is not entirely clear, however, if the Menorah depicted on the Arch of Titus is how the Menorah actually looked in the Beit HaMikdash... In fact, there are opinions within the Talmud that the Menorah’s lights were not even positioned in a straight line, as is commonly believed.

Internalize What You Are Taught

My father looked at me, motioned towards the boxes, and said ‘C’mon, it’s the right thing to do!’

Is It Proper To Watch Entertainment Videos On YouTube Or Tik Tok?

The challenge in all these areas is to somehow control that the information that the person is seeking to insure is beneficial for the Torah Jew and the moral growth of the individual.

Earnings – Extra

Who said there's any problem here of ribbis? You didn't lend your client anything. He withheld your payment, which was wrong of him in the first place! He owes you some compensation!

Daf Yomi

A Kohen Of Choice ‘…A Deaf-Mute, A Mentally Challenged Person, A Minor…’ (Yevamos 99b)

What Blessings To Say When You’re Eating On The Run

If one changes location in the middle of a meal that includes bread, one is not required to recite a new blessing upon one's return. This is true even if one is eating alone.

Har Sinai Was Only The Wedding Hall

Some people politely greeted me and asked who I was and what I was doing there. For the evening, I explained that I was the new husband of the former Chani Mermelstein.

Daf Yomi

A Posted Picture Saves The Day “In Order To Avoid Igun…” (Yevamos 88a)

One Thing Every Child Needs

Our children are facing a world we could never have imagined. They have learned words like pandemic and PCR tests, seen grisly photos of war and urban shootings, and heard of ugly anti-Semitic attacks that never seemed possible.

Do We Begin The Shavuot Yom Tov Earlier Or Later?

Many authorities rule that the custom to wait until nightfall on Shavuot only applies to the recitation of Kiddush.6 It would be permissible, however, to recite Maariv before this time.

Will We Bring Bikkurim During Shemittah?

Mr. Furst was stunned for a moment. It's not quite the same, he replied. You have no connection to the land. Even though the fruit is hefker, the land is still mine!

Of Golf Balls And Flowers

Flowers symbolize the need for constant effort to maintain and build even the best relationships.

Is It Proper To Check Your Personal And/Or Business Email Before Shacharis?

What is not so internalized is the realization that our success in life daily depends on our performance while davening.

Daf Yomi

Reward And Punishment “Ma’aser Rishon for the Leviim” (Yevamos 86a)

When The Repairman Forgot To Repair

I’m sorry, replied the repairman. I checked the mixer on Friday, but forgot about it this week. Tomorrow I can't work on it, but can have the mixer ready by Friday afternoon.

The Many Different Reasons We Read The Book Of Ruth On Shavuot

Before the Jewish people received the Torah they only had the seven mitzvot bnei No’ach to observe. Upon receiving the Torah, however, another 606 mitzvot were added.

Think Or Thoap?

One of the criticisms of our society’s child-rearing is that we aren’t sufficiently training children to think for themselves. Children quickly learn how to spit back the information we want them to say, record it on tests, and tell us what we want to hear them say.

Is It Proper To Click And Follow The Personal Social Media Accounts Of The...

I can think of fewer things that are guaranteed to make a person unhappy. ... No one is showing their ups and downs on social media.

Clashing Utopias: The Shmita Debate

The rules of the sabbatical year, shmita, require farmers to desist from working and open up their fields, with all their produce, to anyone.

Daf Yomi

Fetal Immersion? ‘The Fetus Is A Limb Of It’s Mother’ (Yevamos 78a)


A person who steals is required to return the item itself when it is still intact, replied Rabbi Dayan. He cannot suffice with returning its value without the owner's consent.

Thanking G-d For Who You Are – And Who You Are Not

Since the soul of one who converts is transformed into a Jewish soul upon conversion, it follows, therefore, that a convert is perfectly entitled to recite this blessing just like everyone else.

Raincoats Of Yore And The Glory Of Raindrops

As the rain dripped upon the bag atop my head, and my toes began to wrinkle inside my drenched socks, I could only marvel at the appreciation Rabbi Miller had for every aspect of creation.

Is It Proper To Use Video Streaming Apps Even If They Offer Non-Kosher Movies...

Halacha demands that we live a disciplined life. We must develop our self-control. Kosher apps are fine but the devious, non-kosher mind will find a way around them too.


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