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Last week I left my readers with my great belief in Hashem that an apartment would be found for me. Sunday came and went and so did the rest of the week. On Thursday morning I was feeling sad and anxious, and I looked up to the heavens and cried out to Hashem. I said, “Master of the world you must be so sad that you too don’t have a home. I can really feel your pain. Every Shabbat you go from shul to shul looking for a place to stay, and all along you wish so much that you had your holy Temple and that everyone would come and visit you.

“You have a home – the Beit HaMikdash, and yet it still hasn’t come down. I can just imagine how great your pain actually is.” As the tears rolled down my cheeks I pictured the holy Temple just waiting to come down, waiting for Hashem to dwell in His home. I knew how my heart felt, I knew how I longed for a home of my own. I went on for a while empathizing with Hashem’s pain and how I felt so sorry for Him. I didn’t mention my home at all, since my sole purpose was to connect to G-d and to relate to His pain and frustration.


I went out to work wishing Hashem well and hoping that very soon He would be able to come down to His True Home right here amongst His children in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Part of my search for apartments was to look daily online in the rental sections for new places. I already knew most of them by heart since there was nothing new. Last Thursday morning I suddenly noticed a new apartment for rent which basically matched all my needs. I called up immediately and inquired within. The real estate agent told me that there were already six families that were interested in the place and it wasn’t available anymore.

I wasn’t taken aback since I knew everything was from above and I told her that whatever belongs to me belongs to me and everything is heaven sent. If this place is mine, it will remain vacant for me.

The agent was pleased with this answer and replied, I also believe that whatever is yours is yours from above. Come and see the place in any case. Who knows how things will turn out. This agent pushed and pushed and spoke to the owners on my behalf. The owners decided to take me as their renter despite the long list of applicants that were there before me. My excitement was very great.

I remembered that the week before I promised to make a kiddush in shul when I would get my apartment. I quickly called my Rabbi and proudly announced that I would love to host the kiddush in the synagogue this week to give gratitude to the one above for saving me at the last minute and never letting me down.

Moves are always challenging and demanding. However, this move feels like G-d himself set the way and is leading me to the best place imaginable.

Looking at this whole story, I feel that all Hashem really wants is for us to do our part as hard as it might be, and to have unending faith in him. And to pray for the Beit HaMikdash to come soon. So the next time you are sad about anything, translate your pain into Hashem’s pain, and pray for Hashem to have whatever it is that you are missing. With His help all your prayers will be answered. Thank you Hashem again for never letting me down.


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