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We are living In a material world and we must focus at all times on the road ahead. We must focus on our goals and morals since the temptations and confusions today are so great.

On Friday night we sing songs each week as we come back from the synagogue. We welcome the angels into our homes. We all know the famous story that when the angels come into our home and see the table set so beautifully and the candles burning so bright, for Shabbat they bless the home and say, “May this home be like this next week as well.” And the angels all say amen. And if unfortunately some Jews have not yet seen this beautiful gift of Shabbat in their homes and do not know yet how to create this wonderful light in their home as well, then when the angels walk into their home Friday night and they look around and they say, “May this home look like this next week as well.” And all the angels are forced to say amen. What a great responsibility we have to our children and to our surroundings to make the Shabbat as beautiful as we can so we may be blessed once again for another beautiful week.


We are living in a world where we can choose to do whatever we’d like, everyone is free to make their own decisions. And yet today I find that there is so little choice. The temptations around us are so great and they bring the Jewish souls down, not enabling them to really choose between right and wrong. The glitter and gold and fast moving internet grab so many of our beautiful souls away from the truth and down into destruction. How could any Jewish soul possibly not want to keep the Holy Shabbat? How could any Jewish soul possibly not want to receive the tremendous light and gift that we get by honoring and respecting this beautiful day? As the angels come into the home on Friday night, they leave us with gifts beyond and above all the gold and money in the world. As we greet them with beautiful songs, they leave the home and bestow peace and harmony and success in each home.

The next song we sing once the angels depart is the Woman of Valor. Who is this woman and where can she be found? In today’s times one might think that maybe she is a model? Maybe she’s on the cover of some magazine? Maybe it’s some famous woman who makes lots of money? The song goes on to describe who this woman truly is. Who we should look up to and to guide our lives in the best way possible even in our times when we might lose sight of the truth. I would like to give my interpretation of the true woman of valor that I feel will help connect a lot of women to the truth.

The song says: Who will find this woman of valor? She’s better then oysters of pearls. She trusts in the heart of her husband who loves her so much, she lacks no subsidence and she will receive good her whole life. No bad will come to her. She works for her wool and linen, and she makes things with her own hands. She creates things, she is like a ship full of goods and merchandise she only brings good things. She goes to lengths to bring goods and food home to her family. She wakes up when it is still dark to prepare food for Shabbat for anyone who comes into her home. She guides her girls and all the women around her in the proper manner. She connects to all the people around her, and she brings them close to Hashem. She sees the fruit of her labor. She has might. She has will. She has courage. She gathers herself and extends her arms to others, she hugs others and gives them love. What she has to give is only good. This woman’s light will never go out even at night. Her hands are always sent forth to others and to help the falling ones, and the weak. To extend an extra hug. Her hands are always extended to the unfortunate ones, to the sad, she gives them all her love, her hug. She makes sure that you do not feel alone. She does not worry about anything, because her home will always be as snow, white and pure. All that belong to her and are close to her will always wear white. Deep in their hearts there will always be love. The love they received from her. She makes herself beautiful garments from the deeds that she does and from the love she gives to others. Trough the good she sees In others she creates garments of silk and royalty. Her husband is known with the wise men. He is known for his learning for the support and love he gives her. As he sits and learns he gives her constant support. She is always full of values which cannot be bought in a store. These action of hers give her mighty and courage. And she has an armor of truth and goodness that surrounds her. Therefore, she can laugh and say that when she overcomes things that are challenging and might be hard, but she knows that up in the heavens after 120 she will look back and laugh and say I’m so glad I overcame those challenges because up in heaven is the true world. G-d is just good and merciful. She guides her home in the ways of Hashem. With gentleness, understanding and love. Therefore her children and the people who are close to her, they enjoy and see the truth.”

The things that are not instant and the things that we must work hard for have values. Her children and the people that surround her, rise up and say thank you for giving us these gems. Thank you for guiding us. Her husband feels protected and he feels that his home is the home of light. He then rises up and praises her and gives her strength to keep lighting the house in this holy manner. Many women behave in this way and this is why the redemption will come from the women. Because they have the ability to guide the entire world which begins at home. In this beautiful connected way.

Oh each woman it’s like you, for you rise above all and you are the greatest. Don’t look for outer beauty and for outer shine, which pass on with the wind. You, my dear woman. My dear woman of valor, your beauty comes from within and shines outwardly. Just like the light in the Beit HaMikdash. That light was inside and shown outside. The woman of valor of the Jewish nation, shine out onto others, unto the children of Israel, and to all the places that are dark they we cannot see.

This woman of Israel. Have the fear and love of a Hashem in their heart, and in their soul. They shall be praised forever and ever. Give these women from the labor of their hands, and of their hearts. Give these women children and offspring. For further generations they’re always there to sit by her side to love and support all they need.

May they praise her and let’s give her strength to go on for another week lighting the world. Through these righteous women who are us. We want to bring the full redemption. We pray for it today, with mercy. Amen.

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