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We must always connect our daily lives to a higher source. The encounters we have throughout the day all seem very technical and down to earth. When in fact nothing, even the smallest of events, can occur if it wasn’t predicted from above. Everything that happens down on earth has a reason and a purpose from above. We don’t walk around connecting the two realms all day, however when something upsetting takes place we suddenly start to wonder why it happened to us.

Small events are on the personal level and larger ones are on the public level. As small as the country of Israel is, it is still the light unto all the nations. Here in Israel is where the full redemption will take place, please G-d soon, and it’s here in Israel, that all the Jews and people of the world will come, in order to receive all the good that Hashem promised us when we will be redeemed.


When we read the Torah and holy scribes of the prophets, we can’t always associate what occurred so many years ago to this very day.

However, when the prophets spoke of the days to come and all it entails, they spoke of our times. Not always can each and every one of us see or compare events from our days to the holy words of the prophets. If we stop and think on the simplest of levels what our holy country is going through, we will realize that we are living in the times that the prophets spoke so clearly about.

We are living in a country that cannot form a real government, we are living in times of great uncertainty of tomorrow.

Since last year around the time of Passover, when all the country closed down for the first time, there was a feeling in the air that something big was going to happen. Many thought perhaps the redemption finally came and we will all be redeemed. The year came and went and supposedly no redemption, only rules and restrictions. However, every real process takes time.

This past year Corona changed the face of Israel. Controlling all its inhabitants as to where, when and how they could come and go throughout the country. Who would be permitted to enter and leave the country, and under what circumstances.

Who would have believed that Israel, a leading democratic country, would change its colors, the way we have witnessed this past year so vividly.

As I mentioned at the start, everything that happens down here in our world is connected directly to what is happening up in heaven. I’m not an angel nor a prophet. However, I’m the daughter of the children of Israel.

This past year Hashem has been preparing his children and the country for the true redemption of His nation.

Over two thousand years ago, since the destruction of the 2nd Temple, we have been urged by all the great leaders of the world to come back and settle in the land of Israel that was promised to our great forefathers, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov.

The Jews all over the world became very successful and comfortable in the places that they lived and felt no need to rush and settle in Israel, since it is much easier to make a good living financially outside of Israel.

Therefore many of the Jews who live across the globe, preferred to visit the Holy Land frequently as opposed to coming back home and settling the land for good.

Now with all the changes and the controlling elements the country has set forth for all its inhabitants, the entrance to the country closed down. Who could imagine that a thriving democratic country like Israel would close the gates, so to speak, to its country?

It’s written in the books of the prophets of Israel that if the children of Israel won’t return to the land while they have a chance, there will come a time that it won’t be possible to return with such ease. And we see now how Jewish people want to come to Israel and they must wait. No money in the world can open the gates. Only tears and prayers, and yearning for the return to the Holy Land.

We live in such capable times physically, that we at times forget that the One Above is really running the show. Not our prime minister or any other decision makers in our country. It’s only Hashem. Till today whoever wanted could just hop on a plane and come to Israel, and now Hashem is saying, wait.

“I don’t want you to just come and visit me, in My home, I want you to come home. You’ve been away too long.” Hashem wants to bring the redemption to his people but they are scattered all over the world. G-d is trying to awaken us in a good way to understand that it’s not Corona or the Israeli government who is keeping the Jews from entering the country. It’s Hashem calling all his children to make the right choice of coming back home for good.

The only elections that will truly be successful will be those when we appoint the King of Israel and the great Sanhedrin once again here in the holy land of Israel. Brothers and sisters come home now, we all need you for the final redemption.


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