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Have you ever experienced that moment when it’s now or never? That moment, when you know you have to take your chance and trust yourself.

After becoming religious I became fascinated with helping girls, teens and women use their talents in a fun acceptable way I had a lot of theatre experience that I wanted to share, but my plan had to be put on hold as Hashem had other plans for me. Wonderful plans including marriage and six beautiful children to raise.


I waited patiently with my dream hidden deep inside my soul until I could wait no more. I knew in my heart if I did not take my first step soon all my ambition would fizzle.

Then I saw my chance my five girls had all expressed interest in being in a play. Okay, Fayge, step up and do this. You have nothing to lose and a lot to give. Now is the time to take a giant leap.

I took the plunge and wrote a play. At the first meeting I called 40 women showed up anxious to join in the fun. I was overwhelmed by the interest. I was then able to partner up with so many lovely women each one helping to make all our dreams come true.

At last all our hard work had finally culminated into this moment, the day arrived the show was to go on today.

I had spent the last six months or so writing and rewriting the play, with my wonderful co-workers. We had put together a cast, and I had directed and rehearsed them until everyone had reached the point of total exhaustion.

To make things even more challenging I took one of the lead roles for myself. I put my heart and soul into creating a witty remake of a classic play.

Having extracted all I could from the melting pot of ideas in my mind I began to see this might be more then I can handle…Help. What am I going to do? My dream to create, express and direct was about to explode on stage.

After taking a deep breath, even though all my instincts were telling me to run, I slowly stepped out onto the closed stage to give my expectant cast the final pep talk.

“Umm. Hi all just wanted to let you know you guys are great. You are so ready for this. All your hard work will help you shine. Just for the record I think you should know this is the first time in over 25 years, that I have written, directed and performed. Part of me wants to run, part of me is scared stiff but the biggest part of me wants to have fun. Can you relate? I hope that you see that all I can do at this point is to advise you try your best to go out there and have fun. ”

With my knees shaking and my heart pounding the curtain slowly rose. The tears filled my eyes at the wonder of it all. My wonderful cast showered the audience with their talent. The love flowed unending between us all and the spectators. Time seemed to stand still as the story unfolded and the characters came to life. Then my turn came time to overcome my fear, I stepped out in my huge frilly tutu and the audience exploded with laughter. I sang my silly song. I touched the audience with my humor and caring. I was euphoric.

The play was a success I was so grateful to the wonderful ladies who had used their talents to help. From the sponsor to the producer and on down to the youngest cast member it was such a wonderful experience.

About two weeks after the play was over, just when I was finally coming back down to earth, I walked into a bagel restaurant with a friend. A woman was staring at me. “I know you,” she screamed, “You are the Lion from that play that I saw and just loved.”

I turned bright red. The bagel place was full and everyone turned to see what all the fuss was about. I tried to thank her quietly for recognizing me but she was very excited so I just gave her a hug and went to order our food.

I have to admit that even though I was embarrassed I did enjoy being remembered. I had realized my dream and at the same time we had given pleasure to so many people, both those who performed and those who enjoyed the performance.

I’m so glad I did it now … and not never.


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