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My daughter came home from high school at 3:30 p.m. She was feeling very tired and didn’t want to travel all the way to Givat Shaul for her four-hour evening class from 5 to 9 p.m. In addition, she needed to bring along a very heavy “compressor” tool, one that emitted a very loud, grating sound, in order to exchange it for a different machine that functioned at a lower decibel.Traveling by bus would mean she would need to leave by 4 p.m, so soon after she had arrived home. Plus, trying to carry this heavy compressor to and from bus stops was too daunting for a tired teenager after an already long day of school.

We live in Neve Yaakov, a northern neighborhood of Jerusalem which, by bus, is quite a long distance from Givat Shaul and can involve over an hour or longer of traveling time. My daughter quietly asked me if I could somehow drive her there. However, we don’t have a car. And a taxi there is very costly. It seemed that she might not be up for going at all.


So after this exchange, with my daughter looking so exhausted, at 4 p.m. I went to the computer to post a request on our local community email forum: “We need to be in Givat Shaul at 5 p.m. today. Does anyone happen to be going that way around 4:30?”

When I sat down, this is what I was about to type. However, there in front of me, on the screen, was a post on our local community email forum stating: “Leaving for Har Nof at 5 p.m. Does anyone need a ride?”

I couldn’t believe it! Givat Shaul is on the way to Har Nof. And this post was from a dear friend who lives on our block! I called Chana to see if it made a difference to her to leave at 5 p.m. or at 4:30 p.m. And there you go – my daughter had a ride from Neve Yaakov at 4:45 p.m., huge heavy box and all, straight to the building where her class meets!

You can’t get better than that. And I have never seen a post like this, about a ride from Neve Yaakov at the time we needed, just like that. Hashem is in charge of everything! Even our “little” requests. For my daughter, feeling run down and not up to going at all, this was actually big.

Thank you Hashem, for Your miracles that are with us every day, every minute, and every second.


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Chava Dumas is an educator, certified doula, and women's health support counselor. She is the author of “Prepare for Pesach…B'simchah! 40 Lifesaving Lessons to Help You Make It to the Finish Line,” a book that inspires women to celebrate every day of life. She can be reached at