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My aunt was in a geriatric hospital in Jerusalem, recuperating from an operation. Upon visiting her one day, I happened upon an elderly man, shuffling slowly through the corridor, with his head down. As he passed me by, he looked up at my face, saw my head covering and long skirt and stopped. “Excuse me”, he said, “Are you religious?” When I answered this non-religious man, that yes, I was, he asked if I had a boy for his 38-year-old daughter. Since I didn’t know any middle aged non-religious singles, I answered with a negative reply. The man then told me, that his daughter, Yael, was a chozeret b’teshuvah since her army discharge. So I thought, okay, now we are in business.

I told the man that I belong to a group of women called One Hundred Shadchanim. We are all connected to a WhatsApp group and share information about religious singles of all ages and status. I happen to be the hundredth shadchanit, as I just joined the group. I took the phone number of Yael and immediately called her. I told her to send me her photograph and a resume. With hesitation in her voice, Yael told me she was overweight and probably would not look good in the picture.


I advised Yael to go to a beauty parlor, have her makeup done too, and a lot of pictures taken. She sent me her photos, from which, I picked the best one and helped her write her resume over the phone.

I put Yael on the list, and a prompt reply came back with the names of three men. One of the men, Moshe, was a 42-year-old single who sounded promising. As soon as I gave Yael’s number to Moshe, my phone broke.

Over the next month, I was busy with my relative in the hospital, organizing my own daughter’s wedding, and preparations for Pesach. I had taken a break from the shadchan group, and had lost the phone number for Yael as well. I had no idea if the couple went out and how it went.

Last month, I found Yael’s number and called her up. With a lilt in her voice, she told me that she and Moshe were still dating and it was going well. Last night, I got a call from both Yael and Moshe, telling me that they were engaged.

I realized from this story that I was sent as a messenger from above. Hashem has many helpers in this world to help do his work. I had to be in that hospital, walking in that corridor at that exact time to pass that man. I did have the choice, though, to ignore the signs and not get involved.

However, we are put on this world for a reason, we just have to care and get involved with other people and help when we can.

We all have to be that right person whenever and wherever and have emunah that G-d is directing it all.


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