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From the day we arrive here on planet Earth, our job is fixing begins. The Jewish belief, is that we all come down to this world with a purpose, with something that we must do, or fix. Therefore, our soul receives a purpose when they are born. When we are done fulfilling what it is that we are meant to do, we are summoned back to heaven to our final resting place.

However, while on Earth we find ourselves making lots of mistakes, and not always being quite sure what it is exactly that we are supposed to do.


We all wish that we had not made most of our mistakes. Some are small and trivial, and are gone just as fast as they were made. While others can haunt us till our very last day.

When we make our mistakes, we feel it here and now. However, our mistakes are also written up in heaven, in our books. Which means that even when we forget some mistake that we made, it’s not forgotten up above.

Hashem in His infinite wisdom saw that we would forget our mistakes, and wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t forget to fix them. So G-d reminds us through many channels, hints and messages to direct us in the right way.

If I hurt someone’s feeling in any way, Hashem will send someone to hurt my feeling in return. However, the point isn’t that I should be hurt back, rather to awaken my feelings and remember the person that I had hurt in the past. In this way I can go back to that person and ask them for forgiveness. Thus fixing what I had done wrong.

We are going through such trying times, with the coronavirus that is running wild in the world, and the uncertainty that lingers in the back of the minds of so many of us. We must remind ourselves every second that Hashem is with us and is very certain of what is happening in the world. We must also beg G-d to help us hold on, since we feel so small and helpless.

It’s written in the Torah that the actions of the fathers are a sign for the children to come. Good deeds as well as others.

We are born into certain families with a certain history, and all the generations that come from each family tree, have something to fix from one generation to the next. Nothing happens by chance. One generation might keep all the laws of the Torah, while two generations down the line something goes off and that family tree looks quite different.

Our past mistakes and those that belong to our tree, are there for a reason. There is a purpose that each soul has, as they enter this world. True, we enter as small sweet babies, not able to do a thing. And still it’s that same small cute baby that will have a specific job and purpose, that has to do with his particular family tree, and with that family’s specific history.

Sometimes we beat ourselves too hard about some mistake we made and can’t seem to move on. We must remember that all our actions even those that are less desirable are all overseen from Hashem in heaven, and directed personally from G-d.

Sometimes we can’t understand how we could have made such a terrible mistake and we wish we could take it back. However, it’s G-d who is running the world and at times he puts us in a certain place or situation, and waits to see how we will react. And sometimes we miss a bus or a traffic light, and later we find out that there was an accident at that place. We then realize that if we hadn’t missed that light or bus we would have been involved in that accident as well.

This is also true if we are involved in some terrible matter. That means that Hashem wanted us to be there and have us go through something difficult. Since that too is part of our family tree.

As Jews we are all connected, and each family is surely connected. Even families that are not all in touch with one another are still from the same roots. And we must recognize that all of our actions are measured and exact, even if we don’t see them.

So during these 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we must open our eyes and pay extra attention to the things that happen around us, since they are not just by chance. And minutes before we are signed and sealed, each one in their own precious book, we must look 10 times before we do anything and make sure that we are connected with our actions not only to the One Above but to our family tree and history as well.

Each and every one of us can make the best effort to fix whatever it is that they came down to this world to do, in their specific family.

May we all be inscribed and sealed in the books of life, health, happiness, wealth and all good things to come.


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