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In life we are always waiting for the right moment. There’s a famous expression that says you can be in the right place at the right moment or in the wrong place at the wrong moment.

There’s another saying that states ‘seize the moment,’ there are endless expressions regarding time.


Moments and time are things that we have to address in order to make sure that we are on the right path.

Sometimes we get angry or sad for a moment, however that moment can last for a long time.

A minute Is 60 seconds, a week, a year, etc. All those times have a limit to them. What measurements of time does a moment have? How long is a moment ? Can you count the moments? Is a moment a second ?

Someone could be sad for a moment. It could be a few minutes or an hour. One can even say to somebody I’m not having the greatest moment.

Therefore, a moment is a very special amount of time, a unique amount of time. Since it has no specific set time it can last a long time or a short time.

In this past week’s portion of the Torah, we heard about Bilam, who wanted to curse the Jewish nation.

All the commentaries ask, if Bilam went with the angels after G-d gave him permission, why was G-d so angry with him that he went.

It is known that Bilam was on a very high spiritual level, they say just like Moshe Rabbeinu. However Bilam was not a Jew and his intentions were not clean and pure.

We have many gentiles on high spiritual levels who came close to the Jewish nation, not only physically, but also in their heart, mind and soul.

Yitro, Moshe Rabbeinu’s father-in-law, is one of those people who despite the high knowledge and spiritual knowledge that he had in the world of non-Jews, once he recognized Hashem and the Jewish people as being the only truth and the only way to live, he did come close in his heart and his body to Hashem and the nation.

He came so close that Moshe, the leader of all Am Israel, listened to him when he gave him good advice.

Yitro had a great moment and he came to express his gratitude and love and thanks to Hashem.

However there are some evil people in Jewish history and throughout the world who wait for moments, but not good moments, they wait for moments to do bad things.

Haman in the story of Purim waited for the right moment to know when to curse the Jewish nation. He picked the day Moshe Rabbeinu passed away. He did not know it was also the day he was born. Haman looked for the right moment to execute his decrees and to do evil things to the Jewish people.

As smart as these evil people were, their intentions were not clean and not good. They knew that the Jewish nation is very holy and that G-d loves his children more than anything.

However, when the children of Hashem sin, He wants the spiritual leaders to speak well on their behalf and try to defend them.

G-d does not want the leaders and the spiritual people to use this weak moment to heaven forbid curse his children. He’s always looking to see how to protect the weak ones.

Bilam was very smart. He really did want to curse the Jewish nation.

He knew that the nation goes up and down and has moments of greatness and high spiritual waves, and downfalls as well.

He was waiting for the exact moment that they would be ever so slightly weak and break their spiritual atmosphere. Thus, leaving Hashem’s protection for just a slight moment. and then he would have permission to curse them at that precise moment.

When G-d finally told Bilam that he can go with the angels who came to call for him, he was very excited that now the nation sinned so he has permission to curse.

Hashem said that he can go with the angels but he didn’t see clearly. He might have seen the next sin the nation would do, but it wasn’t at the right time.

It’s different with our holy leaders. When the nation sins and G-d wants to punish them, the leaders immediately defend the children.

We can learn so much about these moments to help us realize that not everything that we see or think is actually the way it is meant to be. One doesn’t always interpret things in the right manner. It’s really very simple since all we need is one moment.

All we need is to look for small moments to do good in them, to see others, to help others, to think good of others, those are the moments.

When we interpret Hashem’s goodness, that He wants the best for us, we will surely unite with all the good moments.

If we are constantly thinking of good moments, those small deeds, those little moments that seem like nothing, it might bring us the redemption.

Let us pray to Hashem that he gets all these small good moments, when we help somebody, when we listen to somebody, when we see the other person, and think good of Hashem and of others for short moments all the time and then Hashem will gather up all the moments of the month of time till the 9th day of Av and we will merit to see the third temple being built once again and forever.

Stay connected by small moments, we can all do it.


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