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As we are now between Purim and Pesach, here is a timely letter from the Rebbe connecting the two festivals:

To Jewish Women, Mothers and Daughters,


Blessing and Greeting:

In the coming days, connecting the festivals of Purim and Passover, it is incumbent upon every Jewish woman, wife, mother and daughter, to reflect on the important historical part which the Jewish woman had in these festivals, and what useful lesson may be learned therefrom.

Our Law requires the Jewish woman to participate in the special mitzvos connected with the festivals of Purim and Passover (such as the Megillah, Haggadah, etc.), expressly stating that she merits these privileges because of the special merits of Jewish womanhood in helping bring about the wonderful deliverances “in those days at this season.”

The Megillah tells us clearly of the decisive part which Esther had in the Miracle of Purim. This is further emphasized by the fact that both the Fast of Esther and the Book of Esther are named after her.

As for Passover, our Sages tell us at length in the Midrash that it was the Jewish women who kept up the courage and spirits of their men in the most trying times of Egyptian bondage, and who, moreover, raised the generations which were to receive the Torah at Sinai and later enter the Promised Land, the everlasting inheritance of our people.

The part played by Jewish womanhood on [each of] these two occasions was somewhat different: In the case of Passover, the woman’s influence was concentrated in the home and family (“Kol kvudo bas melech pnimo”), displaying all the true feminine Jewish virtues of modesty, piety and faith. In the case of Purim, Jewish womanhood showed that where Divine Providence places her in a position of prominence and influence, she uses it wholly for the benefit of her people, and is ready to sacrifice her very life for it, in compliance, with the instructions of the religious authorities.

The two festivals, Purim and Passover, are two everlasting witnesses testifying to the devotion of the Jewish woman to the Torah and mitzvos. These festivals are living testimony that both at home and outside the Jewish woman will do her utmost to help preserve the sacred traditions and institutions of our people, even with self-sacrifice where need be.

Jewish Women, Mothers and Daughters! Follow the example of your mothers of old and keep alive the great tradition of Jewish womanhood; remember, the future of our people is largely your responsibility.

Your sincere devotion to your responsibilities will surely bring you G‑d’s help; not only will all difficulties and dangers disappear – as in the case of Esther – but you will receive generous Divine blessings for the fulfillment of your needs and those of your family, materially and spiritually.

With blessing for a Happy Purim and a Happy and Kosher Pesach, /Signature/


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Rabbi Shmuel M. Butman is director of the Lubavitch Youth Organization. He can be reached at [email protected].