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In the Blessings found in the the beginning of our Parsha there seems to be an apparent tautology.

In pasuk 5 we have וישבתם לבטח בארצכם – and you shall dwell in security in your land.


Pasuk 6 begins with ונתתתי שלום בארץ. Surely security includes peace?

Ohr Hachaim explains the significance of Shalom in verse 5, as all of the other Brachot are not worthwhile without peace. The entire world will recognize that this is our land, and we will not have any safety concerns.

If so, what is verse 6 adding?

Ohr Hachaim suggests that the pasuk could be focusing inward. Hashem will bless us with internal peace and brotherhood, without separation of our hearts.

There are some other thoughts offered, but this is the pshat that Ohr Hachaim wrote for 5784.

Shabbat Shalom

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Rav Korn is a senior Rabbi at Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh