Photo Credit: Jewish Press

Happy After The High Holidays!

Here are three pointers from Rabbi Yoni Lavi on greeting the post High-Holiday period:

  1. Remember that routine is the most important thing, and be happy with it. The past few weeks have been full to the brim with special days and special moments, but most of life is not Tefillat Ne’ilah or a meal in the sukkah. The best and most accurate mix for us includes much grayness, and it starts now.
  2. The lights of Tishrei are not gone. Even if we do not feel anything, we have received a huge spiritual charge from the holidays. All the mitzvot and customs influence us, and these treasures have become part of us, even if they are not visible on the surface right now. They are hidden within our souls and will emit their light throughout the year.
  3. Make vessels for the holiday “lights.” The custom to build a sukkah right after Yom Kippur symbolizes a basic principle in life: We must always look for practical ways to express the good will that reverberates in us. We must make one good small decision, decide on one regular deed we will do from now on, schedule a new learning endeavor, etc.

Have an easy landing, and shana tovah!