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Vol. LXXI No. 44                                         5781



New York City
October 30, 2020 – 12 Cheshvan 5781
5:36 p.m. NYC E.D.T.


Sabbath Ends: 6:35 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sabbath Ends Rabbenu Tam: 7:05 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Weekly Reading: Lech Lecha
Weekly Haftara: Lama Tomar (Isaiah 40:27-41:16)
Daf Yomi: Eruvin 82
Mishna Yomit: Kelim 20:2-3
Halacha Yomit: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 211:3-7
Rambam Yomi: Hilchos Nedarim chap. 13 – Hilchos Nezirus chap. 2
Earliest Time for Tallis and Tefillin: 6:33 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sunrise: 7:24 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Latest Kerias Shema: 10:01 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sunset: 5:54 p.m. NYC E.D.T.


This Saturday night at 2:00 a.m. (Sunday 2:00 a.m.) we set the clock back one hour as we resume Standard Time.


   The following chapters of Tehillim are being recited by many congregations and yeshivas for our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael: Chapters 83, 130, 142. – Y.K.


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Rabbi Yaakov Klass is chairman of the Presidium of the Rabbinical Alliance of America; rav of Congregation K’hal Bnei Matisyahu in Flatbush, Brooklyn; and Torah Editor of The Jewish Press. He can be contacted at and