Photo Credit: Dr. Paul Brody

This is a graduation cap designed by Renee Wietschner, of Woodmere, Long Island, worn at Yeshiva University H.S. Girls (“Central”) 2013 graduation.

The unique and meaningful mortar board caught the attention of Dr. Paul Brody, an Israel activist living in Great Neck, Long Island, who sang the HaTikva at the ceremony, and was seated immediately behind the graduates. His daughter Limor is the last of four sisters, known as the “Brody Bunch,” to graduate Yeshiva University HS Girls (Central).


Both Renee and Limor will be attending Tiferet Center for Advanced Torah Studies for Women in Ramat Bet Shemesh, directed by Rabbi Azriel Rosner. In fact, almost all of the Central graduates will attend Seminaries in Israel next year. As noted by Dr. Brody, the Talmud states, “Avira D’Arah Machkim”—”the very Air of the Land of Israel Makes One Wise!” (Babylonian Talmud, Babba Batra, 168b).

At the podium is Head of School, Mrs. CB Neugroschl.