Photo Credit: Serge Attal / Flash 90
Muslims also visit the Western Wall.

A group of Muslim tourists visited the Kotel the other week.

They weren’t yelled at, they weren’t assaulted, they didn’t need police protection.


If they chose to, they could have even prayed.

What a shame a Jew can’t do the same on the Temple Mount.



  1. For sure they were checked even after they went through the detectors … Probably over and over again … And for sure if I were there I would be starring and probably even have asked them what they were doing there ? But happy they visited, hopefully if was for a good reason and to experience the graceful kind spiritual Jewish faith

  2. You have to deport them all….all the Arabs out, you will never have Pace as long as you have them in Israel and don’t full yourself that between them there are good once, they all the sam, Doctors or Lawyer, that All BAD….

  3. Not all Muslims are their to make trouble. I used to live in the Old City, Jerusalem in the Muslim Quarter. I worked and lived in the Antonio Fortress with Muslim men and women and they were not terrible people. Not any more than any other group. Some good some not so good.

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