Photo Credit: Amichai Ben-David
Newly redeemed building in Hebron. May 13, 2022

The Jewish community has redeemed a new building in Hebron on Friday. The three-story building is on the main road in Hebron, between the entrance to Kiryat Arba and Beit Hashalom. It is being called Beit HaTkuma.

And despite that the building was legally purchased, Peace Now, which opposes the presence of Jews in Hebron (there’s a word for that), stated that “it does not matter if they bought the house or not, this is an illegal settlement for all intents and purposes. A handful of settlers should not set the foreign and security policy for an entire country and establish a settlement in the heart of a Palestinian city.”


Inside the newly redeemed building in Hebron. Photo credit: Chaim Bleicher / TPS.

We are posting the above photos for Malkah, who is upset watching the Arabs rip down the Israeli flags near Jaffa Gate, as well as all the PLO terror flags waving outside the Jerusalem police station and inside the Old City.


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