Photo Credit: Gush Etzion Regional council Spokesman
A spring in Gush Etzion

The security branch of the Gush Etzion Regional Council and the Gush Etzion Tourism Department are in the process of completing the installation of a security monitoring system at the Ein Abu-kleb spring and in the coming days at the Ein Levneh spring in Gush Etzion.

The security cameras are connected to the Gush Etzion municipality security center, and will allow the security department to watch over, 24/7, the welfare of the many visitors to the springs.


A number of the springs have poor cellular reception, so there’s also a built-in speaker system so the security center can alert visitors of any imminent danger and provide instructions. In total, 10 cameras will be set up throughout Gush Etzion’s springs.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of visitors to these sites – people looking for fresh air in nature, and beautiful views increased significantly.

Gush Etzion Regional Council Head Shlomo Ne’eman: “The camera installation project at tourism and nature sites, is another step in order to protect our residents and many visitors to Gush Etzion. Past experiences have taught us that setting up these devices are necessary, in order to obtain a sense of security. The Gush Etzion tourism and security branches have done amazing work, which will serve all of our residents and visitors.”

Gush Etzion Tourism Head Moshe Bruce: “In the past few years we have invested many resources in the advancement and development of nature sites in Gush Etzion. We established bike paths, rock climbing sites, sitting areas, and more. Beyond our goal of enhancing the experiences of our visitors, we are also working towards their safety and security. We are confident that these actions will bring visitors from all communities around the country to visit Gush Etzion and enjoy this beautiful area.”


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